Taught (Book 1 in the Taught series)

Marissa Mitchell loves her job as a first grade teacher Dating a student s father is the furthest thing from her mind, even forbidden until she meets Brady James His sexy and confident demeanor captivates her, his tattoos giving him that bad boy edge for which every woman drops their mouths and panties.When Marissa agrees to meet Brady for drinks, she could never imagineMarissa Mitchell loves her job as a first grade teacher Dating a student s father is the furthest thing from her mind, even forbidden until she meets Brady James His sexy and confident demeanor captivates her, his tattoos giving him that bad boy edge for which every woman drops their mouths and panties.When Marissa agrees to meet Brady for drinks, she could never imagine what she would walk into Her world tilts when she learns what kinds of things make up the man before her, the kind of man she never knew she wanted.I want him beneath me, above me, behind me inside me.Taught An erotic novelette series
Taught Book in the Taught series Marissa Mitchell loves her job as a first grade teacher Dating a student s father is the furthest thing from her mind even forbidden until she meets Brady James His sexy and confident demeanor captiv

  • Title: Taught (Book 1 in the Taught series)
  • Author: Jenna Tyler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. ARC provided by author for an honest review.2.5 StartMarissa Mitchell is a first grade teacher. It's the first day of the new year and some of the students, and their parents, who were unable to come to the "Meet & Greet" a week earlier are dropping off their kids. She loves her job and the first week is Marissa's opportunity to meet the parents she did meet before, and some of them hang around to watch. One single Dad, Brady James, sparks something in her. She agrees to meet him for a drink [...]

    2. 5 Stars – Naughty, sexy, fun.“Your body was made for me. Every inch of it is perfect.”Taught is the brand new naughty novella from Jenna Tyler. Marissa Mitchell is a first grade teacher who’s very much single and still looking for her Mr. Right, or even just a Mr. Right Now, she’s not discriminating. Brady James may be both but Marissa is hoping for door number one after only one encounter and it was a brief one at that. Problem being, he’s the father of one of her students… When M [...]

    3. Marissa is a first grade teacher who meets Brady, the father of one of her students, during a classroom event at the start of the school year. She is physically attracted to Brady from the start, and finds an invitation to meet him for a drink shortly after their first meeting. Marissa accepts the invitation and they confirm that they are indeed quite sexually compatible. I feel like there was some potential here, but even for a novella, this was quite short. I feel like what we did get here was [...]

    4. "Taught" by Jenna Tyler is a sexy intro into a new series newly released. Marissa is a first grade school teacher who is attracted to the dad of one of her students. When Brady asks her to meet for drinks she decides to go, There's even more sparks flaring and after one drink together they decide to go back to his place. Walking into the exclusive apartment building she finally puts two and two together and realizes he's the wealthy billionaire Brady James. His penthouse holds Brady's secret can [...]

    5. I'm going to need a napkin for this series ;) A good start to this serial with some great lines. Fans of billionaires and BDSM (where the woman KNOWS what she wants for a change) will love this! Can't wait to read more from Jenna Tyler!

    6. Sometimes, you just need a breather. You need something fun. You need something sexy. You need…just something. Taught was my “something”. While I love angst and tension just as much as I love a good ole’ fashioned romance novel, there’s absolutely something to be said for a quick little romp, and that’s what Taught gave me. First, let me say that I don’t read serials. Like ever. As in, this is my first one. I’ve never trusted myself to enjoy serials, because even novellas sort of [...]

    7. Taught by Jenna Tyler is the first installment in her new novella series. Taught is the story of Marissa Mitchell. She is a first grade teacher and ready to start her new school year. On the first day of school Marissa meets one of her students, Dylan James and his father Brady. There is an instant attraction between Brady and Marissa. Brady ask Marissa to meet for drinks one night and sparks start to fly. They agree to take things farther at Brady's apartment; but when Marissa walks into Brady' [...]

    8. Quick, Fun, & SexyThis was a very quick beginning to a new series and I enjoyed every minute of it. In this book we get a setup of things sure to come and will leave you dying for the next book in the series. What happens when school teacher Marissa meets very wealthy Brady, the father of one of her students and sparks begin to fly? And what happens when Marissa finds out Brady's secret? Can she handle it? Will she want to? I definitely recommend this extremely hot read. I was given a compli [...]

