PippaThe girl you all know as damaged Quiet Broken.She doesn t fit in Nothing in her world feels right She s trapped in a spiral of darkness that seem to be consuming her day by day, until she sees nothing but an empty, black hole.Her world is a dark place she can t escape.She has people around her who matter Who love her But it s not enough Not enough to break herPippaThe girl you all know as damaged Quiet Broken.She doesn t fit in Nothing in her world feels right She s trapped in a spiral of darkness that seem to be consuming her day by day, until she sees nothing but an empty, black hole.Her world is a dark place she can t escape.She has people around her who matter Who love her But it s not enough Not enough to break her out of the bitter despair she lives in.UNTIL TYKE.He knows pain He knows darkness He s sweet He s kind But most of all He understands her.Combining their demons doesn t seem like the best plan Everyone is against them He deserves better She deserves better They ll never work They re too broken Too damaged It s a destructive combination that will only end in heartbreak.He s a biker She s a broken angel.But in their desolation, they find peace.WITH EACH OTHER.
Desolation PippaThe girl you all know as damaged Quiet Broken She doesn t fit in Nothing in her world feels right She s trapped in a spiral of darkness that seem to be consuming her day by day until she sees no

  • Title: Desolation
  • Author: Bella Jewel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Well this was the end of the Jokers' Wrath MC series but I loved the fact that the author introduced two new stories through this novel :DIf you are a biker bitch like me I know you'll jump at the chance to read this series because it's really good :D and if you've already started and liked them then I'll know you'll want to read Pippa and Tyke's story.Pippa is Santana's sister and from an early age she was sold into slavery until the Jokers' Wrath MC saved her. Now she's trying to adjust to the [...]

    2. 3.5 Not bad.I like Bella Jewel's books and this one wasn't too bad either. Not her best work, but worth trying.

    3. What an utterly explosive ending to such a wonderful series! i loved this book. spoke to me in so many ways. The relationship between Tyke and Pippa was heartwarming and had a pureness about it that left me gushing over them. Bella Jewel is an author on my radar now. She was a pleasant surprise to me, and I can't believe I have waited so long before I gave her a try I will definitely be going through her back list, very soon. More review to come

    4. *** 3.75 STARS ***FOURTH BOOK IN SERIESSTORY OF TYKE AND PIPPERTYKEPIPPERIf you've read this series you'll have some understanding of the story up to this point.Pipper is the sister of Santana who is married to the President of the MC Club.They both ended up in foster care,then on the streets where they were befriended by a man who sold Pipper into Slavery to pay of a debt.Pipper was there for many years until she was rescued by the club.Tyke, member of the Club was there when she was rescued an [...]

    5. I m so sad this is al over I just luv Pippa God as this girl been through some crap she got sold when she was young an made a slave an she was separated from her sister who was her protector and is the wife of Maddox prez of her he Joker Wrath MC Pippa spend nearly 5 yr as a slave when the Jokers got her saved her she is findin life very hard 2 deal with everyone treats her like she's a glass doll an she is getting really pissed of with it Tyke as alway been there 4 her since she got out they r [...]

    6. RATING: Between 0.5 - 1 Heart D:After immensely enjoying Anguish, my hope for the final installment to the Joker’s Wrath MC series was ignited, expecting that this series would be mediocre at best and not completely inadequate. Unfortunately, Desolation is not only frustrating but also anticlimactic – the worst way to exit a serial dais. This story takes place 3 years after Pippa (Santana’s sister) is rescued from captivity, after being sold as a slave, at the end of the second book, and e [...]

    7. I'm sorry but this wasn't for me. Pippa was to much of everything, shy, timid, innocent, childlike, damaged and so forth. I was almost towards the end when she finally grew a backbone and the MC placed everyone in lock down. My beef is:1. Weak character everyone feels sorry for except for Tyke & Rainer. 2. Couldn't feel any connection between Pippa and Tyke. I get they wanted each other in the beginning but I honestly couldn't tell if that was because of hero worship and gratitude. Just coul [...]

    8. Two broken people trying to find each other. We can finally get to know the story of Pippa and Tyke. "You came to me as a broken angel, fragile and sweet as hell."***Quick Review:***Series:Fourth in the Jokers' Wrath MC series. Grade:Motorcycle romance.Main characters:We get to know heroes from previous parts. Tyke is one of Jokers' Wrath MC. After the terrible accident he has trouble walking and have problems with feeling part of the group. Pippa, Santana's sister, at first lived on the street, [...]

    9. great biker series!! of the 4 couples, i liked Tyke and Pippa the most - so, I gave them an extra 0.5-stars =)

    10. So I found the fourth and the last book pretty anti-climatic. I didn't even know that this was the last in the series. Well to be honest I don't know what I expected but it wasn't what I paid for. There was to me a lot of senseless drama. Spoiler below stating what I thought was over the top. I'm also never entirely sure how accurate these books are. Pippa and Tyke's story takes place 3 years later to when she was rescued. Now, I know that Pippa had scars that ran really deep. I get that after 6 [...]

    11. Pippa seriously annoyed the shit out of me. This one could've been left out of the series,it did nothing for me which was disappointing as I loved the others. Close to the end, Rainer was left hanging like a loose-end, it didn't quite fit. I am super-stoked about Raide's story that is coming soon, now that is going to be interesting!A pet peeve - every damn guy and ever damn women is oh-so-drop-dead-gorgeoush. Reminds me a lot of the Rock Chicks (which I liked, but why must everyone be so perfec [...]

