Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire

Jacob is furious that his ex girlfriend, Justine, has turned both his business and personal life upside down He wants than anything to be by Destiny s side to rebuild what Justine tore down, but Destiny s mother is hell bent on keeping the billionaire at a distance With Destiny s mother not allowing him to see her in the hospital, Jacob throws himself into fixing aJacob is furious that his ex girlfriend, Justine, has turned both his business and personal life upside down He wants than anything to be by Destiny s side to rebuild what Justine tore down, but Destiny s mother is hell bent on keeping the billionaire at a distance With Destiny s mother not allowing him to see her in the hospital, Jacob throws himself into fixing a financial disaster at work Meanwhile, Destiny s ex husband, Montie Brown, is working overtime to reclaim the woman he never stopped loving.
Breathless In Love With An Alpha Billionaire Jacob is furious that his ex girlfriend Justine has turned both his business and personal life upside down He wants than anything to be by Destiny s side to rebuild what Justine tore down but Desti

  • Title: Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire
  • Author: Shani Greene-Dowdell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Hot Da!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!! Speechless!! I can't breath!!! I'm SCREAMING!!! This series was a sleeper! Thank GOODNESS there is another book! Very pleased with this series.

    2. WowCliffhangerCan someone just give me a complete book and stop pacing it out. The story is good and I want to know how it ends but the cliffhangers are killing me. Ugh. Now I wait another 2 months for part 3.

    3. Oh my goodness.I knew something big was going to happenMy Lord, this book has been a page turner, I couldn't put the book down and now I'm left wondering. Brilliantly realistic and the characters were well developed, I love Jacob, and Ms Clara is a course to be reckoned with, I can't wait to read the next book as for Justine and Mrs. Turner I hate them I was seething with hatred for them at the end of this book, I need the next instalment asap. Well worth reading.

    4. Title: Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha BillionaireAuthor: Shani Greene-DowdellPublisher: David Weaver PresentsSeries: Part 2Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:"Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire" by Shani Greene-DowdellWhat I liked about this novelWhat a dramatic series! This is one of those reads that you will not be able to put down until the very end that will definitely leave you 'Breathless.' Be prepare for a emotional dramatic roller coaster read that will leave you s [...]

    5. I'm shockedI kind of had a feeling that was going to happen once everyone met. I just knew it. Clara was just too adamant about being against Destiny and Jacob's relationship. Her young heart had been smashed and she never got over it. Jacob's mother is a snooty beotch to the hundredth degree. How could Jacob's father marry someone's liked that? I guess we will find out in the next book. Things are heating up.Shank wrote a very interesting plot in this book. The interest picks up immediately and [...]

    6. Hate it or live itill undecided.So I'm not sure how I feel still. First I don't really like messy romances with cheating and unsure heroine feelings. It's making Destiny look wishy washy. Not my cup of teat I can't put it down. I feel like I have to finish book 3 to make a full assessment. So on to the last book.

    7. Breathless 2OMG, that's why Destiny mother, Ms Clara, was so against her relationship with Jacob Turner. Her bitterness stemmed from her failed relationship. I didn't see this coming.This was definitely another page turner from the author. I truly enjoyed this and can't wait for the next book in the series!

    8. Breathless2I really like he twists and turn that. mother wanna smack her. And now The mom and pops knowing on another

    9. Justine is about as crazy as they come. Months takes advantage of the situation. Destiny’s mother throws a curve ball. In the end, Jacob gets his woman back.

    10. Okay another crazy cliffhanger! Hate that! This is a story of major conspiracy and conflict. I can't believe how Montie and Ms. Clara conspired to keep Destiny and Jacob apart. Betrayal seems to come from every direction. Even in court, Justine gets a slap on the wrist and her freedom after the evil she rained down on Destiny. And the shocking family dinner is so good that I purchased the 3rd book to see how this all ends. Better be worth it!

    11. In Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire, author Shani Greene-Dowdell, picks up where the first book leaves off, where Justine has pistol whipped Destiny after tricking Jacob to come to her "bedside." Justine is truly has gangsta tendencies, are you sure this is not a black chick?. I mean almost the characters talk like they are black. IJS. Anyway, Justine is taken down and Destiny is taken to the hospital, Jacob tries to see her. What is unreal is that as her fiancee he should be allo [...]