    9. *****5 stars*****Wow, that was short, Wham, Bam and Hot.If you want a quick read then this one is for you. Marissa is a new teacher,first day of class she meets Brady, father to one of her students.After inviting her out for drinks, she can't say no when he asks her back tohis place.Marissa came across as fun loving and says what's on her mind. Brady is thehandsome Billionaire that is into a bit of kink.Great quick read

    10. 3.5-4 Stars. Despite this being so short, it was really good! I like the direction this book is heading towards and if you want something fun and kinky to read, then grab this one! The fact that Marissa is a teacher and she is willing to go out into Brady’s lifestyle makes the book much more interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series!

    11. This is one hot sexy quickie! I had the privilege of previewing this hot tale of first grade teacher Marissa Mitchell who meets one of her students hot dad and decides to break the rules and submit to Brady and let him take her on a trip to some deep dark fantasies! It's will wet your panties and leave u wanting more of these two! Great job JT!

    12. What happens when first time teacher, Marissa Mitchell meets up with first grader, Dylan's dad, Brady. What happens when Brady takes a liking to the new teacher and leaves his number? Will she call him, or think that it's unprofessional? What happens when she finds out who he is? What he does? What his lifestyle is? What happened to his ex? Find out in this quick, awesome read!

    13. I was really excited to read Taught because I love forbidden romances and I really enjoyed it! It's a very fast, easy read with plenty of heat, a little sass, and a touch of warm gooeyness. There is still more that needs to be told and discovered about this hero and heroine, but I was satisfied with the ending and I'm eager to read whatever is coming next!~ Sonja, 4 Stars

    14. Really liked this easy, fast and naughty read and want some more from this story, when teacher meets students single,sexy,hot dad.

    15. 4 Crazy Ass Stars!!!This was quick sexy read that left wanting more. I need to know more about Brady & Marissa. It felt lacking of a backstory so hopefully the next installment gives more.

    16. 2.5 Taught StarsARC received for an honest reviewReview also posted on Mara's BookshelfI always enjoy a breather from all the series, full-length, angst-filled books I read and when I read Taught's blurb, I was intrigued and thought this book would be it for me. It was and then it wasn't. The first page or two was enough to get my attention, by the next page I'm feeling a sense of deja vu from where the story is heading and what's going to happen. Quick reads, novellas especially, with a good am [...]

    17. TITLE: TaughtAUTHOR: Jenna TylerRATING: 2.5 A super short book with insta attraction/love that was reminiscent of FSOG when she was introduced to his lifestyle. The synopsis, cover and title had me from the start and I couldn't waited start the journey of a young teacher that meets and is attracted to one of her students father.Sad to say, that's about where it left me. This book literally took me 20 mins to read. I'm sure if there would've been more to the story than just this small bit I may h [...]

    18. This is the first book i've read from this author and I'm really excited to read more. Taught is book one in this series it's a very short quick read with tons of steam and hot sex. Marisa Mitchell is a first grade teacher and on the first day of classes she meets one of her students dad Brady James and suddenly the rules of not lusting or dating students parents goes flying out the window.Brady Janes is Hot and just enough of his tattoos peek out from his suit that leaves Melissa no choice when [...]

    19. ARC provided for an honest reviewThis was just okay for me. I usually love quick to the point novellas for when I just need a fast read, but this one just seemed like a combination of other popular books. Jenna knows how to write a sex scene though, so I do look forward to reading the next books in the series.

    20. I thought this book was a great, quick, get to the point read for me (who has a busy hectic life) I enjoy reading just never seem to have the time. With this I was able to pick it up, get into it, and really enjoy it!! Great book from a new writer!!

    21. For me, this story was nothing like I imagined it to be. I thought it was going to be a sweet and cute story. It was the opposite. Not as much as a cute teacher and parent love story, as a lesson in sex ed with a Dom

    22. Smexy hot but way too short. It is only 40 pages so not really enough to really get the story going. I hope the next one is long enough to really hook my attention!

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