    12. bella fucking jewel you amazing women!! do you dream this stuff ?? I wish I bloody did! can't believe it's the end of the jokers wrath I'm sure I'm not the only one very sad about this!!any book this lady writes is beyond amazing! nearly shed a tear at the end poor beautiful Mack!! bet your wondering what happens now don't you ? :) READ IT!!

    13. I love Bella Jewels writing and this one did not disappoint. Kinda sad to see the end of this series by did read the teaser for the next that she is writing and it sounds good.

    14. 4.5 Not Broken Anymore stars This series just got better and better what a great conclusion!!Full Review HereThis was a great read!!It's set 3 years after the events that took place in AnguishPippa is still struggling to fit in but has found comfort and safety in her friendship with Tyke We got glimpses of the past from when Pippa was in captivity and also got to see her grow and flourish as a woman while she overcame her fears and insecurities.

    15. I was disappointed with this one The main couple didn't make me fall for them. I was more interested in new characters and their stories, which they are listed belowMax and Belle's story and Raide's story Furthermore we never learn what happened with the rival MC's A club that played a big part in the previous 3 books.

    16. "Only I can change my lifePippa's story was heartbreaking and hard to read as I went through it with her. Desolation is told in a Now/Then format that starts NOW with Pippa being a scared, shy, timid version of her former self. Not that she can remember much of her life before it turned to shit. She's trying to put herself back together and find the courage to start living again. The Joker's Wrath family has welcomed her and treat her with kid gloves, offering her love and protection. But there [...]

    17. Desolation by bella jewel is the final installment to the JOKERS' WRATH MC series, One of my favorite MC series out I've read so far. Bella's writing is creative and captivating. She had me at every word she wrote. To say the least, I was borderline obsessed with this serious, now that it came to an end I'm so sad :( But the way she ended this novel was just AMAZING! I couldn't have pictured anything different then the way she wrote this last book. My head was on a roller coaster kept me guessin [...]

    18. I hate that this series is over! It was a great book, but I'm not sure whether I liked the ending or not. It ended fast, too fast, and it was an emotional ending. I loved the book, but for such a great series the ending could have been better!

    19. 3 Broken Angel starsSpoilersDesolation was an okay read for me. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I liked both Pippa and Tyke, but I felt their relationship was lacking. They really didn't have one for over half of the book. Tyke had a girlfriend for like 60% of the book and it bugged the shit out of me. There was more of a build up of Rainer and Pippa's relationship than her and Tyke. At times I wanted her to end up with Rainer. Poor Mack in this book. Losing a leg. I was glad that he d [...]

    20. I knew going into Desolation that it was going to be an emotional and deep storyline, I just had no idea how deep it would take me. Pippa’s story is full of details and the aftermath after years of captivity and being held as a working slave. Her story is heartbreaking, unimaginable, and a true story of surviving hell on earth. Tyke is a mean and scary biker. Well, that’s what we are supposed to believe. He is a biker after all, but in this book, we discover that he is a big and loving softy [...]

    21. 3.5SPOILERS.Although, I liked this book overall it did feel a bit rushed in certain areas. I did feel as tho the whole scenario with Tyke and Andi (his gf) was somewhat overlooked. I don't see why she didn't question his relationship when they got together. However, I did like how Pippa reacted to knowing that he was still in a relationship and I understand that she got taken after that but it would have been nice to have had that issue resolved even in a simple sentence because it did seem as t [...]

    22. 3 - 3.5 I'M SITTING ON THE FENCE STARS!Oh gawd how I wanted to love this book, potentially and considering I read/heard somewhere that this was the last book in the series, I wanted it to end on a high, that didn't happen for me :( The story was good but the main characters bugged me a bit and at times I felt like they had no chemistry. In comparison to her previous books it lacked something!I THOUGHT MEH, IT WAS JUST OK

    23. Desolation is book 4 and the final book in the Jokers' Wrath series. While I did enjoy Tyke and Pippa's story I didn't love it as much as Mack and Jaylah. I felt there was something missing but overall it was enjoyable especially meeting all the characters for this authors other series. I will say that I wasn't happy with the events with Mack and my heart was broken but I'm glad to see him moving on.

    24. I have been addicted to this series from the beginning. And it just got better with every book.Pippa was so damaged and so shy and what she's been through who can blame her. I loved reading about how Tyke takes care of her.Thought we would have some drama with 'Handy Andi' thoughlolBut it was all good from beginning to end.Sad to see the story end of this series.But can't wait to read Hard to Fight, Raide's story and Max and Bella's story Going to be awesome!

    25. 5 Ending Stars I'm so glad that Pippa found true love with Tyke but Tyke pulled a stupid move. Sigh. Yeah I'm not spoil it lol.Also, I'm glad that some of the sub characters got their books!! I was rooting for Raide to find his true love and Rainer too!!

    26. I really am sad to see the series end, I love how pippa without realizing sets an example with her struggles and once others realize the may be in the same situation they recognize her strength.

    27. POSSIBLE SPOILERSThis book was gooduntil it wasn't. I've complained about plotline overload a lot recently, and it seems I'll be complaining about it again. I mean, for shit's sake what is going on! I'm coasting along happy as can be, really good book, enjoying the 'now and then' thing the author has going on, absolutely love Rainer who was a slave at the same camp as Pippa and one hell of a guy to be chained to for years, I think the Andi / disgruntled girlfriend thing has interesting potential [...]

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