Tales of Tinfoil: Stories of Paranoia and Conspiracy

What is TALES OF TINFOIL It is a dark reimagining of every conspiracy theory that ever lived It is the JFK assassination, Area 51, the moon landing, the surveillance state It is a French spy posing as Abraham Lincoln, it is a video game designed by the CIA, it is Suicide Mickey It is Adolf Hitler and it is Elvis Presley In this short story collection, today s top ficWhat is TALES OF TINFOIL It is a dark reimagining of every conspiracy theory that ever lived It is the JFK assassination, Area 51, the moon landing, the surveillance state It is a French spy posing as Abraham Lincoln, it is a video game designed by the CIA, it is Suicide Mickey It is Adolf Hitler and it is Elvis Presley In this short story collection, today s top fiction authors pull back the curtain on the biggest conspiracies of all time Who really killed JFK What happened in Roswell, New Mexico Is Elvis still alive With stories that run the gamut from touching to thrilling to utterly deranged, Tinfoil will take you on a tour of paranoia you won t soon forget Twelve short stories, twelve conspiracy theories, twelve twisted rabbit holes.Hold on to your hats.
Tales of Tinfoil Stories of Paranoia and Conspiracy What is TALES OF TINFOIL It is a dark reimagining of every conspiracy theory that ever lived It is the JFK assassination Area the moon landing the surveillance state It is a French spy posing as

  • Title: Tales of Tinfoil: Stories of Paranoia and Conspiracy
  • Author: David Gatewood Lucas Bale Edward W. Robertson Eric Tozzi Forbes West Joseph E. Uscinski Michael Bunker Peter Cawdron
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. In short, this is an anthology focused on conspiracies that raise the reader’s blood pressure by the sheer level of conceivable paranoia it creates. Each story blends fact and fiction with just enough authenticity to make it seem real, causing the reader to question whether the conspiracy just might be true after all. Combine that with the sense of paranoia each tale induces and you have an outstanding anthology that makes you want to make a tinfoil hat of your own.The very beginning is a fasc [...]

    2. One helluva wild ride. Exhilarating and just plain fun. Stand out stories are: "Under the Grassy Knoll" by Richard Gleaves. As close as you can get to a perfect short story. "That's a Wrap from the Sea of Tranquillity" by Eric Tozzi and "Heil Hitler!" by Peter Cawdron - that last story offering up not just a plausible explanation for every conspiracy theory ever, but also a mad scientist! Count me in.Other cool stories are "Manufacturing Elvis" by Jennifer Ellis, "Chukotka" by Lucas Bale and "Th [...]

    3. With some of the best indie fiction authors like Ernie Lindsey (Sara's Game, Sky Noise), Michael Bunker (Pennsylvania, Brother,Frankenstein), Nick Cole (Soda Pop Soldier, The Wasteland Saga) and Peter Cawdron (Anomaly, Monsters), just to name a few, this anthology doesn't miss a beat. This anthology takes well known conspiracy theories, closes the blinds to what you think you know and hands you a few rolls of tinfoil for the paranoia that ensues. From the JFK Assassination to Elvis Preseley, dea [...]

    4. Hold on to your customized Tinfoil Hat! Clear your schedule, get your favorite reading spot ready. Not only will you enjoy the stories in this book, but your "To Be Read" pile is sure to grow with new authors you will meet. I don't do synopsis in my reviews, there is one in the book, plus many reviewers will do that for you. I will say, you will love at least 3 of the stories, pick any three. You will think to yourself, "I always thought that's what happened" on at least two, pick your two. One [...]

    5. This was an absolute home-run collection of stories. I didn't want it to end, and will be eagerly awaiting the second tinfoil anthology. Some of my favorites were, "Under the Grassy Knoll," "Fear of the Unknown and Loathing in Hollywood," (I must pause here and give Nick Cole a Standing-O for so perfectly capturing Hunter S Thompson's style) "One Arm of the Octopus," "Heil Hitler," but there wasn't a boring story in the bunch. Every story in the collection is based in some way on a real-life con [...]

    6. Definitely earned that five stars. This book was awesome. Intriguing and exciting, and every story was well-written. I can find nothing to complain about. The conspiracies chosen were perfect--a great mix of well-known and some not so well-known. Watching how these conspiracies affected every day people captured me. At the risk of sounding like a fangirl, Lucas Bale is quickly becoming one of my favorite new authors. His story in this antho was gorgeous and terrifying. Dear lord, this man can wr [...]

