Shadow & Soul

Michael Demon Van Buren is an enforcer with the Night Horde SoCal He is a man tormented by his past, by the beast that lurks in his soul He wants nothing than to have love and a family, to be a good father to his young son, to have a home But the experiences of his life have warped him, and he despairs of ever having, or deserving, the chance.Demon met Faith FordMichael Demon Van Buren is an enforcer with the Night Horde SoCal He is a man tormented by his past, by the beast that lurks in his soul He wants nothing than to have love and a family, to be a good father to his young son, to have a home But the experiences of his life have warped him, and he despairs of ever having, or deserving, the chance.Demon met Faith Fordham when they were young when she was quite young The daughter of the former club s Sergeant at Arms, Faith set her sights on the Prospect with the romance hero eyes, and she didn t care that her father, and her age, had made her off limits As captivated by her as she was by him, and a slave to his impulses, Demon, too, ignored the dangers of loving the SAA s forbidden daughter It ended in the only way it could They were torn apart, lost to each other Losing everything.Ten years later, Faith comes home to a place she d never lived, and Demon, darker now than ever, is there.Note explicit sex and violence.
Shadow Soul Michael Demon Van Buren is an enforcer with the Night Horde SoCal He is a man tormented by his past by the beast that lurks in his soul He wants nothing than to have love and a family to be a good f

  • Title: Shadow & Soul
  • Author: Susan Fanetti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 4 stars. Rating clarification see below. Review completed March 23, 2015Being a parent doesn't mean that you can chain your child to yourself. You give kids roots so they know they are always welcome home and won't forget where they came from when they are ready for take off to spread their wings. They will occasionally have an accident and get banged up a bit but we hope they won't crash and burn. Getting hurt and making their own mistakes, while at the same time knowing they have their parents [...]

    2. GIVEAWAY: 2 kindle copies. Find info here -> wp/p4uAPW-1cd Shadow & Soul opens with a poignant dedication that sets the tone of this story.”This story is also dedicated to the children no one looks out for, and to the adults they become.”I knew right away my heart was going to be in my throat for this book. Shadow & Soul is a forbidden romance that progresses into a second chance romance with the heartiness of Michael (“Demon”) and Faith’s tumultuous love story. Demon’s st [...]

    3. This book was phenomenal, a beautifully written story about love lost and found again. The story of Demon and Faith, is told in the present and through memories of their past. And it's a powerful story. Susan Fanetti has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her stories have such an authentic feel and her characters are always beautifully rendered, flawed and unique. Shadow & Soul is yet another example of Susan's brilliance. Michael ‘Demon’ Van Buren is a complex character, growing [...]

    4. 5 Making Something Into Everything Stars * * * * *WARNINGis is a long ass review I just needed to say a lot, I guess.Everyday we see hear about itwe see on the news, or read about it on the netbut we learn the details of another horrific case of neglect in Children's Services and the discovery of all types of abuse. We are shocked we may even talk about it to co-workers or family and friends of how terrible it is and how something must be doned in the telling we mean every word we sayd then life [...]

    5. 5 “Trouble is as much the glue as love” STARS "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul." ~ Pablo Neruda, Sonnet XVIIAfter the dedication and then the Neruda quote, I knew I was in for heartbreak. I know I say something along these lines every time I read Susan Fanetti but it warrants saying again and againis woman is amazing. Her writing is poetic, her stories flawless in tempo, flow and arc and her characters are so memorable, endearing [...]

    6. 5 Beats Stars! Actually, make that TEN!Susan Fanetti has astounded me, yet again! I knew this book was going to blow my mind when the dedication brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I was hooked right from the opening page. Oh, the magnificence! And even though it made me a big sappy, stupid mess, I didn’t want it to ever end!This is the story of Demon and Faith. Ten years ago their forbidden romance ended in persecution Wrong. All of it was so fucking wrong. He needed to get clear. Instead, he grab [...]

