My Skin Went Sour Long Ago

Sterek, Steter FanficStiles catches Derek cheating on him and and has revenge sex with the first and worst person he sees.No one makes any good decision in the entirety of this fic.Words 4836 complete
My Skin Went Sour Long Ago Sterek Steter FanficStiles catches Derek cheating on him and and has revenge sex with the first and worst person he sees No one makes any good decision in the entirety of this fic Words complete

  • Title: My Skin Went Sour Long Ago
  • Author: Robomantic
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “My Skin Went Sour Long Ago”

    1. Revenge sex. Been there. Done that. Burnt the t-shirt. When Peter admired your dark side, something was fucking wrong. Everyone's so unhappy. What I didn't see was the trap in part 2--60K words O.O

    2. Steter as revenge sex--wow. Why haven't I seen this before? It's the perfect set up and yields fruit in the form of a Habanero chile pepper--i.e. scalding hot but also painful. Immediately moved on to the continuation which is a COMPLETE angst-fest.

    3. Yum yum yum! I love Steter! I was only planning on reading this one but now I have to continue with the story.

    4. Unfortunately I was on vaca when I read this so it's been about a week, but I do remember really liking it. My heart was braking for Stiles but then that dirty vicious revenge sex was fan-fucking-tastic! Definitely be prepared to move right on to book 2, It Knew It Had No Place Left to Go, for great Steter progression and angst.Re-read 1/2016: Still hot as fuck. I'm a big fan of dirty talk so this is right up my alley.Re-read 10/2017: I always forget that this is short, and it's actually the fee [...]

    5. Prequel to 'It Knew It Had No Place Left to Go.' Derek stupidly fucks another guy to end his relationship with Stiles. Stiles retaliates by getting together with Peter.

    6. Dirty, nasty, revenge sex. This really worked. It was hot and all sorts of wrong but really made sense for the situation. Derek really does well at sabotaging himself.

    7. Blurb:Sterek, Steter FanficStiles catches Derek cheating on him and and has revenge sex with the first (and worst) person he sees.No one makes any good decision in the entirety of this fic.Words:4836 completeAnd another Dick!Derek fic. I'll give the story four stars, even though I believe a cheating Derek is completely OCC.

    8. Derek cheating then Steter revenge sex. Ouch!Could be hot if not so nihilistic.I'm sure it'll work for a lot of people - rating reflects my personal taste more than the quality of the fic.

    9. S-T-E-T-E-R PORN!!!Pantie Melting Steter Porn!The dirty talk was fantastic.Revenge sex, with dirty talk, hot and dirtyP!

    10. Writing cliches galore and clunky dialogue. Not much happening in this short PWP that I haven't read a million times before. Still, the premise of Steter revenge sex is eviltastic, the authors' notes cute, and every steter is a steter to appreciate. Therefore, no rating.

    11. Read 6/18/2015 I can't rate this, but I can't NOT read the next part.Re-read 8/23/2016. I seriously HATE hating Derek in any TW fanfic, but you can't NOT hate him for what he did.

    12. Not really Sterek - Stiles gets together with Peter in retaliation when Derek cheats on Stiles. Dark. Surprisingly convincing (I can't usually even get through Steter stories).

    13. Ho boy this was a delicious train wreck to watch. I hate cheating in books but since I did not read about Stiles an Derricks relationship beforehand this Steter is a fun revenge sex read.

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