האיש שרצה לדעת הכל

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  • Title: האיש שרצה לדעת הכל
  • Author: D.A. Mishani דרור משעני
  • ISBN: 9789655560350
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “האיש שרצה לדעת הכל”

    1. This is an unusual crime story which is primarily character driven. Mali Bengsten is pregnant and has two children and a husband, Kobi, that she loves with every fibre of her being. Through Mali, we get an insight into her life. her worries and concerns about the odd and peculiar behaviour of her husband, plus she has no idea as to his whereabouts on the night of the storm. Kobi is unemployed and endeavouring to secure another job. DI Avraham, or Avi, is heading his first murder investigation. T [...]

    2. *Thank you to Shotsmag for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review*Newly promoted Inspector Avi Avraham hasn't yet developed the hard exterior common of most seasoned cops; he's a kind and compassionate man; a man of principles and for me, a breath of pure mountain air. Of course, he isn't perfect, but you know something? I think you're gonna love him.It's a stormy night when Avi (now Head of Investigations) of the Israeli Police Force is called to the scene of a brutal murder. There's a [...]

    3. לטעמי זה הספר הטוב ביותר בסידרת הבלש אברהם אברהם וגם ביחס לז'אנר זה ספר ממש חזק עם עלילה ועומק בלתי צפויים.הבלש אברהם אברהם חוקר רצח של אישה ששנתיים לפני כן נאנסה. הזירה נקייה מסממנים וקצה החוט היחידי נמסר לבלש משכן שרואה דרך עיינית שוטר שעוזב את הבניין מספר דקות לאחר שעת הרצח [...]

    4. This is the story of a crime within a crime or rather the repercussions of a crime. The way crime leaves more than just the actual victim in its wake.The scene between Avraham and Ilana is pivotal for the investigation and his own insight. She questions his motives, which really rattles his cage. In turn he realises that she doesn’t really belong on a pedestal.In fact she agrees with the decisions made by Saban. The conversation shatters this imaginary image he had in his head, of his ex-super [...]

    5. Avi Avraham has been promoted to Commander of the Investigations and Intelligence unit and is getting his feet wet slowly. His first case deals with the death of a woman named Leah Yeger, an older woman and the victim of a rape several years previously. Avi is puzzled about this and can only wonder about the reasons for her murder. Her rapist is still in jail and she appears to have no enemies. The only lead he has is that a neighbor saw a police officer leaving the apartment building at approxi [...]

    6. This book was a tough slog with little reward at the finish. Basically we have a psychological evaluation of the police inspector, his wife, the killer, and his wife. No suspense at all as story plods on to the eventual conclusion. The only mystery at all was the killer's motive; it was banal.

    7. Discover the locations in the novel: link: The Man who wanted to knowCrime fiction yes, but Israeli crime fiction? A bit different, certainly. I have only recently discovered this author but am really pleased I have. The books are not as gripping as some crime fiction but they do give a really interesting and insightful portrayal into the police procedures in a different part of the world.This is a good solid police procedural and there’s a lot to discover about A Avraham, his home life and hi [...]

    8. This is a great slow burner. Intriguing at first but in general a slow build up to a tense finish. The ending surprised me. The author does a great job of juggling multiple story lines and also the internal psychological struggle of the Detective. This latter issue is addressed sparsely but wonderfully. I'm highly impressed with the writing. It's easy to see why the author has won so many awards. I will be reading more!

    9. אחלה ספר. מאוד נהניתי. כשאני משווה אותו לספרי מתח פסיכולוגיים אחרים, חסר משהו כדי שיקבל מקום גבוה יותר. אולי זה טיפה יותר מתח ועוד תת סיפור או רובד. אבל הוא עוסק במציאות המקומית באופן אמין ולא יומרני, וגם הרעיון של הפרקים לסירוגין עובד כאן יפה. הכתיבה זורמת ואמינה.

    10. Very well done — a police procedural that’s also a thoughtful psychological exploration (not just of the killer but also the cop and several other characters.)

    11. Avraham Avraham has been promoted following the success of his last case. In his first murder case follwoing he promotion he seeks the killer of a older woman who had been a rape victim a few years earlier. He is still dealing with doubts from his blunders on earlier cases and with personal issues with his new bride to be. This has been a great series and I wish there were more.

    12. I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe main protagonist of this story, Avraham, is a stereotypical work-obsessed policeman, who has difficulties maintaining a normal relationship. Despite the attention he pays to his girlfriend, he always seems somewhat detached from life taking place around him. Nothing new there. But this novel is far from formulaic. The only standard thing (apart from the cop) is that there is a murder, but the reason behind [...]

    13. I would like to thank Netgalley and Quercus for an advance copy of The Man Who Wanted To Know, a police procedural set in the Israeli town of Holon and featuring Superintendent Avraham "Avi" Avraham. The novel follows Avi's first murder investigation as Head of the Investigations Division, the murder of Leah Yeger, a widow in her sixties. Avi feels overwhelmed initially as he immediately recognises Leah as a rape victim he met at the time and then when a witness says he saw a policeman leaving t [...]

    14. D A Mishani is an Israeli crime writer and literary scholar who specialises in the history of detective fiction, and who has now written his own contribution to the genre. We first met his lead detective in the much acclaimed, and very enjoyable, debut novel The Missing File. Inspector Avi Avraham is a complex character, a good man, but not always a good detective. He sometimes makes mistakes, but is aware of his own shortcomings and always attempts to do the right thing. He’s diligent and per [...]

    15. I love Mishani’s series—for one I don’t think there are many crime/mystery novels coming from Israel and second his novels read as if they’re written with kindness. In the latest of the series Inspector Avraham Avraham (who takes issue with fictional mysteries since he thinks they always get the wrong person) recognizes a murder victim as the victim of rape from a previous case. Told in alternating POV you’re taken into the daily lives of Avraham and Bengtson, a woman in a troubled mar [...]

    16. I was provided with an ARC by Quercus via Netgalley. Set in Tel Aviv, Israel, the story switches between Inspector Avraham "Avi" Avraham and Mazal "Mali" Bengtson. As Inspector Avraham investigates his first murder (a woman whom he recognizes from a previous case) Mali tries to deal with her troubled home life and the demons of her past. Although I did end up enjoying the book overall, I found it really hard to get into. I felt like there was too much focus on Mali's story in comparison to the m [...]

    17. I won a copy of this book.I found this an interesting read. The book was originally published in Hebrew and has been translated to English. It was neat to read how crime fiction is written in another country.

    18. החלק הראשון טוב, אבל בשלב מסוים העניינים מתחילים להיות ברורים וזה -קצת מקלקל.

    19. Mam nieodparte wrażenie, że mogłam lepiej zagospodarować te dwa dni. Dla koneserów kryminału nie będzie to nic szczególnego, ale początkujących na pewno nie zniechęci :)

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