    7. Reread as part of the whole series August/Sept. 2017 - I forgot how much I loved the dynamic between Michael and Faith and the circumstances that bring them together and drive them very far apart. Their love story is quite unique compared to the other members of the Night Horde SoCal. Faith is a one of a kind female lead and her abounding love and patience for Michael makes this book what it is. Michael struggles every day but with Faith he's better. The story told in the present but also toggle [...]

    8. "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. ~ Pablo Neruda, Sonnet XVII" Shadow and Soul is the second book in the Night Horde SoCal Series. I am such a huge Fanetti addict that getting another fix of my favorite MC author was just what this girl needed! The colorful writing, endearing characters, and in-depth character development makes this book another winner!Shadow and Soul shifts between the present day and the past. In the past.Faith is t [...]

    9. ***** 5 ~Unconditional Love~ Stars *****I had already fallen in love with Demon and his son Tucker in the previous book, Strength & Courage. Getting the whole back story of everything Demon had suffered in is own childhood and having Faith, his first and only love come back into is life, made for a truly magnificent book. Faith is forced back in town after getting a phone call, telling her that her mother has been in an accident and is in the hospital. She was happy in San Francisco and the [...]

    10. I wonder how Susan Fanetti do it. She has a new book out every 2 months (which lead to me spending an obscene amount of money on her compare to other authors that published once a year) and yet every single one of her work is at least a solid 4 stars for me (ok, except for Pagano series, which is not my cuppa). I know everyone had different taste when it comes to the characters, but for me some of the couples that she wrote lack a certain 'WoW' factor. I mean we can't be having everyone as aweso [...]

    11. I definitely need a break from Fanetti's books.I admit, I fell in love with this author after reading the Signal Bend series! Loved her courage and her characters and her stories, I felt like it was a lot more than some typical MC books. The last book in the series was a bit disappointing, but we all have our moments, right?Then I started this series. The first book was also a dud, but hey, it happens. right?Well, this one was the 3rd in a row. It's not that it's a bad book, it's just mediocre. [...]

    12. 4.5 stars!All of Me by Angus & Julia StoneWOW! What an incredible love story! Demon and Faith's story captured me from the very beginning and had me equal parts sad and happy. I can't believe all that they've been through both together and in the past and I know it's a story I won't be forgetting quickly. My only complaint would be the flashback memories. Even though it was nice to see them in the past I don't really enjoy flashbacks and prefer to stick to the present. I'm still very nervous [...]

    13. Another great read by Susan Fanetti. I am enjoying this series and I think that I like this one a bit more than Muse and Sid's story. Michael(Demon) is so flawed with having a tortured childhood, it's nice to see someone like that have their happy ending. Nolan's story is next(Havoc's son) am interested to see how his will play out.

    14. 05/15/2015 --Okay, I know this is only fiction, but there were elements of this story that are disturbing to me. I enjoyed this book, but can't, in good conscience condone some of the thinking, or possibly non-thinking in this story.I did like certain elements:1 -- I liked the characters; Demon and Faith. I can appreciate the journey they've been on to get back to this place and have their HEA.2 -- I really like Bibi. She is kick-ass. She is a decent sort and seems to go over and above to take c [...]

    15. I loved this one!!! This story starts with a young Faith she's 17. Michael aka Demon is starting out as a prospect. Faith grew up in the MN life and she's off limits.Demon grew up in the system and has had some very terrible things happen to him. He's very closed off but has a wicked temper and it takes little to set him off. But when he meets Faith there is an instant connection.Of course they can't stand to be kept apart so they sneak around. And that doesn't end up well. Demon is sent out to [...]

    16. Fanetti is awesome as usual, feel like a broken record. She's slowly building up the storyline, making us feel at ease, even though some crazy and sad things do happen. Feel like she's taking it easy on us. In the immortal words of my cousin Vinny "I am ascared". Waiting for the next one

    17. Bikersoken peopled sexe the three ingredients that make these books so good!I liked this story very much because it shows us that when two people meant to be together they will be no matter what!Demon never knew the warmth of a family since he was born. Until he join the MC. There, although, he was always reluctant and ready to kick somebody’s ass, he found another type of family. Until he met Faith. He knew that he was forbidden but he couldn’t stop himself. I liked Demon a lot because he w [...]

