Harley Quinn, Vol. 2: Power Outage

The best selling Harley Quinn continues her bloody romp in the second volume of her own series The first rule of Skate Club isyou do not mess with the Mistress of Mayhem Harley stumbles across an underground fight club where big money winds with a body count She s ind she s making Sy Borgman her agent for the fights And wha would happen if the demented Clown PriThe best selling Harley Quinn continues her bloody romp in the second volume of her own series The first rule of Skate Club isyou do not mess with the Mistress of Mayhem Harley stumbles across an underground fight club where big money winds with a body count She s ind she s making Sy Borgman her agent for the fights And wha would happen if the demented Clown Princess of Crime visited the most popular comic con out there Find out when Harley Quinn invades Comic Con Collects Harley Quinn 9 12, Harley Quinn Annual 1, Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con International San Diego 1
Harley Quinn Vol Power Outage The best selling Harley Quinn continues her bloody romp in the second volume of her own series The first rule of Skate Club isyou do not mess with the Mistress of Mayhem Harley stumbles across an unde

  • Title: Harley Quinn, Vol. 2: Power Outage
  • Author: Amanda Conner Jimmy Palmiotti Chad Hardin John Timms Marco Failla Paul Pope Javier Garrón Damion Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. It was like reading a super-long fart joke.Only not as funny.Although, no offense to anyone who really liked this. I'm not trying to belittle what you like, or say that you have no taste. I just personally didn't like this one. Forgive me.Volume 2 was a bit of a mixed bag. But most of the bag sucked.There are moments where greatness poked its head out and smiled, but the vast majority of it just fell reallyreallyreally short of anything that I could find remotely enjoyable.I think Amanda Conner [...]

    2. Harley Quinn is without doubt one of my favorite characters. I mean what's not to like; she is quite an unstable psychiatrist, the on and off girlfriend of the Joker. Speaking of the Joker, he is in this graphic novel, which I found really great, even though he did try to make some islanders sacrifice her in a Volcano. Well, that was until he realized that that he too was to be sacrificed, then suddenly he was on Harley's side, ah love!Also Harley visits Comic-Con, chaos and destruction is, of c [...]

    3. I'm just confused. There's so much potential here. SO MUCH. Not only is Harley cute, funny, and cheerful - but she can be scary as hell. And there's nothing holding her back - nothing stopping her from killing or maiming or doing whatever she damn well pleases.So why is this series so dumb? WHY?This is even worse than Volume One. And I really thought/hoped this was going to be an improvement.The worst entry in this collection is the episode where (view spoiler)[the Joker and Harley are back toge [...]

    4. Harley Quinn is BACK, peaches, and holy macarolli! Puddin', you're gonna love this.Morally ambiguous characters are the best kind. The flawed, complex, funny, and nasty characters. You know, the human ones. It's funny that often the most human and realistic of all characters show up in comics, which have popularly been regarded as a lesser form of writing (not true!) or merely a T&A show (okay, Liefeld and pretty much any 90s comics is guilty of this). I mean, think about Batman. He's not my [...]

    5. I'm coming to the realization that I do like the Suicide Squad incarnation of Harley more than the one in her solo outing in this run. I think that this solo series is geared towards readers who want a more goofy version of Quinn. I can deal with the fact that she's not really a hero, more appropriately classed as a villain, but her mayhem in this series is played for laughs and that's hard to get behind for me.Many times, the story was hard to follow and downright incomprehensible. I did like t [...]

    6. Full disclosure: all I now about Harley Quinn comes from vague memories of the 90s animated series and the TV show Birds of Prey (which might not be the best DC adaptation ever, it seems). Also, I haven't read the first volume, but it didn't prevent me from enjoying the present one. Power Outage is a mix of single-issue stories and a longer arc, hinted at in the two first storie and unfolding in chapters 4, 5 and 6. Knowledges of Future's End might be handy to fully understand Crappily Ever Afte [...]

