His Last

PART 2 BBW Shifter Vampire Serial Reading order 1 Chosen by the Vampire Kings 2 Stolen by the Alpha Wolf 3 Unlikely Mates Rushe must bide his time before being permitted to pursue his mate even if she doesn t know that she is his yet His Damn It Ross wastes no time in going after what he wants, namely, one times lush human The scent of another male on her skin onlyPART 2 BBW Shifter Vampire Serial Reading order 1 Chosen by the Vampire Kings 2 Stolen by the Alpha Wolf 3 Unlikely Mates Rushe must bide his time before being permitted to pursue his mate even if she doesn t know that she is his yet His Damn It Ross wastes no time in going after what he wants, namely, one times lush human The scent of another male on her skin only incites him further to eradicate the shifter from her mind, by whatever means necessary Take what is mine Becky knows that Rushe has his heart set on finding a mate Since she made it crystal clear that it won t be her, she s sure he s moved on On the rebound, even though she won t admit it to herself, it leaves her free to explore her deepest, darkest vampire fantasies Only, it s not quite as freaking simple as she thought it would be His Last is Part 2 of a 3 part serial and is 25,000 words 100 pages Be warned, the story contains strong sexual themes language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
His Last PART BBW Shifter Vampire Serial Reading order Chosen by the Vampire Kings Stolen by the Alpha Wolf Unlikely Mates Rushe must bide his time before being permitted to pursue his mate even if she

  • Title: His Last
  • Author: Charlene Hartnady
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Please see my first review. I just want to keep reading and don't care to much to write a review right now.

    2. Dear God, the virgin wolfie had already slayed me, and this time, the sexy vampire bodyguard proved he was capable of doing exactly what I knew he would: Ruin me for other book boyfriends;-) Becky's two possesive suitors continue to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't have to be the biggest, baddest, badass alpha to take your female to the very brink of sexual pleasure and beyond. *Where is my freaking fan?* Let's just say that Ross was veeeery motivated to show that he could do a lo [...]

    3. TWO'S COMPANY, THREE'S A CROWD ???? HMMMWOWZA! OMG! I love it! His Last is the second book in the exhiliarating new Unlikely Mates series by Charlene Hartnady and she has totally delivered another knockout in the second round! I'm just so excited, I can hardly stand myself right now. And just why am I so excited you ask? Well, I have been waiting for Becky to have her own series since she was first introduced as Tanya's over-sexed best friend in Charlene's debut hit series, Chosen by the Vampire [...]

    4. I am a member of this author's ARC group (means if you provide the author and honest review the author will email the book to you for free). I personally think that is an awesome deal. Before I begin my review, I highly recommend that you read the other books in this series so you can become familiar with all the wonderful characters and their stories. Unlikely Mates is another hot sexy series and loved the second installment.

    5. Love the SeriesI am really enjoying this series. Becky is a fun character and she just keeps finding mates everywhere she goes. She doesn't believe in a forever relationship but the shifter and vampire in her life do. I wouldn't want to pick just one either. Looking forward to part three to see just how hard they work to convince her.

    6. Oh dear Becky goes from one non human to other but I will say Becky really struggled when her can opp ire friend comes calling and she find it hard to resist but he goes to far and Becky upset but she knows her feelings for her shifter is close to how she feels for her vampire. Then gets serious at the end can't wait for next part.

    7. I received this in exchange of an honest review I really love Becky! She has so many issues with all this forever and stuff, and falling for both males! Uhh not good! I doubt that an arrangement like the one Tanya got will happen! I really can't wait to get the last of her story !

    8. I'll say that I liked Becky better in this part. She wasnt as obnoxious. However, I dunno I guess I have mixed feelings. I love Ross. I love Griffinhe's just cute and so is Becky's assistant Elizabeth. I dont think I like how this was written. When Becky and Ross first have sex it was hot but not as intense as when she was with Rushe. I found it humorous that Ross was suffering greatly with wanting to have Becky again. I'm also not liking the back and forth with Becky she's so wishy washy. There [...]

