In Need of a Duke

This is an ACE of ASIN B00MT8CBH6 In Need of a DukeAuthor s Note This is a prequel novella to The Heart of a Duke series by Christi Caldwell It was originally available in The Heart of a Duke Collection and is now being published as an individual novella It features a new prologue and epilogue Years earlier, a gypsy woman passed to Lady Aldora Adamson and her frThis is an ACE of ASIN B00MT8CBH6 In Need of a DukeAuthor s Note This is a prequel novella to The Heart of a Duke series by Christi Caldwell It was originally available in The Heart of a Duke Collection and is now being published as an individual novella It features a new prologue and epilogue Years earlier, a gypsy woman passed to Lady Aldora Adamson and her friends a heart pendant that promised them each the heart of a duke Now, a young lady, with her family facing ruin and scandal, Lady Aldora doesn t have time for mythical stories about cheap baubles She needs to save her sisters and brother by marrying a titled gentleman with wealth and power to his name She sets her bespectacled sights upon the Marquess of St James Turned out by his father after a tragic scandal, Lord Michael Knightly has grown into a powerful, but self made man With the whispers and stares that still follow him, he would rather be anywhere but London Until he meets Lady Aldora, a young woman who mistakes him for his brother, the Marquess of St James The connection between Aldora and Michael is immediate and as they come to know one another, Aldora s feelings for Michael war with her sisterly responsibilities With her family s dire situation, a man of Michael s scandalous past wlll never do Ultimatley, Aldora must choose between her responsibilities as a sister and her love for Michael.
In Need of a Duke This is an ACE of ASIN B MT CBH In Need of a DukeAuthor s Note This is a prequel novella to The Heart of a Duke series by Christi Caldwell It was originally available in The Heart of a Duke Collecti

  • Title: In Need of a Duke
  • Author: Christi Caldwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This was a nice quick story. I enjoyed it. I did think there was more internal dialogue by Michael and Aldora but otherwise good.Christi Caldwell is usually hit or miss. This was in between. Not bad but not the worst.They made a good match. I liked the story line and plot. There wasn't a lot of filler nonsense either. As for the narration, it was good. I like Tim Campbell. He does a good job on the women's voices and has a nice reading voice which is kind of sexy too.

    2. I will read the next story but I had a difficult time with the cliched phrases the author resorted to. We will see how the next goes.

    3. I really wanted to love this more than I did because it's so hard to get invested in two people's lives in such a short span of a novella. While it's a great set up for the Heart of a Duke series, and gives us the know in terms of how Aldora Adamson comes to be in possession of the pendant, her love story was painfully short and quick (to be expected for a novella).Aldora and her friends come across the pendant when they were young girls - now, Aldora is grown, her family in financial ruin after [...]

    4. This was a very good short story to start out a series. Aldora and Michael meet under a case of mistaken identity. Michael is intrigued but the forthright and feisty girl and does not tell her his true identity. Michaels past is shrouded in scandal and he feels he has nothing to offer Aldora and no right to want her. Aldora's father has left them in debt and she must find a way to help her family. I loved the characters in this story and I do hope Christi Caldwell writes a book for each of Aldor [...]

    5. 151117This book is innocent which I LIKE! I found zero smut scene and only one, two kissing scenes? I can't remember. However, the dialogues are way cheesy!

    6. This was a pleasant, but somewhat weak novella. My first book by Christi Caldwell. This book shows the problem with most novellas -- there is just not enough time to fully develop a relationship. Our hero falls for her almost at first meeting. Why? Her heart-shaped face? I don't quite buy it. Also, the main conflict was a little too easily resolved. (I can't, I can't, oh wait, maybe I can). The good news? I am reading a longer Caldwell book and it is MUCH better. The book sets up the characters [...]

    7. Ohhh I love Aldora and MichaelMy problems usually with Caldwell books are the repetition of inner dialogues but since this is a Novella we are spared that torture and still get to enjoy her story telling skills. A good start to the series.