    12. Breathless 2 is an okay read. It has the potential to be much better. The first half of the book was not very good. It seemed rushed and confusing. In book one Destiny and her children are spending time with Jacob but in book two we are lead to believe Destiny nor the children mentions Jacob to Destiny's mother. The POVs were a bit much. Why does Justine speak like Justine from the hood? Plus the handling of Justine's attempted murder trial needed more research. That's not how the judicial syste [...]

    13. ScandalousDestiny survived Justine attack. Jacob called in help on time and made it to destiny only to be pushed aisde by her mother and montie. Jacob dealing with Justine and now finding out who stole money from the company. Montie is working hard to win Destiny back,with the help of mama Clara. Mama Clara passing her heartbreak on Destiny about Jacob was totally wrong. Jacob reclaims Destiny love,and is by her side when she goes to court. Justine gets off with the insanity plea, with ms.turner [...]

    14. Confused!! Ummm did I read that right?? Wow okay I'm a little speechless at the ending!! First of all I'm pissed with the situation. Ugh this is hard cause I don't want to spoil it for future readers. But Jacob moms needs to have several seats!! I wanted to fight the trick!! I hope she gets what's coming to her!! Montie, bruh move on!! Destiny needs to put her mom in check. Can somebody kill crazy Justine already?? I'm ready for her to be gone!! Where is Huck when you need him?!? (Scandal Fan) O [...]

    15. Adequate readThis was an alright read. It still was kind of unrealistic, and read like it should have been a teen or young adult book, rather than a novel for grown ups. It did start to redeem itself some, but by then the end was approaching. Some of the plot was kind of predictable, like the Miss. Clara and Mr. Turner situation. Destiny is still irritating. Montie and Destiny's mom were rude, and got on my nerves. I'm still undecided on if I am going to read the next installment.

    16. Oh juicyI'm glad that Destiny and Jacob found their way back to each other. Glad Montie finally got the picture that even though she loved him, she wasn't in love with him. So juicy to find out Ms. Clara and Mr. John were a couple a long time ago, and obviously, the love is still there based on the slap, the hug, and the declaration. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

    17. Wasn't expecting that!Well,well. Talk about unexpected I won't leave any spoilers but book 2 started off pissing me off with monite and Clara refusing to let Jacob see destiny. But what's meant to be will be.but that cliff hanger I didn't see coming. No wonder ms Clara was so high strung on destiny not following in her footsteps. Wooow. Book three here I come!!!!

    18. Wow!!! Okay. I truly enjoyed reading this book. Did not expect the ending, but I was shocked but pleasantly surprised. This is a great read full of love, lust, secrets, danger and a psycho ex and a past love that wants back in. The plot, character interaction and flow are good. Can’t wait to read the next one.

    19. Damn!!!Destiny and Jacob can't catch a breath from everyone trying to keep them apart. His loony mother interfering her ex Monty and her mother. Plus Justine with her crazy ass it's a wonder that love could prevail after everything that have been thru. This was a great read you need to hurry and one click this book.

    20. JUICY JUICYI very much enjoyed these book i hate reading series book that are not all out we as readers have to wait to long PLEASE DON't make me wait to long, I need to no what is going to happen to the mama and dad this makes for good reading.

    21. Breathless 2This was great read.Really I can't wait for the next part of this series. I saw this coming,Ms. Clara had to much anger,when it came to the love her Destiny had for Jacob.

    22. Oh My Gosh!!!!All I can say is hurry up part 3. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the finale. This is such a exciting series. "Momma" is a trip but I love her. I want to how Mr X is gonna feel about the move to Florida

    23. Whoa!!!! What drama!!! The mothers are crazy. The ex is on a mission . Jacob is trying to hold it together. And I just knew papa Turner had a bigger picture in this book. Can't wait to read book 3.

    24. Awesine sequelBook two was great. I knew that Justine would get off easy, but was hoping that Destiny would beat her ass. There us so much drama, just when things start to look up for Destiny and Jacob another bomb drops. Can't wait to read the next part.

    25. Good ReadI'm really enjoying this series. This too was a very good read that held my attention from beginning to end. I really loved the ending. I can't wait to read part 3. Great Job Shani

    26. Wow OmgThis is short,explosive,heart stopping and sexyr wait for the next one. What excellent follow-up. This is exciting.hless two is.vavoommd the twist at the end.r saw that coming

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