Arde conmigo

El autor brit nico de superventas de series como Doctor Who, Primeval y Torchwood presenta un thriller rodeado de ocultismo, en el que las calles del viejo Londres de la reina Victoria se ven sumidas en un caos de asesinatos y fen menos sobrenaturales.Cosas muy extra as y terror ficas ocurren en Londres Los leones de Trafalgar han abandonado sus pedestales junto a la coluEl autor brit nico de superventas de series como Doctor Who, Primeval y Torchwood presenta un thriller rodeado de ocultismo, en el que las calles del viejo Londres de la reina Victoria se ven sumidas en un caos de asesinatos y fen menos sobrenaturales.Cosas muy extra as y terror ficas ocurren en Londres Los leones de Trafalgar han abandonado sus pedestales junto a la columna de Lord Nelson, para defender la ciudad y cumplir una antigua profec a Mientras tanto, una presencia siniestra, libre de nuevo tras vivir aprisionada durante siglos, se ha lanzado a la caza de presas indefensas a trav s de las calles iluminadas por l mparas de gas y los mercados de carne del distrito de Whitechapel Las mujeres que persigue son muy distintas de las prostitutas que est n siendo brutalmente asesinadas por un tal Jack Son mujeres que se hacen pasar por vendedoras de flores, pero por cuyas venas corre sangre de ngel.Entre estas dos fuerzas del bien y del mal se encuentran los Greyfriar, dispuestos a enfrentarse a los enemigos infernales sin m s armas que su agudeza mental y un toque de magia de la vieja escuela Para ellos, el xito radica en poder rescatar la sangre inocente y los tiernos corazones que la hacen latir El precio de la derrota es demasiado horrible nete a Dorian Carruthers y a los inquebrantables caballeros Greyfriar para evitar que el Diablo y sus secuaces tomen la ciudad y la hagan suya, en un viaje a trav s de las entra as m s oscuras de Londres y directo a la mism sima Escalera Catamina que baja a los infiernos.
Arde conmigo El autor brit nico de superventas de series como Doctor Who Primeval y Torchwood presenta un thriller rodeado de ocultismo en el que las calles del viejo Londres de la reina Victoria se ven sumidas

  • Title: Arde conmigo
  • Author: Steven Savile Alicia L. Alonso
  • ISBN: 9781507105351
  • Page: 260
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Arde conmigo”

    1. I read the blurb after I had read the book and to be honest London Macabre is so much more. This is one of the strangest books I've ever read. It takes place in Victorian London. There is magic, but it isn't something commonly known. The gifted ones often end up in Bedlam. London Macabre didn't grab my attention right away. The beginning is painfully slow. Furthermore, the protectors of London, the men from the Greyfriar’s Gentleman’s Club, don't do things I expect them to when I expect them [...]

    2. Hmmere should be an option for "not completely finished but not something that I want to finish" as I got about halfway through this book and have decided not to continue. It's not that it's badly written or that the story is not interesting. It's that I just don't feel compelled to pick it up. When I do, however, it does read pretty quickly as the chapters are short.I've been trying to figure out what has been bothering me about the book and why it's not grabbing my attention and I figured it o [...]

    3. Usually I give books that I don't finish a 1-star rating, but I felt bad about doing that to this book. Some of the characters and happenings in the book were interesting, but by and large the plot was doing nothing for me. Eventually, I found myself browsing my Kindle for other books to read, so I knew it was time for me to put London Macabre down for good. There is something in there for someone to enjoybut that someone just wasn't me.

    4. No lo he terminado. Abandonado en la página 200. No ha llegado a engancharme y eso que lo había cogido con ganas al tratarse de un autor que había escrito para Doctor Who y Torchwood, pero me ha parecido demasiado denso y sin visos de llevarme a ninguna parte. Después de respirar hondo y volver a darle una oportunidad he sucumbido.

    5. ¿Por dónde empezar? ¿Qué decir para expresar lo que con palabras no puedo? Me ha encantado.Una historia basada en la época victoriana donde la Reina Victoria es una personaje más de la novela. En ella aparecen caballeros de la época, magia, hombres lobo, viajes entre mundos paralelos, personas que pueden contactar con los animales, otras que lo hacen con espíritus, etc.Además de Hojas de Dedalera de Victoria Álvarez, esta es otra de esas novelas que dices: "Me hubiera gustado escribirl [...]

    6. If half stars were allowed this would be a 3 1/2 star book. 4 stars for story, 2 1/2 stars for editing. This is a "good but" book. As in, the story was epic, interesting and fantastical and the characters were well developed - but. But it was too long. Way too long. Some books (I'm looking at you, The Stand) need to be really long to tell their story, and yet even though they take forever to finish you don't want them to end. This one I ended up setting aside for a week about half-way through. N [...]

    7. Tres estrellas, no más que eso. Los personajes me encantaron y los villanos tenían motivaciones creíbles. Era una historia con mucho (muchísimo) potencial. Una lástima; son de esos libros que se leen una sola vez.Se dejaron muchos cabos sueltos, se plantearon problemas que no se resolvieron (y dudo que haya continuación).Se nota que el autor había leído sobre el tema, pero eso de querer explicarlo todo cansa al lector, descripciones larguísimas y monólogos internos interminables, con c [...]

    8. Attention: I was unable to read the entire book! So based off the portion I did read, (60%), this was an okay story. I felt it dragged on and on and had a really hard time getting through it (a month for half of it). I swear it could have been half the length if the author hadn't gone and excessively described everything in the story. There were many parts where it was just constant descriptions and I had forgotten what was actually going on in the story. Questions/Comments:The fact that the aut [...]

