Cat Got Your Tongue

Sterek Derek is having a bad day and breaks down on a stranger s doorstep Stiles is the stranger He really doesn t mind Also, there s a cat.Words 18243 complete
Cat Got Your Tongue Sterek Derek is having a bad day and breaks down on a stranger s doorstep Stiles is the stranger He really doesn t mind Also there s a cat Words complete

  • Title: Cat Got Your Tongue
  • Author: sysrae
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: ebook
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    1. a sweetly daft and oppressively chatty first date sterek as written by a british person who clearly feels chewing a bit of sautéed pepper with a twinkle in your eye is the height of sexual tension.

    2. I really enjoyed this! Total AU, All Human. Kate happened, in a way. She was bipolar, burned Derek's house down, nobody died though. After this, and a couple of other bad things, he is understandable wary of relationships.Today is a no good horrible very bad day for Derek. His roommate is moving in with his girlfriend, leaving him either needing a new roommate or a cheaper place, his car breaks down on his way to work, a situation with Kate rears it's very ugly head, and now he's caught out in t [...]

    3. Wouldn't it be nice if life was like a romantic comedy? That was such a cute, cute, cute love at first sight story. AhhhVery sweet and very hot.

    4. I pushed to 50% then gave up. To echo Derek; Jesus, this was so insane. Yes Derek, yes it was!If you like romcoms and can suspend disbelief then it's cute.I get the horrible day then someone dares to be nice explosions, but getting lost and crying in the street? How old is he and how is he keeping his job?Then the - we just met, lets bone then live together forever, amen - just doesn't work for me.The idea for Kate in an all-human-au was a really good one though.It didn't read like Sterek to me. [...]

    5. All human cast. Socially awkward and broken down Derek meets force of nature Stiles by way of calico cat. Sweet accidental meeting love. Add a power outage and whammo! That which may have taken longer to blossom grows three sizes instantly. I think there must be a physics equation out there that shows how the force of attraction between to bodies increases exponentially when plunged into darkness.Sweet insta love but so good.

    6. Fascinating all-human AU in which all of the events occurred, but for different reasons and with different consequences. Derek's just so beautifully pitiful and Stiles is wonderfully comforting.This is the type of insta-love story that makes me want to believe in insta-love.Some Favorite Quotes:but even by his usual standards, today had been a ceaseless tsunami of suck.The purring intensified, the cat leaning into his touch. Derek made a choked noise, hunching forwards, and as though it were an [...]

    7. I really liked the setup, I liked Derek's miserable day, that he broke down and was saved by Stiles and his cat, coffee and cookies. But by the time sex rolled around something turned awkward, like Stiles insecurity and Derek telling him he's beautiful, stiles' "dirty talk", all "look at you, perfect, beautiful", and then the phone calls, idk. I enjoyed the banter and the tension and the intense feelings sprung out of nowhere, but. Well.

    8. Rozumiem,že v tomto AU nikto Derekovi nezomrel preto ani relatívne nebol OOC ale fuuuuu. Nie. Nebudem ani vypisovať čo všetko sa mi na tejto fanfiction nepáčilo, bolo toho veľmi veľa. Prekvapivo, najlepšia bola len spomenutá Kate. Jaj, to je smutné. Dokonca som preskočila aj skoro celú sex scénu lebo som dostávala tik v oku pri čítaní. Také to bolo zlé.

    9. Didn't feel very Sterek-y to me:/ Everything happened so quickly and I missed the usual Sterek banter:(

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