If it's not Forever

About the Book If it s Not Forever It s Not Love The thrilling tale of a recovered diary that leads 3 young people on a mission to retrieve the secrets of the past of a dead man Deb has been haunted by the blasts of 7th September, 2011 When Deb finds the burnt journal of a man who died during the blasts in bustling Chandni Chowk, his life as he knows it changes foreverAbout the Book If it s Not Forever It s Not Love The thrilling tale of a recovered diary that leads 3 young people on a mission to retrieve the secrets of the past of a dead man Deb has been haunted by the blasts of 7th September, 2011 When Deb finds the burnt journal of a man who died during the blasts in bustling Chandni Chowk, his life as he knows it changes forever The blackened pages of the diary have laid a heavy burden, in the form of an unusual responsibility, on young Deb he has to see to the last words of a man who has now left this world Its contents lead him, his best friend Shrey and Shrey s girlfriend Avantika into a crazy adventure they will remember always Embarking on a road trip, they try to decipher the many pieces of the dead man s compelling story, seeking to put him at peace, from wherever he is watching An unusual tale of love, longing and mystery, this book is a fast paced read About the Authors Nikita Singh, Durjoy Datta Nikita Singh is pursuing her Bachelor s degree in Pharmacy and is also the Author of Love Face book and Accidentally in Love Durjoy Datta is the Author of five bestsellers, including Now That You are Rich Let s Fall in Love and She Broke Up, I Didn t I Just Kissed Someone Else He is presently studying management at MDI, Gurgaon and runs his own publishing house, Grapevine India.
If it s not Forever About the Book If it s Not Forever It s Not Love The thrilling tale of a recovered diary that leads young people on a mission to retrieve the secrets of the past of a dead man Deb has been haunted b

  • Title: If it's not Forever
  • Author: Durjoy Datta Nikita Singh
  • ISBN: 9381841039
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. “IF IT’S NOT FOREVER ” it’s CERTAINLY not Love.Genre: Romance/FictionPublishers: Grapevine“IF IT’S NOT FOREVER” is a Romance/Fiction novel, penned by best-selling authors Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta. It is the story of Deb, a writer cum publisher, whose life takes a dramatic turn when he miraculously escapes a powerful blast in New Delhi. He escapes unhurt, but he is emotionally weakened. He realizes that life is too short, and one should not shy away from confessing his/her tru [...]

    2. If it's not forever, it's not loveNice title, great cover design. I just picked it up reading the title It sounds pretty coolThe story was pretty good Not like anything expected from Durjoy I started liking his stories nowFirstly, the very theme is new -atleast for me. Finding a diary and chasing down the story all across India, collecting bits of story, wow, its damn excitingHmmm there is not much which i could explain, just read it once, it is worth a readAnd ya, its my first signed copy so it [...]

    3. '4.5 RD stars'If it's not forever's not love is a romance novel. This is a story about Deb, a writer who was a victim of Delhi bomb blast thou not physically harmed but was emotionally weakened. After a few days he returns to the crime scene and finds a half - burnt diary with initials RD on the diary. Deb reads the diary and chooses to convey the final words to Ragini whom RD couldn't convey to her till his last breathe. Then starts the journey of love where Deb, his girlfriend and friends go o [...]

    4. Durjoy Datta canvases a beautiful story in If It's Not Forever, It's Not Love. The title suits the tale perfectly. The cover with an ancient look on it, seems attractive.

    5. Dear Durjoy,After much waiting I got a copy of your new release , and I am not much thrilled. Least to say is disappointed. Probably, because I held such high expectations which fell flat on the ground with this one. Or maybe it is just that I did not really like this book as much asoror The simple reason being the plot was thoroughly predictable and resounded a lot like Nicholas Sparks' 'A Walk to Remember'(my all-time favorite book in the entire universe) toward the end and Ravinder Singh's 'C [...]

    6. Ritam's diary did manage to arouse curiosity but later the book turned out to be a damp squib.The characters were hyped .Avantika's description is repetitive .Her and Deb's story doesn't agitate emotions as love stories should but Ritam's part can be called "sweet".The words are simple and easy to understand.The ending was expected.The title may attract a few love story readers but the description is not as intense as the title.The story though was good and should have been presented in a better [...]

    7. If It’s Not Forever, it’s not love Novel Review: The love of the dead guy.Delhi was struck by an unexpected bomb blast which exploded in the vicinity of the high court in late 2011. It killed several people and destroyed several lives. In the memory of those hapless children, women and men, Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh teamed up to write a romantic novel. This novel inundates from time to time the life of a person, who narrates the incidents.The authors have tried to bring out the story as [...]

    8. First book of Durjoy dutta , and it was as expected . nothing more or nothing less . The initial plot was good and quite interesting but after a 100 pages or so it was a tiresome read I would have given 3 or 4 stars if the editing was good The humor was quite good "I feel like a woman - clean and organized - after living with a girl . Girlfriends tend to slowly turn you into a woman. You find yourself using moisturizer and lip balm after a few days" :P :P (*true story*)To be brutally honest af [...]