    7. I decided the easiest way to come back from my vacation was to read some short stories to get back in the flow. Unlike some of the previous short story collections I have reviewed, this one was more of a mixed bag for me. There was one story that kept my attention so that I could have read an entire book about it, a couple of others that I found pretty interesting and some that just fell flat in my opinion. I'm going to go through the stories I enjoyed the most and leave you to explore the rest [...]

    8. I picked up Tales of Tinfoil after seeing the great release campaign online. The writers of this collection are all strong up-and-comings, and I was excited to see what they had produced together. The theme initially struck me as a strange choice, but in hindsight I feel much more inclined to say that it afforded a wealth of opportunity for free storytelling, taking the lid off credulity and letting these stories breathe like fine wine.All of these stories are well worth reading, well and truly [...]

    9. If you see an anthology edited by David Gatewood get it I've come to trust David's work and Tales of Tinfoil is no exception. This is a book filled with conspiracy theories. These theories are so pervasive in our society filled with just enough realism that the line between what's real and what's fiction is blurred. This book plays with those theories. I bet you've heard of most of them and it takes them in fresh new directions. And if you find some new to you theories, be amazed. The book start [...]

    10. A terrific collection of stories, Conspiracy theories have been around forever and these tales hit on all the major ones, Elvis and the Bermuda Triangle, and Area 51, the Kennedy assassination, Lincoln, even Hollywood and the old selling one's soul to the Devil(this one was especially good in the "star" that sold his soul and who just might be the Devil).Had a great time with this set. Highly recommended.

    11. Conspiracy? Who does not love conspiracy theories? In this collection you have 12 short stories from the best indies authors around. You won't regret having read it, provided that secret services let you talk about it! :)

    12. When I think of tinfoil, I think of leftovers. Day-old pizza, a cover for a bowl of soup, you knowtinfoil. At least, that’s what they want to you to think. You know who I’m talking about. Could be the government (which one? Take your pick.)ybe its the Masonse Illuminatiybe whoever is covering up the truth is so skillful we have no idea as to their identity. We’re all a little desperate to uncover the real truth behind the whitewashed truth we’re given in the media. We all believe somethi [...]

    13. Sometimes I leave more detailed reviews, especially when it comes to anthologies, but I don’t want to sit here and tell you that one story is better than another, or has more meaning, or more truth—and somewhere between these pages there is truth. Some truth. Maybe just a little.Tales of Tinfoil is an experience to be lived. Or read at least, because you probably don’t want to live most of these stories. Especially the last one with the crazy Doc Midnite. And although they couldn’t come [...]

    14. Sometimes you just fall in love with a title! This is an anthology of stories on the theme of conspiracy theories. They are not simply rehashes of the theories themselves but fictional extrapolations or possible explanations of the things that won’t lie down. We’ve all heard about the JFK theories, of how many people think Elvis didn’t die and the suspicion that the Apollo 11 moon landing was a fake. You’ll probably have heard of Roswell and Area 51 and you may have heard of the HAARP pr [...]

    15. This collection has gathered some of my favorite authors for a fun and exciting twist on conspiracy theories. Each story is deliberately different, yet all have the common thread of intrigue. I found it a very good mix of writing talents and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.Forbes West is very graphic in his wonderful dark tale. Peter Cawdron has exquisitely pushed the edge of creepiness. The very believable and alarming history lessons by Michael Bunker and Chris Pourteau. Eric Tozzi has brilliant [...]

    16. Tales of Tinfoil is a fantastic set of stories that stretches the imagination. Using twelve very well know conspiracy theories to create twelve very inspired stories with a twist . Stories like Sara's game and Sky noise by Ernie Lindsey, Manufacturing Elvis by Jennifer Ellis just to name a few A truly fantastic read curl up in your favorite reading spot shut off your phone this is a do not disturb type of read. If you enjoy conspiracy theory stories i highly recommend you read Tales of Tin foil. [...]

    17. Some of the stories were VERY good. (Like the ones written by Richard Gleaves, Lucas Bale, Jennifer Ellis and Nick Cole). Others were just OK. And there were a couple where I found myself fast-forwarding until the end. But overall I really like the anthologies edited by David Gatewood and I will probably read more of them in the future. They have been a great way to be introduced to new and talented independent authors.

