New Beat Newbie

Written in a frantic blur of inspiration over the first two months of 2015, this collection of contemporary neo beat poetry is a passionately delivered, in your face dose of pop prose for the digital, conspiratorial, twenty first century world.Political poems like Kissinger Can Kiss My Ass and Frack Off ride alongside conspiracy themed odes like Illuminate Me IlluminaWritten in a frantic blur of inspiration over the first two months of 2015, this collection of contemporary neo beat poetry is a passionately delivered, in your face dose of pop prose for the digital, conspiratorial, twenty first century world.Political poems like Kissinger Can Kiss My Ass and Frack Off ride alongside conspiracy themed odes like Illuminate Me Illuminati and Fly Your False Flags There are beat homages Cider With Snyder, The New Beat Newbies , mystical musings Bye Bye Bao Bao, Mystic Prison , poems mimicking and mocking the modern age Smiley Face, Googling Goo , as well as tales of timeless hedonism Legless Pub Crawls, Malbec Green Bottle Neck.Both comic and tragic, angry and compassionate, this collection of new poems is ultimately Whitewolf s howling for a peaceful revolution Beginning with rhythmic baby new beats.
New Beat Newbie Written in a frantic blur of inspiration over the first two months of this collection of contemporary neo beat poetry is a passionately delivered in your face dose of pop prose for the digital

  • Title: New Beat Newbie
  • Author: Harry Whitewolf
  • ISBN: 9781508645832
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Sometime in the early 1980s I went to a pub gig in Fulham. The band were a protest group. Halfway through one number, the vocalist put his mike close to his mouth and yelled: “Hamburger, nothing!” I soon forget all the pious, well-argued lectures I hear about the evils of fast food corporations, however true they are. But I remember that “Hamburger, nothing!” like it was yesterday.It came to mind again as I read Harry Whitewolf’s verse collection New Beat Newbie. They’re the work of [...]

    2. Disclaimer: I wrote a book with this guy; so, I can’t even pretend that I don’t have a bias toward his artistic talent. Long ago, I wrote a short story called “The Lexical Funk.” At the time, I thought I knew exactly what it was, but didn’t understand that it could take many forms, one of the most obvious was beat poetry. From the very first poem, that’s exactly what you get -- funky beat poetry.In the very first poem, Harry writes, “Join a new determination to speak from the soul [...]

    3. New Beat Newbie. The first thing about the feeling that lingers after experiencing this collection is that I feel energized. Trying to analyze why this is so drains that away so I’m not going to do that. Having read Harry before but this being the first out and out poetry of his I’ve sampled I’m concluding Harry has a very close intravenous connection to the act of conveying what is on his mind. Strong and misty, frazzled and concerned, these words cut a clear path and make a lasting impri [...]

    4. When I was about to read New Beat Newbie, I had an idea that I was going to read a poetry book. Oh but I was wrong!New Beat Newbie is this amazing artwork formed of words, rhythm, rime, music, mundane thoughts, political and social protest, play of syllables and consonants and sheer brilliancy.Some of my favourite works were When, Letting Them Get Away With It, Then I will Vote, The New Beat Newbies, Warped Words (this one had a super cool warped formatting!), Fuck FchuKfc (if you’re angry at [...]

    5. Great little collection of poetry. An easy, quick read that seems to be calling readers to create a new, fairer world.Whitewolf seems very angry in certain poems, but it's an anger that's justified as he's upset with all the wrongs in our society.

    6. "Slackers, backpackers, beatniks and Bums.The new beat is coming, start kicking your drums"What an amazing line! I am still quite new to poetry and the more I read the more I realise what I have missed out on, I blame the school I went to where I was forced to write a poem during a lesson, with no inspiration and on a topic set by the teacher, and then I had to stand up and read it in front of a class of idioms. I am now past that and loving poetry.I have only read a few bits of poetry by the Be [...]

    7. Harry knows my unfortunate antipathy for much of rhyming poetry. I have not disclosed however that it was probably foisted upon me by some English teacher at one point (I'm old and it is hard to remember back that far) that told me that rhyming verse was meant as a humorous, un-serious form of poetry. In hindsight she may have told me this because of my horrible sense of rhythm and atrocious slant rhymes.That said, Harry has a great sense of rhythm and rhyme and deals with the serious issues of [...]

    8. Really great!!The difficult thing about poetry beyond the economical message delivery is that the true test of a good poem is the Nabokov "feel in the spine" thing. These poems pass muchly! But who knows why!!Whitewolf uses the tools of the Beat guys to write about a whole variety of contemporary subjects, raging, loving, laughing in equal measure, which is why this collection works.Buy this absurdly cheap book to keep in your bathroom (Ginsberg would approve) so that people can see your indie a [...]