    9. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.I am loving Becky and her quirkiness. Temptation comes knowing in the form of the sexy possessive vampire Ross. Then her office is rocking for lunch time special she is sure to never forget! Having misunderstood a message about her werewolf Rushe, she thinks he is going to be mated to someone else and decides to try what she had wanted in the vampire crush she held for so many months before.While still trying to maintain her independence and [...]

    10. 3.5 Stars. I enjoyed this book a lot although I am not a huge fan of the vampire in this book or Becky for that matter. I think I like Griffin better. The other is not as interesting. He's okay though. I look forward to reading the next story of this series and see where it leads. Out of the 3 different series I've read thus far from this author- I have to say this is my least favorite. But it's still well written and enjoyable. I think it's Becky's ridiculous repetitiveness that is the most ann [...]

    11. Part 2. Great series by Charlene Hartnady! Becky and Rushe really had some hot sex in part 1. Now, Ross the Vampire is on her trail. He screws her against the wall on her lunch break at work. Becky is very strange for a doctor. Such indecision, sophomoric language, just odd. The guys are super hot hunks who deserve someone who is just as into them. She was married to the wrong guy years ago, but now wants to "sew her oats"?? Makes no sense. I have liked all the deep, wonderful characters, intere [...]

    12. becky helps deliver the alpha females twins & is given rushe as a body guard while on wolf land to protect her from all the unmated males . night when becky is using a vibrator to relieve some frustration rushe hears her & they end up having sex . its quite funny in parts as rushe is a virgin but has been swotting up on human sex but becky thinks hes really experienced . the alpha gets becky out of camp so other shifters won't smell rushe on her & rushe is confined to quarters . boo [...]

    13. My favorite by far.Becky has a hard time with commitment and love. Rushe is a hot shifter that would make your dreams come true. Ross is the sexy vampire of any woman's dream. Put a woman like Becky who doesn't think she can love anyone in the middle of two hot guys and you have the makings of a third steamy book with a menage waiting to happen. And boy that's exactly what you want. But can these two men let go of there feelings for one another's hatred to show Becky that they both can make her [...]

    14. Fantastic Wow, part two is just as awesome as the first one! What is, Becky, to do? Now she has , Rushe the werewolf, Ross the vampire, and they both want her as their mate. What is a girl to do, when you have two hot guys after you? I am so ready to read the next part, to see if all three of them find their happy ending.

    15. 2.5 stars- Still something missingI'm still struggling a bit with this set. I liked Becky more in the second novella, but I lack a connection. This one seemed more hokey (roll my eyes a lot) than the last series with Ward and Stephany. I'll probably finish this set, but I'm not as convinced I'll continue reading the series/author.

    16. Oh no poor Becky, caught between a rock and a hard place, literally! Rushe and Viper are both rock hard after all ;-D What a mess! Really nervous about how this is going to play out. But if Becky is anything like the vampires' queen she's going to put a stop to this madness and figure something out. Fingers crossed. Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

    17. Made this too complicated atedThis book would make a great audio drinking game. Every time someone says human you take a drink. After all the degrading talk about humans I am amazed anyone wants to mate a human.

    18. Wolf vs vampireBecky does not believe in love forever. Ross, a vampire, believes that she is his mate. Rushed, a wolf SHifter, also believes she is his mate. And this is how the story ends. Now into the next one. Great story but hate the cliffhangers

    19. LOVED IT!!Can't wait to read book #3, I know it will be exactly what I expect, great! These vampires and shifters are too cool!! If I could live in a fantasy world, their world would be it!!

    20. Hot, Hot, Hot Series!WOW! I enjoyed this latest installment about Becky, Ross and Rushe. What a dilemma commitment-shy Becky has on her hands with two totally different shifters claiming her as their mate! What's a girl to do but lay back and enjoy the ride

    21. Things heat up - Shifter and Wolf Love!Kindle Unlimited read. 4 1/2 star. Now that her vampire crush knows that she was with a wolf, he insists on going to her. When he gets there things really heat up! One hot read!! Cannot wait to see who Becky picks!! Cliffhanger.

    22. This story just keeps getting better and betterBook 2 of unlikely mate just keeps getting hotter. I felt like I was watching a car accident,and could not turn away. I can't wait to see how Charlene ends this.

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