Fiddlesticks And Freckles

Copyright, 1955, by The Bobbs Merrill Company, Inc.The forest frolicks of two funny fawns
Fiddlesticks And Freckles Copyright by The Bobbs Merrill Company Inc The forest frolicks of two funny fawns

  • Title: Fiddlesticks And Freckles
  • Author: Sam Campbell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I recently was given about eight Sam Campbell books, including one that my mother used to read to us as children. I love them all. Sam Campbell speaks with such love for the animals and people and does his best to deliver some moral, spiritual lessons.

    2. Another of Sam Campbells very good books. Also another of our family favorites. I read this story to my children so many times that when McDonalds came out with the Walt Disney little characters in side a book like package, they called the Bambi's we got Fiddlesticks and Freckles, We had to go often enough so they could each have 2.

    3. This was the best book ever!It was about 2 fawns that had to survive a panther,fierce winter, and a loss of food. there mom was killed by a hunter, so Sam Campbell, the author, and his wife took care of them.It's awesome how they could of survived it all.

    4. Wonderful life of the Sam Campbell family, and all the animals that come in contact with them on their island home.

    5. I loved this story about two little fawns that Sam and Giny adopt! I also loved the latter part of the book, with the trip to Hawaii. Lovely to enjoy that trip vicariously with the Campbells!

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