    8. So, Christi Caldwell is always a hit-or-miss for me and this time it was a hit. I liked everything about this story. I mean, a little bit of it was some crazy thinking on Michael’s part but at least CC didn’t beat you over the head with it, as she likes to do. Michael was in a duel with Lord Everworth and Everworth doesn’t like it when Michael won’t duel with him so he fires at Michael’s back and Michael turned and fired and Everworth was killed. Why CC wanted to have Michael think he [...]

    9. The heroine was too tongue tied for my tastes. Nice story of mistaken identity of a duke and his enticing brother. Not sure if read this pre-quel before, there are so many titles in this series and now its part of a new series "Heart of a Scandal".

    10. Another Wonderful Love Story A lady in need of a wealthy match to save her family falls in love with the wrong brother. A necklace given from a gypsy, an old scandal, a Duke and a Lady who has a habit of losing things. I loved the characters and the ending. I recommend this book .

    11. In Need of a Duke by Christi CaldwellHeart of a Duke Prequel NovellaLady Aldora Adamson and her friends gain a magical necklace from a gypsy. The wearer of the necklace will find the man of her dreams. As young ladies of the ton, the desired man would be a duke. Just the type of man Aldora needed to pay her father’s debts and secure her families future. Several years later as it’s her turn to wear the necklace, she puts her plan in motion. She has chosen the perfect man, even if he isn’t a [...]

    12. STUNNING!In this sweet, wonderful tale of affectionate relationships and love, Christi Caldwell creates yet another place to escape for a short while. In a series of encounters, a young woman risks what seems like all to her (at that moment) to prevent her friends from learning of her family's destitution, then again to meet a man she thinks will save her. But the hero she meets is not the hero she seems, although he is the hero she needs. Moving through a few encounters with humor and something [...]

    13. 3 1/2 stars.Quick read. Aldora meets and falls for Michael the banished brother of the Duke who she thought she met. Now she has to decide to marry the Duke to save her family's reputation and financial situation or marry the brother who can save them financially but may make their reputation worse for the younger siblings when it's their turn to marry.The whole "instalove" or "instamarry" is something I hate. It seems to happen a lot in the historical novels they dance an evening or two and go [...]

    14. I loved how Aldora took responsibility for her family's future to heart. She was willing to marry someone just for the security of wealth. She proved to be a strong heroine even though she had her moments of doubt. Falling for the wrong man just seemed to be the right thing for her to do. Her willingness to give up the wealth and title for love was great. Michael has such a wicked sense of humor but was very honorable. His brother saw the love and made the right move for all involved. I highly r [...]

    15. Since I had read the other two books in this series, I wanted to read this one. It was a short (a novella). I wished it had been longer or had more character/story development, but that is not to be in a short story. Because I had read the other stories, I knew that Michael and Aldora ended up together.

    16. I somehow missed this novella, so I decide to go back a bit in the storyline to make sure I read it. The story of Lady Aldora is interesting, if just so for explaining the beginning of the story with the pendant. It was over very quickly and things weren't really explained, but I think for a novella it achieved its goal. It was cute and simple. So it was good.

    17. WonderfulI loved this book. This is a case of mistaken identity. Our heroine doesn't have on her spectacles, therefore mistaken identity. It is funny at times, and sometimes you just knew she was going to get into trouble. It all works out in the end, so now I'm on to the next book in the seriesn't wait.

    18. Good readingAnother great Britain by Christi Caldwell I wish I had read in order that it was written but it was nice to recognize some of the characters of the books Victoria have already read

    19. Valdora thought she had to marry a Duke to get her family out of debt.This is a great story of mistaken identities, when Valdora meets Michael and thinks he is the Duke. Great book.

    20. Amazing I love the story Christi Caldwell has created. My only complaint is that this was a novella. I couldn't get enough. An amazing story about love, perception and fate. Such a wonderful story I immediately purchased a second Caldwell masterpiece.

    21. It's a sweet read, nothing special though. But someone I still want more. Must admit that after binging on miss Caldwell's books the chance (or not so chance) meetings in Hyde park at dawn are getting a bit repetitve.

    22. In Need of a Duke?Lovely short story that begins the Heart of a Duke series. Looking forward to reading the titles that follow. Glad they are longer.

    23. Fun story.I enjoyed the story and the characters. Quirky heroine and a swoon worthy hero round out the tale set in London.

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