    18. Fantastic Tales of Conspiracy, Corruption and ChaosThis is a very good compilation of stories about conspiracies, corruption and chaos. These tales even include the Kennedy assassination, so most have a pretty well-developed hook into reality the stories take a hard turn into dark imaginary realmsI think the individual stories were good, but the editor who chose this group of stories also deserves kudos for finding and assembling the good storiesCOMMENDED AS AN IMAGINATIVE CONSPIRACY FICTION COM [...]

    19. I’m a lot like that kooky cop from “Law & Order” in that I never met a conspiracy theory I did not like, at least on some level, from UFO cover-ups and JFK’s assassination to chem-trails and HAARP. All of which, I guess, makes me the perfect reader for this anthology of fictionalized conspiracy theories. As with all anthologies built around a proscribed theme, there are highs and lows, but what is surprising here is that there are so few lows, and the lows are not all that low, stemm [...]

    20. 3.0 out of 5 stars First take off the lid 6 May 2015By Norma MilesFormat:Kindle EditionIt is always difficult to put a personal rating on a collection of stories by different authors and this anthology has a wide brief and a remarkable variance of interpretations. I am not going to rehearse the outline of each individual submission as this can be found in other reviews but I would very much commend the excellent introduction and the author's comments which follow their own stories.All of the pie [...]

    21. Entertaining Look at Paranoia and Conpiracy!Great collection of stories built on myths, legends, and questions about reality. I enjoyed all of the tales, but my favorite is the story of the Elvis conspiracy. Now you've even got me thinking "what if" I also liked the review at the tale end of the story that tells what the story's basis is. In a way, it's a nice wrap up to lay out the facts and theories, and then decide for yourself which viewpoint is the most plausible, or if it's all wild imagin [...]

    22. It was okayThe first short story in Tales of Tinfoil was about the JFK conspiracy. That story was creative and sucked me right in. Unfortunately, it was very inconsistent in quality after that. Some stories were littered with profanity and sex. Some were just poorly written and hard to follow. There were a couple that I skimmed reading right over because they were such a waste of time. There is another story near the end that I really enjoyed, about Elvis Presley. I got this book for free, but I [...]

    23. The best thing about this book was the fact it was many short stories that focus on different conspiracies (some I've heard of and some were new to me.) After each story the author gives a brief account of where the conspiracy comes from and how they came up with their take on it. My favorites were about JFK, Area 51, the moon landing and Saved by the Bell. All of them were good but the last entry about Saved by the Bell was something else. That particular story felt like I was reading chaos unf [...]

    24. When I picked this book up, it was sort of a lark. I'm not a conspiracy theory kind of guy, but for some reason, this interested me. Fortunately, it was a really good collection. It covers the major conspiracy theories we've all heard aboutbut the best part is that these fictional stories are all well written. They take on the conspiracies in all new tones and it's just fun reading. A couple of these stories could easily be books (or made into books) on their own. I enjoyed this, although I thin [...]

    25. It's a bit of an odd thing to say, but I can't help being concerned if I really enjoy the first story in an anthology. It's that worry that they've peaked too soon, and that I won't enjoy the rest as muchWell, fortunately, my worry was unfounded. This is a great set of stories, covering a wealth of conspiracy theories - some familiar, some not to much (fortunately, each comes with a little piece on the theory itself).A thoroughly enjoyable read. I'll be looking up some of these authors' longer w [...]

    26. This book kinda misleads one by the title. I expected it to be a book about numerous facts, clues, and important discoveries about the unexplained mystery's of the world. It is something that is further from the truth. The book has stories that are written about the unexplained detailing what could have happened. It then gives you an accepted explanation at the end of the story. Granted, the book is well written, characters are pleasantly defined, and the plots are engaging. This is a book well [...]

    27. I've never really been one for reading short stories. However that all changed when I started reading the fiction by Lucas Bale. I so enjoyed his stories that I have happily devoured anything he has written. Which led me to reading this compilation. I was not disappointed in the slightest. All the stories were very strong. I love the twist and turns in each of them. I would highly recommend reading this.

    28. As with any collection of short stories, some were better than others. Overall, I enjoyed the stories while I was reading them, but when I put the book down, I didn't feel any particular urge to pick it up again. It was all a little more "contemporary fiction" than I would have guessed based on the theme.

    29. This is a fun little collection of short stories written about various conspiracy theories. They were all quite enjoyable, but the one about Elvis still being alive was the standout for me. A little deeper beneath the stories is the common thread of how people can be consumed by conspiracy theories and the need to find the pattern behind circumstances.

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