    7. I received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.This combines Harley Quinn Issues 9 - 12, Annual 1, Future's End 1 and the San Diego Comic Con Special 1. Let's have more fun with our favorite Harlequin. When Harley becomes involved with Skate Club, she finds her opponent may be too much for her. Then in Future's End, Harley washes ashore after a plane crash and discovers that an old flame is in charge of the island or is he? Then, after Power Girl crashes into the beach in front of Harley, [...]

    8. Harleen Quinzel is my favorite, and this edition spoke to just that. With everything from the most ridiculous and outlandish (duping an amnesiac Power Girl), to the ironic (visiting San Diego Comic Con and hanging out with her own lookalikes), to the honest and impactful (Harley gives her backstory from childhood to Gotham to now).This was a great and funny read for any lover of Harley, or anyone wanting to know a little bit more about her.

    9. Harley Quinn is a popular and beloved character, but writers always seem to have a hard time with her as a lead. When she's part of a team, she can be as wacky as she wants, acting seemingly at random and interrupting the action with non-sequitur dialogue as comic relief to whatever serious story is taking place around her. After reading several issues of this "random" behaviour, I got pretty tired of Harley's ADHD schtick. Other gimmicks, like her fourth wall breaking. describing the absurd plo [...]

    10. I liked this one a lot better than the one! I liked the storyline a lot more, but I do wish they would just drop the whole skate club thing, it's just not working for the story. But I did really love the Comic Con story. It was pretty hilarious to see the real Harley with all the Harley cosplayers! We also got ANOTHER origin story, seriously, can't we just stick with the original? How many origin stories do we need? Anyhow, I still really enjoyed this book. 4 out of 5 stars :D

    11. Summing up. Boob jokes. random lesbian innuendo. ass jokes. Being female I should find it offensive or something, but I am not that sensitive. Some of it, just not funny.First issue was bad. Really, really bad. It mellows out a tiny bit throughout the rest of the issues. Not the boob jokes. They stay as strong as ever.My only excuse for giving this farce three stars It has it's moments. Harley visits comic con was the best installment.

    12. A lot of energy, humor, color and just pizazz that you don't find in a lot of superhero comics, I find. There's a Joker hook up which is interesting, and one of the best parts is when she goes to Comic Con to meet artists and writers. So because Amanda Conner (a woman) is doing this, and writing of Harley (a woman), does this make all the stereotypical boob-centric tight costumes and lesbian jokes okay, because she is a bad girl, and is this an example of owning her sexuality, a kind of post-fem [...]

    13. Who said Harley Quinn is just Deadpool with boobs? Shut Up.Yes, there is a similarity in tone between the Deadpool book and this one, and Harley is just as insane, and loves to break the fourth wall as much as Wade Wilson, but the characters are very, very different. After reading this second volume, I realize that Harley is actually one of my favorite DC characters. I am quite happy with that, since I realized that as far as DC villains go, I only had one female character on my top ten list. Th [...]

    14. I really wish Conner and Palmiotti would relinquish the reins of poor Harley Quinn. It's becoming clearer and clearer that they just don't know how to make her anything other than marginally entertaining. The humor is flat and Sandler-esque. The story is going nowhere. How many different times can we see "crazy Harley does something normal, but makes it crazy because she's so crazy. Crazy, right?!"Recently, the first issue of Convergence: Harley Quinn came out and I believe the writer was Steve [...]

    15. 4.70•Almost as entertaining as Vol. 1, really enjoyed it but didn't like the art work changes with HQ, I could see the differences in her design without even needed to check if it was a different artist. •Sometimes her face just looked weird and nothing like the face I loved from Vol. 1 •Now, to be fair, this is my first comic book series I've ever read and I've been made aware by friends that this can happen with comic books. So maybe it's just a me thing that I need to get use to?•Neve [...]

