Scaredy Squirrel

Scaredy Squirrel never leaves his nut tree It s way too dangerous out there He could encounter tarantulas, green Martians or killer bees But in his tree, every day is the same and if danger comes along, he s well prepared Scaredy Squirrel s emergency kit includes antibacterial soap, Band Aids and a parachute.Day after day he watches and waits, and waits and watches, unScaredy Squirrel never leaves his nut tree It s way too dangerous out there He could encounter tarantulas, green Martians or killer bees But in his tree, every day is the same and if danger comes along, he s well prepared Scaredy Squirrel s emergency kit includes antibacterial soap, Band Aids and a parachute.Day after day he watches and waits, and waits and watches, until one day his worst nightmare comes true Scaredy suddenly finds himself out of his tree, where germs, poison ivy and sharks lurk But as Scaredy Squirrel leaps into the unknown, he discovers something really uplifting
Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel never leaves his nut tree It s way too dangerous out there He could encounter tarantulas green Martians or killer bees But in his tree every day is the same and if danger comes alon

  • Title: Scaredy Squirrel
  • Author: Mélanie Watt
  • ISBN: 9781554530236
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Awesome children's series!This is a great book for both big and little children. (That includes adults too!) Scaredy Squirrel, in a magical way, learns a very important lesson in life. The illustrations are whimsical ! This book is the first in a series so be sure to check out the others also. You won't be disappointed! 😉📘

    2. I stole this style of review from Heather's (well, Heather's daughter's) fantastic review of Ladybug Girl at the Beach. Her review is a lot more focused.Interviewer/ Dad: What did you think about Scaredy Squirrel?Eleanor: I thought it was good.Gwennie: Scardey Squirrel's about scarey.Dad: Ellie, why did you like it?Eleanor: Because I wanted to. Why are you typing that?Dad: Gwennie, did you like Scaredy Squirrel?Gwennie: Yeah.Dad: Why?Gwennie: Because Scaredy is scarey scareyDad: What happened in [...]

    3. I think the layout was so cute and organized! And the "warning" at the beginning of the book: "Scaredy Squirrel insists that everyone wash their hands with antibacterial soap before reading this book" was so funny!

    4. My almost 2 yr old daughter and I read this one together. She enjoyed it as much as I did for different reasons. She is too young to really get the story, but she definitely enjoyed the illustrations. I loved Scaredy's cheesy smile! The layout of the book made it even more fun to read. I will revisit this humorous tale when she is older and would get the message about conquering your fears. I look forward to reading more Scaredy books.

    5. Simple and clear it tells the story of our mental fears and their impact on our lives. Highly recommended to all politicians and generals!

    6. 2010 Monarch Award master list `From the flap copy: ‘Here’s the story, in a nutshell: I never leave my nut tree. It’s way too dangerous out there. I could encounter germs, poison ivy or sharks. If danger comes along, I’m prepared. I have antibacterial soap, Band-Aids and a parachute. But things really get shaken up later in the book when I’m forced out of my tree by a vicious intruder! Will I survive this ordeal? Will I undergo a life-changing experience? Will I discover my true inner [...]

    7. This is adorable. I think young kids will get the gist but it helps to be older to understand all the inside information. This is one of those picture books (such as Oh, the Places You'll Go! ) that can make a great gift for adults.I loved the smiling bees, although I’m not sure I’m particularly fond of the pictures, as I was in Watt’s Chester books. I’m afraid of bees. (Mélanie Watt is afraid of sharks.) Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of a lot of things, including some things that are outl [...]

    8. Scaredy Squirrel is awesome! Scaredy Squirrel is also: predictable, prepared, organized, vigilant, adventurous, and unpredictable. By extension, Mélanie Watt must also be: predictable, prepared, organized, vigilant, adventurous, unpredictable and, most definitely, awesome!I love that Scaredy Squirrel makes lists and tries his utmost to be prepared for the things that scare him. I also love how he responds when his life becomes a bit topsy-turvy! Thanks so much to my GR friend Lisa for recommend [...]

    9. Haha! SO amusing! I know the feeling; some days you just want to stay safe and sound in your tree--er, your home--and not worry about all the nasty things out there in the world. But, then, things would get a bit boring if you did that every day! This is the tale of how Scaredy Squirrel gets tired of his life of eating nuts and looking at the view from his tree, has a surprising adventure (will he even have to use his emergency kit?) and discovers that he may just have to vary his routine in the [...]

    10. Here come the most prepared, or even most, overly prepared squirrel ever. With every contingency mapped and thought out a head of time, this squirrel plans to leave its tree. Humorous and cute and very enjoyable little book.

    11. Fun book that tackles the issue of anxiety in a child appropriate way. Scaredy squirrel is anxious about life outside his tree. He does the same things at the same times (book also helps teach time), eats the same things, and is scared of anything new. Until one day.aredy squirrel learns that he can have a great adventure by breaking his routinea little bit. Cute story.

    12. The Turkeybird Speaks(My 3 year old son's POV): "This book is one of those that I just can't put down. My favorite is when my dad reads it, 'wake up, eat a nut, look at a view, eat a nut', he just does such a good job! Scaredy Squirrel is one of those characters you love instantly, I mean, he's really a flying squirrel! He can fly! How cool is that? And he's afraid of bee's and I am not a fan at all. I once had one sting me and my thumb swelled up like a balloon! So of course you want to stay aw [...]

