Deep in the Hollow (Chindi Novel, 1)

Supernatural meets How to Hang a Witch in this thrilling supernatural mystery about a small town haunted by tragedies everyone would soon rather forget everyone but one girl who makes it her mission to find the truth After tragedy strikes 17 year old Jo Moss s life, she becomes plagued by panic attacks and anxiety Not even sleep is safe for her She thought losing her boSupernatural meets How to Hang a Witch in this thrilling supernatural mystery about a small town haunted by tragedies everyone would soon rather forget everyone but one girl who makes it her mission to find the truth After tragedy strikes 17 year old Jo Moss s life, she becomes plagued by panic attacks and anxiety Not even sleep is safe for her She thought losing her boyfriend in a freak accident at The Lights, a local overlook hangout where mysterious lights dance among the trees, was the worst thing she would have to endure She never expected to become the one everyone blamed for his death Plagued by nightmares of the lights, Jo is starting to think there is to their mysterious appearance than meets the eye Lucky for her, she discovers she s not the only curious one in town Cooper, the new guy in town, and his sister Jada have been seen asking strange questions around town They also hold a secret that could help Jo figure out what s truly going on in her small town The they uncover about her town, it s history, and some of its current residents, people who Jo has known her whole life, the she begins to think there are those who would rather keep the evil lurking around their town a secret, even if it means will die.
Deep in the Hollow Chindi Novel Supernatural meets How to Hang a Witch in this thrilling supernatural mystery about a small town haunted by tragedies everyone would soon rather forget everyone but one girl who makes it her mission t

  • Title: Deep in the Hollow (Chindi Novel, 1)
  • Author: Brandy Nacole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: None
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    1 thought on “Deep in the Hollow (Chindi Novel, 1)”

    1. Jo had a mystery to uncover in this book. I enjoyed finding out what this was. I loved the story and I would read more form this author. What happed with Jo's boyfriend? Why she to blame? This book made it fun for me to try to guess all these answers and many more before the author told me. I love that. * I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

    2. This book means so much to me. It's based off a local legend that I grew up mesmerized by. I put a lot of heart into Deep in the Hollow. I hope you enjoy it!

    3. My Review:I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. So much that at 3 AM my husband came looking for me to go to bed. I loved how well Brandy Nacole wrote this book. There was just enough description to keep you in the loop and to catch you up on the story. I loved the hints at romance, the walk through Jo's grief, the mystery, and the ghosts. Everything about this book was great to me. Jo is grieving over the death of Bryce her boyfriend a year ago, her parents taking and leaving her [...]

    4. This was a 3.5 scream (star) review. I devoured this book in one day, the dishes went undone and I nearly missed a meeting. All because I wanted to keep reading, I wanted to uncover the mystery that laid Deep in the Hollow. And why the main character, Jo, was so closed off. Brandy Nacole has a knack for pacing and intrigue; she writes in a manner that pulls you forward into the story and before you know it it is 1:00AM and your eyes are bloodshot. I do have to say, that based on the ARC copy pro [...]

    5. This was my first time reading a book by this author and I am totally a new fan. This was a great suspenseful paranormal read. It had everything I love: a main character I can relate to and support, a mystery, suspense, some humor and it kept me interested from start to finish.This is the story of Jo who boyfriend has died and while dealing with his death she is blamed. She starts to be haunted. It isn't until Cooper enters her life that she starts to get a hold on her life. Together they are lo [...]

    6. The story itself was interesting. I hadn't read a paranormal/supernatural book yet that referred to Native American culture, so it was an interesting spin. I thought the main character, Jo, was believable as a depressed, broody teen with PTSD. Well done for that. However, there were a few developments later in the story that seemed like they were thrown in but weren't introduced early enough to be as believable as the rest of the story. Additionally, the book really needs to be thoroughly proofr [...]

    7. I am so behind on my reviews and needing to catch up, so I'm starting with this fantastic read I finished a few days ago. LOVED IT! Jo is amazing and a girl I'd want by my side in a fight to unravel the truth. She was strong and when faced with things that scared her, she barreled ahead and got through it. And Cooper. Hello! I can already tell I'm going to love him and his sister and was pleased to see the author was writing a book for each character. Yay! I've already bought the next in the ser [...]