    9. I have not yet finished reading it,but cant stop myself from writing the reviewI am tired of reading how good, sexy, nice, out of this earth Avantika is and how ugly the guy is. How he is 'tooooooooooooooo lucky' to have her on his side crazy tiya and shrey are its like reading bits and pieces of story between the same few lines repeated time and again!!!!!Also, I dont see a bit of truth in the story.Avantika trying to get wild after a comment from Shrey - I mean are people really so shallow tha [...]

    10. Why do I even bother?Please don't waste your time with this one. Please. Re-read a Bhagat, but don't you dare read Dutta. However, if you're an aspiring writer, this one fills you up with hope and encouragement. If Dutta could, you definitely can. Heck, dull History teacher had better imagination than this guy.

    11. Nothing great about the book. Just aimed at teenage readers who feel a sudden flow of love in their veins whenever they read a love story.

    12. It is a good book build up in the Indian background. It thouroughly touches the mind as a mystery and later touches the heart as pure love flows in the last.

    13. Frankly I did not like this book initially. It seemed too stretchy at times with exaggerated instances and stretched focus on the subplots rather than the original plot. It was later on that the book picked up and wow; it was better than I had imagined it to be. Very soon you get connected with the major plot of the book and then it keeps you reading till the end. It gets twisted and unexpected towards the end and that was the best part. The climax truly deserves appreciation. Very well done Nik [...]

    14. It's a book by Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh, who have been writing shitty novels since their first book got published.Apart from 'Till the Last Breath(e)', there is no book by Durjoy Dutta that would instill some good values, good thought process in you.It doesn't matter what theme you're writing on but the thought process with which you go ahead with the plot.The authors have chosen a good them and ruined it to the core by too much addition of sexual activities.It deserves one star just for th [...]

    15. Was a good read. In between, got little boring but got up with the pace towards the last few chapters. When you love someone dearly , its good to express without any ego as we really donno what is in store for us in life the next minute :>)This book in a simple way helps us understand the term "Love" , and its complex feelings and emotions behind it . UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is what it finally culminates to which is very important.Indian Writing always close to heart as we can relate to the charac [...]

    16. Nice I had just read 'Ohh yes I am single' of Durjoy Datta and was eagerly waiting for his new book Had huge expectations and I must say I am not disappointedFirstly it is not a regular romance book The author has given it a new sensitive angle which was a pleasant change I must say If it's not forever It's not Love!

    17. Rather than reading random books I preferred the best one. Thank you Shruti for this beautiful gift again. The story is quite different. A boy survives from Bomb blast and then after few days later he visits same place. He got a diary from there and he reads all of it's pages and tries to find it's owner named "R D". I can't share whole story here but sure I'll recommend this book to you.

    18. Author mentions "This book is a tribute to all innocent lives we have lost to senseless acts of violent and terrorism", but half of the book deals with hero-heroine love/sex extravaganza!"When you find a bathroom, dining room, guest room, wash room, bed room or any room-make whoopee! Shrey-Tiya lived that part :Pdiary portion satisfactory!#Why I hate Indian Romance novels#

    19. its a very well written book, interesting and pretty engrossing. The' Avantika is so beautiful' parts sometimes get a little tiring. 'i wish to see her tomorrow' was a little irritating though it did make sense butA big chaos but always kept me wanting to read further.

    20. This was the first book of Mr Dutta i read. Not at all impressive Somehere Ritam's diary was portrayed well. Loved the role of Nivedita!

    21. എന്തിനോ വേണ്ടി തിളയ്ക്കുന്ന സാമ്പാർ!

    22. It’s been a while since I have one of Durjoy Datta’s books and I really thought I would enjoy this but I was quite disappointed. Though the premise sounds interesting and I could feel the struggle that Deb was going through in the aftermath of the bomb blast, I couldn’t really empathize with him after a point because all he spoke about was how beautiful and good in bed Avantika was. It just became too much after a certain point. The diary entries also seemed a little creepy at the beginnin [...]

    23. it's good,,it's so damn goodter reading it i was continuously asking myself why i didn't read it earlier,some days ago when i used to tell my friends about 'someone like you' 1 of them told me,'u should read if it's not forever it's not love too,u will love it',,,yah i'm in love with it beautifully portrayed each n every character,the incidents omg!!! i was thinking how they(D.D & N.S) did itwhen i started reading the book i was expecting that i would also get the scope to tell my friends ho [...]

    24. Its not a book. is a beautiful journey☺Deb and Avantika ( Central characters ) named with initial D &A same as all novels from DurjoyAvantika was Deb's girlfriend and she was extremely beautiful.Journey starts when a day, deb was being a victim of serious bomb blast in delhiHe wakes in hospitalNow deb is horribly terrified by that blastndreds of people's die in that blastBy fate,he was alive ( but from inside he was half dead )He was feeling terribly weakhe wanted to save people's on dat d [...]

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