The Sabotage Diaries

The Sabotage Diaries None

  • Title: The Sabotage Diaries
  • Author: Katherine Barnes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. The Sabotage Diaries is a masterpiece of creative non- fiction writing and is a must read for anyone who looks for a tale of excitement, bravery and sensitivity on the part of young soldiers during the Second World War. The central character in this book is Tom Barnes who was a young Engineer from New Zealand. Tom joined the military early in the war and eventually took part in some extremely daring exploits in Nazi occupied Greece. Tom kept a number of diaries meticulously and left enough infor [...]

    2. Three stars in means I liked it, and I did. It is an interesting book, especially for reading about the area in Greece with which I am familiar: Epirus. The author, Katherine Barnes, uses her father-in-law’s journals from WWII to write the story. As the title suggests, much of the information is about the time Tom Barnes was parachuted into Greece as part of a special operation to help the guerrillas fight against the Germans and Italians. Barnes writes of the disorganized and incompetent lea [...]

    3. Written as a first hand account of Kiwi engineer Tom Barnes’s wartime exploits in Greece, The Sabotage Diaries is the true story of Operation Harling. Tom was one of a small group of Allied servicemen parachuted behind enemy lines in Greece in 1942 to work with the local resistance against the occupying German and Italian forces.That’s how his remarkable story begins, but isn’t where it ends. As with many wartime operations, there are problems unforeseen by those planning operations far fr [...]

    4. An absorbing narrative interweaving the personal experience of an allied officer (Tom Barnes from New Zealand) in Greece and the tyrannies of war on a population which mounted a resistance against the Axis forces in Epirus, north west Greece.The deprivations of the local villagers, the power struggles between the allied forces, the fightings, burnings and the bombings involving first the Italians, then the Germans and in between and after, the civil war against the country’s communists are des [...]

    5. This is a highly engaging account of the allied campaign behind German lines in occupied Greece. It communicates the texture of what it's like to be at the mercy of the Allied war machine and Greek partisans. It takes a couple of pages to become accustomed to the first person voice, yet because the book has resulted from the author's sincere and thorough engagement--I think--with diaries, the narration works. The details, such as the characters' longing for a decent meal, give the account veraci [...]

    6. A moving storyA home hero, modest in his approach to life. The author has brought life into an area of the war, most have not known or read about.

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