    9. Two years ago I went to a punk reunion show and John Cooper Clarke got up unannounced and read his scathing prose, the most memorable one (he didn't do Twat, drat) being Chickentown. It was very rhythmic: Fuckin beer fuckin chips fuckin chicken chickentown. It was all rhythm and swing and reminded me of Harry Whitewolf's heavy rhythm pomes.Whitewolf's book title is tricky: The Beat has a double entendre in the title in that A: he refereneces his roots AKA The Beats of the Fifties, and B: the hea [...]

    10. I believe in Harry Whitewolf and all the things he says.I'm a fan (and this is a biased review).

    11. Harry Whitewolf’s “New Beat Newbie” is a throwback (in a good way) to Jack Kerouac’s “Mexico City Blues”. Whitewolf has a facility with words, playing with them and their sounds until the meanings twist and you get a bit of a surprise at what the ideas have morphed into.Whitewolf’s neo-Beat tendencies don’t mean the writing is imitative, only in the context that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. His poems aren’t dry homages about an age gone by, but these poems *POP* [...]

    12. I liked it. The pacing was fast, like short bursts of quick thoughts, thrown down with energy and laced with sarcasm and plenty of pop references. Some of the poems felt like lyrics, like I could put down a beat to the tempo of the words, which added to the enjoyment but also meant I would run through the poem at such a pace, it wouldn't be until I read it again I finally got the words.It did seem angry at times, and rightly so in my opinion when considering the topics covered. Our love of the v [...]

    13. New beat newbie is a collection of poems that hark back to a golden age of change and the promise of a better world. Harry Whitewolf gives us poetry that stabs at the heart of aspects of Western society that need to be both heard and addressed. He manages to use the style of beatnik poetry to create a contemporary and confronting view of the world around us today . It is as though he has captured the spirit of Allen Ginsberg and blended it with the working class aggression of the Punk revolution [...]

    14. I'd write this review in a rhyme if I knew how. .at is how entertained and inspired I felt while reading Harry's scrambled insanity that actually makes perfect sense! He blurts out his thought provoking opinions in a colorful and bizarre way. These thoughts are of great relevance in today's world.

    15. It takes a lot to come together for a poem to work. To a greater degree than for prose, a teleconnection between the poet's and reader's brains needs to be established for it to happen. First of all, and self-evidently, you need a good poem. That's necessary, but not sufficient. It also needs to be read by the right person with the right pre-disposition, at the right point in time and the right place. Call it the five Ps of poetry. Then, maybe, it will work.Given the improbability of all this, I [...]

    16. I'm a critically acclaimed poet/author/Fool by no one. (well maybe one my editor who I pay with pimp slaps with SMurf wayz and a lazy wrist but she saved my twisted life. Def major credits to her) My wired writing in emotional distress can't even compare to the talent Harry has. It amaz-iN-Fuvking-ly flows like lava down a pyramid made of Legos with Boo-Berry cereal at the bottom for tourists to indulge in after hitting the hippiest coolio man that's has the sweet right in the middle like after [...]

    17. This was a fantastic collection of poems. The rhyming and wordplay were top notch. I imagine that watching Whitewolf recite these poems would be fantastic. The sentiments also resonated with me; particularly with regards to attacking greedy corporations ("fuck Starbucks") and the government. There was also a reference to anarchist geek hackers which gets an extra five points. I am definitely subscribing to the mad slacker backpacker parade! I used to dismiss poetry before this year; I'm now a co [...]

    18. Awesome collection. Wish I could manage anything close to this. Liked it so much I bought the paperback as well as the ebook

    19. Decent quick read!I enjoyed this! The author is political but the prose really shines. It took me about a half hour to buzz through this.

    20. Brilliant collection of poetry. Mr Whitewolf is quite the wordsmith and the energy of his words flows beyond the pages. Definitely worth a read for escapism from the norm.

    21. New Beat Newbie is a book of poetry, short excerpts of prose and often a pure stream of the author’s consciousness. I am reminded of the Bukowski quote:“The way to create art is to burn and destroy ordinary concepts and to substitute them with new truths that run down from the top of the head”One such example from the author being,“Sit on it,warWe’ve all seen your like before.Let’s give crazy peace a goCome on, amaze me, make it so.The writer’s work abounds with ideas that might be [...]

    22. I'm not going to try and break down the poetry in this collection. If this is "New Beat" then it needs something stronger behind. more metaphor. Most of the lines I found rather simple and the rhyming schemes always pull me away from a collection. -"Dharma Charmer" even though it rhymed I found some enjoyment in this title. -Bye Bye Bao Bao-The Poet Pops His Performance Cherry The only other titles I found a liking to. I dig the beat generation, but maybe I'm missing something in this collection [...]

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