    8. I enjoyed the read. Especially the main character's inner dialogue. It was a new spin on the paranormal, which was refreshing. If you're looking for a new paranormal, with a bit of a twist, then you'll enjoy this book.

    9. An interesting new premise on a modern paranormal story that weaves in legends of the past. The characters are well developed with a strong female lead. The book is fast paced and well written. You will immediately be hooked and want more.

    10. I really enjoyed this book, I didn't know what to expect, my first read from this author, but wow - I was surprised, intrigued and couldn't put it down. Thank you for an amazing story and I sure hope this is a sequel, because I want to hear more!

    11. You can find this review and more on my blog.Apart from a few little gripes about the last part of the story, I really loved this book. Jo is a typical teenager faced with very untypical circumstances. A year ago she witnessed the death of her boyfriend Bryce and the circumstances were less than ordinary. Something attacked them at the overlook and pushed Bryce over the stone wall and into the hollow. Problem is, nobody believes her. In fact, everyone in the little town seems to think that she k [...]

    12. This book was nothing like I had thought it would be. It was better. You start out with Jo, knowing something happened to her, but not understanding or knowing what. Then, as you start to get into the book, you realize her boyfriend is dead. What happened? Why is everyone blaming her, including herself? How did he die? What is going on in her town? We don't get to the crux of how her boyfriend Bryce died until about 1/4 of the way into the book. Then, you can see why she blames herself, and why [...]

    13. This was my first time reading anything by Brandy Nacole and I thoroughly enjoyed this fast -paced story.The author has given us the readers a mysterious suspense with some splendid guy and beautiful strong young heroine. This author has such a word of pulling you in and holding you among the pages and keeping you there from start to finish . This story is mainly centered around young Jo .a poor teenager who has seen horrible things as a child, that no child should never see. But her brother Tyl [...]

    14. This surprised me by being a really good read. It took a little bit to get into it, and it was a little confusing at first, but it all came together not too far into it & it kept my attention. The story centers on Jo, a teenager who's seen horrors a kid should never see. Her friends Millie, Kirk, and her brother Tyler are trying to help her maintain some semblance of normalcy. But she's seen things she can't explain that terrify her. Enter Cooper, an annoyance at first, that helps Jo in more [...]

    15. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.It was my first book by Brandy and boy did I enjoyed it! Just WOW! I loved this story! Fast paced, mysterious, with awesome guy and strong heroine.Jo, a young girl, who is blamed by almost everyone around her for a death of her boyfriend even though she tried to explain that it was not her fault. Nobody believes her and nobody can see the mysterious way the accident happened. She almost gave up on fighting with them, but another acciden [...]

    16. I enjoyed this well-written, fast-paced book, and found it hard to put down.The story is interesting with a few twists and has a new take on old legends and evil spirits.The main characters were well developed and took you along with them as they battled the evil in their town.This book has been a great introduction to new-to-me author, Brandy Nacole and I will be reading more of her books in the future.The author gave me an ARC of Deep in the Hollow in exchange for an honest review. Thank you B [...]

    17. THIS is not a typical ghost Story! Woven with modern day and Navajo legends, this one will definitely keep you hooked! The story starts off with an attention grabbing chapter, that made me devour the book. I highly enjoyed the unique twist on malevolent spirits. The main characters were developed well. You feel for them (even the jerk!). You can understand the pain and why they were the way they were. The book was easy to read. It was fast paced and flowed well. my only wish was more of the batt [...]

    18. If you enjoy a good mystery, this book will keep you guessing. It will hook you right away as you become immersed in the story of mysterious deaths and lot of secrets. It is told in first person and you really identify with the main character as she struggles to come to terms with not only her loss but the guilt and the questions. I don't want to ruin the surprises for anyone so I will not go into great detail on the plot. I enjoy unpredictable stories that keep me from figuring it all out way b [...]

    19. This is going to be a short review.I'm not going to write a review that says anything about whats in this book except that it NEEDS to be read.Even if you aren't necessarily into this paranormal/fantasy, you will find this a great read. It will keep the most seasoned mystery reader guessing what happens.This is my Confession: Take a chance on this book even if you have never read this writer or genre!

    20. Wow!!! I really liked this book. Jo is a very strong girl who's grieving in her own way. People blame her for what happened but when a new guy at school befriends her . He helps her in more ways than he knows. What secrets can a small town have? This is one of my favorite books by Brandy. I have to say her books keep getting better and better.

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