    18. this book was crazy good. i had been looking forward to demons story, knew it would be an emotional roller coaster & pretty heartbreaking at times to read but it's so much more than that. this book blew me away! my high expectations were definitey met here.i was hooked from page one, couldn't put it down. the ongoing complex storyline this author is so good at weaving and building upon is steady throughout while the love story between michael 'demon' and faith was nothing short of beautiful. [...]

    19. Honestly never thought I'd ever do this with one of Fanetti's books but I had to DNF at 81%.Ended up going back and finishing it just to see what happens.So sick of reading Demon/Michael run away like the pathetic excuse for a woman beating "man" that he is. At 81% into the book and Faith really needing him after what she told him I couldn't believe the piece of shit ran.I'll still continue to read this authors books but this was just too far outside of my comfort zone. One of the worst for me w [...]

    20. I really enjoyed reading the forbidden love angle to this story. Young lovers were drawn like moths to a flame, as Fanetti spins the reader back and forth in another tale for the Horde saga.Back then: An abused and trouble young man is warned, with his life, not to partake in his first taste of true belonging, need, and passion, while a spirited daddy's girl throws herself heedless into the fray of rules among men and her own temptation.In time: Innocence is lost in more ways than one. A mother' [...]

    21. AMAZING!!Thanks to Foxy's Blog and Shadow & Soul by @sfanetti double 5 stars review – @Kimberley_Bee + #giveawayI received a free copy! It's late here in Korea so my review will come tomorrow! Looking forward to the rest of the series!

    22. Only the 2nd Fanetti book I have not rated a 5. I am 90% sure it is NOT the book's fault. I am in a reading slump and nothing is holding my interest. This one held my interest better than the stinkers I have read of late. Emotional read as far as Demon's past is concerned.

    23. Susan Fanetti really knows how to create in-depth characters and in SHADOW & SOUL we get the unique and flawed in all their glory. The one thing I always take away in Susan’s books is a sense of triumph over extreme adversity. The danger is always present and the reader KNOWS it can explode at any time and even if the current paragraph is calm doesn't mean the following one won't be where everything is thrown into chaos. This reader tip-toes her way through the story with this in mindMON: [...]

    24. 4.5 stars!! I loved this book hard. Fanetti has this magical thing going on where she takes the crappiest situations in characters lives and somehow redeems them without making everything rainbows and unicorns. This one is a second chance book. Demon and Faith had a secret love going on. She was a 17 year old daughter of the motorcycle clubs sergeant of arms, and he was a prospect/patch in the same club in his early 20s. The conflict in this book wasn't anything new, but Demon had some serious i [...]

    25. Susan Fanetti is a great writer and I have read all her other Night Horde books which I enjoyed. The thing about this one that disturbed me was the fact that Michael was not given the extra help to overcome his problems. They just accepted his behaviour each time and nobody seemed to suggest to him that perhaps he needed that extra help. Violent people do not just get better without extra expert help. I found it hard to believe that he could overcome all his problems so easily in the end. I will [...]

    26. Gah! I love Susan Fanetti so much!!! This book evoked so many emotions! Demon (Michael) and Faith are a favorite couple of mine. There is so much I want to say but I don't even know where to begin and I know I would just ramble so I need time to organize my thoughts. There is just something about this series, this world, that draws me in and makes me feel so emotional. Even though the Night Horde SoCal series is a separate series from Signal Bend, we are still dealing with an overlap in timeline [...]

    27. 3.5 StarsThis had me captivated and was so well written (I LOVE this author and this series, along with Signal Bend), BUT I had some big issues with it, which made me bump down the rating. My first issue was the order in which the story was told. We were drip-fed the past in intermittent chapters. We didn't get the full story of past events until close to the end, and Demon and Faith didn't interact in the present until 54%. This sucked for me. I don't like constant back and forth between tenses [...]

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