Silent City

In the Corporation owned cities life is tough All Hayes wants is money and a bar to spend it in He is about to learn that some jobs in the abyss can be killers For a man who has lost everything, is life even worth fighting for
Silent City In the Corporation owned cities life is tough All Hayes wants is money and a bar to spend it in He is about to learn that some jobs in the abyss can be killers For a man who has lost everything is li

  • Title: Silent City
  • Author: G.R. Matthews
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. When you type "Silent City" into search this is the 9th hit!The title, and elements of the cover, shout (silently) supernatural horror at me. But the book is nothing of the sort.It's more like a 1940s noir detective yarn, only without any real detecting going on. We have the hard drinking "hero" with the dark backstory, his life revolving around brooding in a bar, fist fights with strangers, and underwater maintenance.The book's setting is entirely underwater, with domed cities, fusion-powered [...]

    2. First read November 2015 - reread January 2017 - and I still love it just as much! :)Entertaining and fast paced like an urban fantasy, sarcastic and fun - what is not to like?One of my favorite books 2015! I found this gem more or less by accident, while asking for some bloody or dark fantasy or scifi - and was recommended this one.This dystopian story takes place sometime in the near future, when humanity has to live down in the oceans, as the surface is uninhabitable. No aliens or spaceships [...]

    3. Reader beware: if you suffer from thalassophobia (= fear of the sea), prepare to be chilled to the bone. . . because the world of Corin Hayes is entirely underwater.Set in a dystopian future, the premise of Silent City is a terrifying one. Humanity has retreated to the bottom of the ocean after poisoning the Earth's atmosphere with its industrial and chemical bullshit. The protagonist, Corin, is something of a jaded loner. He scrapes a living by carrying out odd jobs that only someone proficient [...]

    4. Reread: Loved it even more the second time! Can't wait to read the next Corin Hayes!!!I enjoyed this book. Very different from what I have been reading recently.I am looking forward to reading more about Corin Hayes!

    5. Damn good fun, intriguing as hell, different and exciting, I devoured this book. Silent City was a refreshing change in reading for me. I've been almost entirely into fantasy for quite a few months, and pretty long epic fantasy, so to read a fast-paced, short to mid-sized sci-fi novel was a real treat. Matthews writes with a gripping voice that kept me rooted in the story. The setting is incredibly claustrophobic, but in a very cool way. It's hard to describe - Silent City feels almost like a gr [...]

    6. Full review here on my blog!~This one has a really cool world. It’s our world only… well, post apocalyptic, which I don’t love and I don’t hate… it depends entirely on what kind of post apocalyptic we’re talking about here. This one is underwater. Think something like Waterworld… only the air on the surface is poisoned too, so the world is covered in water, and everyone lives under it. That is a cool as fuck premise when it’s done right, and it’s done right here.Enter our hero, [...]

    7. Submarines! Frikkin awesome submarines! Sorry, I got carried away, read onPeople are skeptical of self-published authors' reviews. They think they're all from friends slapping 5* reviews on for the sake of it. I gave 4* because I wanted to be brutally honest. This is a true review, not just a friendly pat on the back to the author. Please remember that when reading:The author is a competent writer. I like his prose, I like his descriptive scene setting and I loved the action. The dialogue flows [...]

    8. A great little book this - something of a throw-back to classic adventure sci-fi, since in style and tech it could have easily been written in the 70s or earlier - if only it had a retro cover (not that the one it's got isn't ace). While reading I came up with the line "Like Die Hard meets Dashiel Hammet" but I think what it most reminded me of was Harry Harrison (these are all Good Things). Only the occasional expository chunk slows down the action, the mystery keeps you hooked and the short ch [...]

    9. "In the Corporation owned cities life is tough.All Hayes wants is money and a bar to spend it in. He is about to learn that some jobs in the abyss can be killers.For a man who has lost everything, is life even worth fighting for?"I love the premise of this book, a far distant dystopian future set not on Earth's surface, but down in the depths of its oceans. A vast part of our world too little explored, I'd say. People now live in cities under domes, deep beneath the seas' surface, far from the p [...]

    10. You wake up one day, lost a lot and I mean a lot, you’re a drunk, a sod and nobody likes you. Well, yourself included considering what you have been through and possibly caused, who would like you. Alone, not loved and your favor is only found in the bottom of a pint glass. Meet Corin the main character for Silent City. Poor sod, you almost want to feel sorry for him but then you get to meet him, he feels sorry enough for himself. In walks chance, a propensity for things to start looking up an [...]

    11. A highly original, action-packed story set in a dystopian, underwater future, with a noir feel to it. I dig it.

    12. This is the fourth of G.R.Matthews novels that I have read and, at first glance, it's style and context is as different as you could imagine from the other three. The Forbidden List trilogy (The Stone Road, The Blue Mountain, and The Red Plains) provided a fantastic re-imagining of ancient China - a refreshing alternative to the medieval European style milieu which is the staple of so much modern fantasy. It was a tale told from two alternating third person characters facing crises of epic propo [...]

    13. Matthews' was recommended to me by Mark Lawrence (Prince of Thorns) and I have to say that his taste is excellent. There were a few proofing errors scattered through the book, but not many, and none of them distracted from the story in any noticeable way.Corin Hayes is a broken man in a broken world. A drowned world and a man who drowns for a living, every day. Corin has a rare skill that keeps him in just enough liquor and misery. In this first book, we learn just enough of his story to make us [...]

    14. * Review copy provided by the author *This reads like classic adventure science fiction.The elements are all there: the seemingly down on his luck hero with hidden potential, the unfeeling higher ups, the easy job leading to a much greater conflict and the finale that keeps the resolution open. There are noir elements, beginning with the beautiful woman giving the protagonist the job that kicks off the plot and ending with the other typical noir thing edited for spoiler reasons. The humor works [...]

    15. Let's put it this way: the kindle version was free on the day that I downloaded it and I don't feel as if i ripped anyone off.

    16. I found this book on , and decided to give it a go. And I think it will become a great movie, if they decide to film it. As a book I was less impressed. Wait a second, the movie has already been made, a few decades ago - The abyss And they did it great!This is a very short book when it comes to pages, only about 200 of them - but it felt like a full 400 pages. Maybe this is one of those series that will go on forever?As mentioned, this book felt a bit like The abyss, but not quite. If the author [...]

    17. A great real world Sci-fi Noir. Earths landmass is no longer inhabited the oceans are. deep sea cities, submarines, mystery and intrigue, down at heel heroes. Really old concepts well used in this dystopian future.

    18. Don't think I'll be finishing this one. I don't dislike it or anything, but I also just don't care what happens. Competently written, but I have no particular interest in the main character or the setting.

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