    13. Scaredy Squirrel is a beautifully written witty book about courage and knowing our fears.The book is about a nervous squirrel who never ever leaves the safety of his little nut tree in to the dangerous realms of The Unknown! He is scared of many things, including germs, and indeed instructs us to wash our hands with antibacterial soap before reading any further! Scaredy Squirrel is scared of: green Martians, killer bees, tarantulas, poison ivy and sharks. Of course none of these creatures are in [...]

    14. A highly relatable story about fear and the hold it can have on you. A good book to read with the timid. BUT it's also a good book for those who live with those who are anxious. I see a lot more to this book than what's originally intended for the younger audience. Living with anxiety I relate to the need for routine and sameness, and also the frustration of being trapped in that loop. It will be interesting to see what else the series has to offer.

    15. Text: 5 starsIllustrations: 5 starsBrilliant picture book about a squirrel who feels fearful and anxious towards life, so he copes by trying to control every single possibility. But when an unexpected situation arises, he learns that he has a more adventurous spirit then he realized, and his body is equipped for it as well.The book is full of Scaredy Squirrel's lists, checklists, diagrams, schedules, maps, plans, and instructions. Simple iconic illustrations complement the text perfectly.

    16. Scaredy Squirrel has a contingency plan for every emergency that might arise in the woods -including sharks and green Martians! But one day he makes a discovery that dramatically changes his world view and his daily routine - one that makes him a little less frightened of what might be out there. The quirky humor in this is great, the charcoal pencil and acrylic artwork is fantastic, and kids will love Scaredy and his adventure. Great read-along for elementary school readers. A School Library Jo [...]

    17. This review applies to all of the SS books. Contains spoiler-ish information-- don't continue reading if that sort of thing bothers you!I absolutely ADORE Melanie Watt's Scaredy Squirrel collection. The books are clever, funny, and cuter than all get-out! I could write for days about Watt's clever use of visual symbols and metaphors, and her remarkable attention to detail. While these kinds of imaginative touches are not unique among high-quality children's books, I feel she does a particularly [...]

    18. This book was recommended to me on in the little sidebar based on something else that I had read (I can’t remember what at the moment), and I thought it looked pretty cute. I requested it at the library where I work and decided to take it home to read instead of reading it at work like I usually do (it’s only 40 pages so it took about five seconds).It’s really cute! Scaredy Squirrel never leaves his tree; it’s safe, has a great view, and has plenty of nuts for him to eat. The rest of th [...]

    19. This is a story about a very scared squirrel who never leaves his nut tree. He has lots of worries and fears about the unknown world outside his nut tree and is very conscious that germs are everywhere. He likes to think he is a well prepared squirrel with his emergency kit for if anything unexpected where to happen.I really like this book, it’s very simple and easy to read but there are a lot of engaging pages to the book. It doesn’t read like the usual flow of a story, but has lists and di [...]

    20. I was introduced to this book at library storytime. The librarians really like this book and the sequels, and the kids there get into it a lot.Scaredy squirrel is afraid of well everything. Mostly the unknown. After all - it may contain sharks! Or germs! Or green martians! Or KILLER BEES!!!!! So he just stays in his tree. He can eat a nut and look at the view, eat a nut and look at the view all day long. No excitement. No danger. Everything absolutely under control.Until a killer bee appears, fl [...]

    21. Scaredy Squirrel is too scared to leave his nut tree because his tree is safe and familiar. He doesn’t want to venture into the unknown because it seems very scary, and he is already scared of tarantulas, poison ivy, germs, sharks, killer bees, and green Martians. He has a daily routine and is very prepared with his own emergency kit. It includes a list of fun things that he believes will keep him safe. Then the worst happens and a killer bee appears and he knocks his emergency kit out of the [...]

    22. Scaredy Squirrel is a homebody, afraid to leave his tree for the vast unknown for fear of germs, killer bees, sharks, green Martians, etc. This delightful tale teaches kids about taking new chances or trying something new, but reads in a humorous rather than didactic tone. Scaredy Squirrel is an exaggerated character with strict routines and organized rational lists. He’s endearing to children and a memorable character. Scaredy Squirrel’s lists and diagrams also contribute to a unique storyt [...]

    23. Sometimes I wonder if there are certain children's books that pose as "picture books" but are really secretly intended for us "big kids" and are only trying to get a giggle out of us. Because that is exactly what happened when all of us in the staff here at our library got a hold of this gem!Written perhaps for a more detail-oriented crowd, Scaredy Squirrel is the tale of a most cautious, attentive squirrel who comes complete with his own set of fears, an affinity for weighing pros and cons, an [...]

    24. Scaredy Squirrel is mostly content in his lovely, safe treetop where he can avoid the many things he's afraid to encounter (i.e. bees, poison ivy, sharks). He's super prepared for any and every eventuality with his trusty plan and emergency kit. He feels pretty secure. Of course when he is detailing how wonderfully prepared he is, things don't go to plan and Scaredy Squirrel is forced to leave his secure home. Fortunately, even without his detailed plan and many emergency items, Scaredy Squirrel [...]

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