    9. Really enjoyed the tale, it totally went off in several unexpected directions in one large convoluted plot. Also all the old London History not just the Victorian Era stuff but some pre-roman myths and legends were all worked into the story believe it or not it actually made me want to go out and find a book about the ancient past of London. The seven gates and their immortal keepers some pretty weird stuff that Eden is in the middle (or perhaps in a parallel place with London and that the area [...]

    10. I bought this book expecting a Steampunk story. Although set in the Victorian era it is nothing like that at all. I’m not sure how I’d actually describe this book to be honest. There is definitely a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen feel to this story. It is based more around magical means and less about technology and science but it has that same kind of feel.I read the Kindle version of this book and found an unusual number of typos in this book. I emailed the publisher and they said they [...]

    11. An extraordinarily rich book, this, in which all hell is unleashed on Victorian London, and only the strangely talented Gentlemen Knights can put themselves between the forces of chaos and the inhabitants of the ancient city. Savile draws on layers and layers of London myth and architecture, from the ancient to the comparatively new, and patches together a metropolis of extraordinary personality on which to unleash the forces of heaven and hell. The writing is dense and luxuriant, and the action [...]

    12. Magia, alquimia, demonios y ángeles luchando sobre un Londres victoriano que fue, o pudo ser, el nuestro. No hablaré del argumento porque una vez que empieza la lucha ya sabes que todo el libro será una batalla continua, sin tregua ni cuartel para los protagonistas. Lo que si diré es que no soy un aficionado a este tipo de novelas, de fantasía/steampunk/victoriana/magia negra. Pero Savile me ha conquistrado desde la primera página hasta la última. En algunos momentos la devastación era t [...]

    13. Escogí este libro porque leí que el autor había escrito cosas para Doctor Who, pensé (erróneamente) que había sido guionista de algún capítulo, pero no, lo que había hecho es escribir alguna historia corta sobre Doctor Who.El libro me ha resultado pesado de leer, aburre. Hay momentos que me recuerda a la serie Supernatural, pero ni se le acerca en calidad. Hace una mezcla de "géneros" que personalmente me sobrepasa, vampiros, hombres lobo, mentalistas, ángeles, demonios, dioses egipci [...]

    14. I had to fight to finish this book.If it was not a part of an anthology, I would have just stopped in the middle. At several points I thought about just skipping to the next bookIt tries too hard.The descriptions of everything are too long. I don't really need to know the 23 sigils that the thief saw while walking down the corridor and what they mean (unless they are relevant to the story - which they weren't). And this goes to any description in the book.The book tries to have everything, and j [...]

    15. London Macabre by Steven Savile is a fantasy novel set in London. The novel has angels, demons, and magic. I will confess that I didn’t read the entire book. It is not my kind of book.However, it is a well written book. Savile has created a very atmospheric story. Building the atmosphere slows the progression of the story. It is not a fast action story. The emphasis on the atmosphere leaves little room for getting to know the characters well. I felt I had a very basic grasp of each character r [...]

    16. This is not the book I expected from the blurb. It was well-written to a point but instead of being a steampunk Ripper tale it's much more a bizarro New Wierd type of story. I'm torn about the number of stars to give it because, objectively speaking, it wasn't badly written. My dislike comes as much from being not in the mood for this type of storytelling. It's gruesomeness was offputting. I skimmed it after about 20% in. So maybe it became the book I thought I was getting and I missed it.

    17. The opening feels like Act III of a story just missed, then runs right into a sequel. The pacing feels rushed, and the plot elements are jumping around rather jarringly (at 30% done). It didnt improve in pacing through the end. There are way to many disparate and overpowered supernatural elements at play, so much so that you get no decent sense of the characters. In some ways, imagine an entire season or two of Supernatural was condensed into one book. The sad part is the story itself held promi [...]

    18. This is an amazing book;I've not read anything quite like it and am having difficulty in articulating exactly how I feel about it. The one and only reason I'm docking a star is for the grammar. If only it were fine-tooth-combed for spelling, etc, it would've been perfect. Much kudos to the author, in spite of the glaring, easily fixable errors, for penning a work that held a jaded, old reader like myself captive. London Macabre is brutal and unrelenting and I loved every twisted moment of it.

    19. Bought the book but after trying to read it I just can't. The story is really slow and I cannot make all that much sense of it. Not really sure what it is about and not really sure who it is about. Just not enough for me to want to continue and I am giving up on this one too because life is too short and there are too many other books out there!

    20. Loved, loved, loved it. What a book. It had so many elements it was a little hard to keep up with, but it all came together at the end. Its one of those books you will read several times to really understand it. The characters were so different with their different 'gifts'. Will be reading this one again to understand all the elements of it.

    21. I put this book down when I was about 97% finished and went to bed. It's a really good thing I did so because the end would have kept me up for hours. Not because I was troubled by it, but because there was literally so much to think on. So many characters, with so many abilities. Disturbing and dark, but it has a wonderful understory.

    22. Read as part of A World of Shadows anthology of urban fantasy. FYI this is historical fantasy, not urban, set in Victorian England. The premise is interesting but it is a tedious read. Lots of editorial mistakes. Aka the story that never ends, 98 chapters!

    23. DNF. Just lost interest at yet another new POV character chapter. Would probably make an awesome movie, though.

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