Hasidism: Between Ecstasy and Magic

Book by Idel, Moshe
Hasidism Between Ecstasy and Magic Book by Idel Moshe

  • Title: Hasidism: Between Ecstasy and Magic
  • Author: Moshe Idel
  • ISBN: 9780791417348
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Hasidism: Between Ecstasy and Magic”

    1. This book is well suited for a college textbook, likely at the Master’s level. This text would work well for someone studying comparative religion, mystic philosophy, or Jewish mysticism.This book is not for the casual reader who is interested in mysticism or kabbalah. The reader should be well versed in both, along with more than a rudimentary understanding of the history of Judaism in general and Hasidism specifically. It is not Professor Idel’s intent to educate the reader on the basics o [...]

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