    16. Silly as usual, but not bad. The art is sexy, but also a little cartoony. The stories just seem a little wordy for me, as the word balloons sometime block out a lot of the art.This one guest starts Power Girl in a pretty funny story, and also has a few one shots such as Harley crashing the San Diego Comic Con. Overall a good volume for Harley fans, but the humor seems a little forced to me at times.

    17. Harley Quinn is still on the loose in Brooklyn (mostly). This volume is a continuation of volume one, but does not stay in Brooklyn nor are the issues all part of a continuous tale. There are trips to Staten Island, the Bermuda Triangle (wacky tale with a tropical island, The Joker, and a volcano!) and a Power Girl sequence that was a blast! A very fun read!

    18. Into space. With Power Girl. Seriously, what's not to love? Harley is my girl and always will be, and this comic, that has her away from the Joker and forming healthy relationships is just about the best thing ever.

    19. As wonderfully bonkers as the first part, we see Harley team up with Power Girl in a crime fighting team. We also get a little bit of the Joker, which is always a sore spot with Harley! A really great series so far.

    20. This book reminds me of the comics I use to read as an English school boy back in the day. The funny comics like 'Dandy' or 'Beano' where a central character would wander around and meet various people in town and misadventures would ensue. This book has the same tongue in cheek mentality and irreverence as those kiddie comics but written for grown ups who haven't quite left their youth behind. Harley Quinn is a gal always on the look for an adventure no matter how ridiculous, ill-conceived or h [...]

    21. Harley's New 52 ongoing continues in pretty much the same vein as it did in the first Volume; Harley joins a painful street hockey team, joins forces with an amnesiac Power Girl, and attacks San Diego Comic Con. As you do.It's light on plot, high on silly, but I don't think this Volume ever actually made me laugh out loud, which is disappointing. If you're not going to strike a balance between funny and serious, you need to commit to the side you do pick, and this book seems scared to go full on [...]

    22. At the risk of sounding like a hipster, I was into Harley Quinn before the Hot Topic crowd took her over. I wrote my Bachelor's thesis on her back in 2008. Since then, I haven't really read much about her, but I was nevertheless excited when one of my students bought me this trade back for Christmas. It's a fun read, a little silly at times, but I guess that's the point of Harley. Some of the issues in the book were better than others. For instance, I didn't love the Power Girl match up like I t [...]

    23. It took me awhile to get into the New 52 Version of Harley. I grew up with the version from Batman The Animated Series so I was pretty set in my ways concerning who my Harley was.However Conner & Palmiotti have done a great job of balancing the two faces of Harley in this volume. Yes she is a little mentally unbalanced but she also has fun adventures and an extended family in the circus folk she has been hanging out with. From a roller skating fight club to intergalactic adventures with Powe [...]

    24. As superhero and comic related movies are becoming increasingly dour, it's nice to nip into the crazy world of Harley and have some fun.

    25. 3.5 stars! *Slight SPOILERS*I felt this was too good for 3 stars but not good enough for 4 but I was so close to giving it 4 stars!!! The beginning for me was rather slow going and I didn't really start enjoying the comic until 'Power girl' came around. I love Harley Quinn's character but the story wasn't really going anywhere until this new superhero came Into the story. However, I loved the ending! Harley herself was at a comic convention and she was being her mischievous, badass self and kept [...]

    26. I don't even know. It feels so inconsistent. It's like Conner is trying way to hard to be funny. And what's with the Power Girl falling out of the sky, developing amnesia, and Harley convincing her they're a super hero team?Not to mention the objectification of women. Though at other times, Harley gets very offended by this (i.e. beating up some guy at comic con who flashed her). Also, did we have to bring in the Joker? Even if it was just a dream?I miss Ivy!This just isn't working for me.

    27. I am thoroughly enjoying Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner.It brings a smile to my face and is a break from serious super hero sagas. Which I do love! But this funny, fast paced, somewhat silly is just pure fun. There is nothing wrong with that, I love the artwork and super saturated colors. Harley became a fast favorite with me from the animated Batman series and I am glad to be able to read more adventures with her. Thanks Amanda Conner.

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