Who Killed My Church?: Revelation Series Book 1

An emotionally frail pastor s wife pleads with her husband to find a new career A burned out pastor is about to face a forced resignation A struggling church is nearing the end of its lifecycle All too often, these scenarios end in broken hearts lying beneath piles of rubble What if a miracle occurred instead Who Killed My Church opens a stained glass window into theAn emotionally frail pastor s wife pleads with her husband to find a new career A burned out pastor is about to face a forced resignation A struggling church is nearing the end of its lifecycle All too often, these scenarios end in broken hearts lying beneath piles of rubble What if a miracle occurred instead Who Killed My Church opens a stained glass window into the realities of what happens inside houses of worship all across America, perhaps even in your own Take an emotional journey with some gutsy people who believe that the aging bride of Christ has not lost her beauty Their journey will inspire you What they do, however, may challenge you to go and do likewise Green Street Baptist Church has fallen on hard times Members are leaving, the banker is knocking on the door and everyone wants to know, Who killed my church It s the same question people are asking all across America as church after church enters the struggle for survival When all the trends are down, is there any hope Who Killed My Church is a simple story about some gutsy people who believe that the bride of Christ is worth fighting for They don t mince words Their ideas are highly unconventional Some believe that their plans are too risky, even leaning on the side of crazy But when there s nothing left to lose, why not take a shot at winning Follow Pete, Monica, Markus, Bender and the rest of Green Street on an emotional journey into a very familiar environment Though they exist in a fictional realm, you may be convinced that you ve seen these characters walking the hallways of your own church One might even look like you Follow them as they race against a ticking clock to save what matters most to the heart of God.
Who Killed My Church Revelation Series Book An emotionally frail pastor s wife pleads with her husband to find a new career A burned out pastor is about to face a forced resignation A struggling church is nearing the end of its lifecycle All to

  • Title: Who Killed My Church?: Revelation Series Book 1
  • Author: R. James Shupp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This powerful story reminded me of Francine Rivers’ novel And the Shofar Blew that portrayed a pastor taking his first church assignment; trying to do all the right things. He soon encounters unexpected obstacles to navigate; as he tries to not lose his family in the process. It also reminded me of another dramatic fiction - true to life story written by Randall Arthur titled Wisdom Hunter. This novel reveals aspects of an unhealthy church. It shows a legalistic pastor facing tragedy and for t [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading Who Killed My Church? I wasn’t sure what to expect but it caught me up from the beginning with the storyline and kept my attention the entire time. I kept trying to figure out if I was like that church or not…didn’t want to be. I loved Marcus and his analogies and the sermon given about the snake - bad then good then bad. Great story - can’t wait to read the next in the series! I loved that it was entertaining but also wove spiritual truths throughout not in a preachy w [...]

    3. Deb’s Dozen: Dying church. Faulty focus. Frustrated pastor. Congenial consultant. Daring dreams. Renewed passion?Pete Blackman was frustrated. His wife, Monica, was hurt and angry. Green Street Baptist was not a good place to work—full of contention and controversy. As he drove into the parking lot on his way to a church board meeting, Pete tried to figure out what to do.To his surprise, one of his parishioners, Frank Sanders, was standing there in the cold waiting for him. Frank told Pete t [...]

    4. Pete is the pastor of Green Street Baptist Church. He has noticed that his wife, Monica has become unhappy lately as she conveys her concern for the future of the church. Over the last several years the attendance has slowly decreased as well as the tithes for the church. Pete is called to a meeting at the church with his financial advisors and leaders of the church. He felt like this was going to be the end of his pastoral service of Green Street Baptist Church. As he listens to the concerns o [...]

    5. This is a powerful story of what happens when a dying church dares to strip itself of all of that they thought was important to get back to what it was called to be. It was a flagship church for the denomination, but the world moved on “markedly faster than [the church]was willing to adapt.” People started leaving for other churches “where things were going well financially, numerically, and, of course, spiritually, unlike [this church].” The members “were caught in a dilemma: Should w [...]

    6. Review Title: Resurrecting a Church (review of Who Killed My Church? by R. James Shupp)Reviewer: Janice S. Garey***** 5 StarsThis book presents the story of a church in decline and explains how it got to that point without placing blame upon individuals within the church. That alone makes this book valuable as a peace promoting tool for adult church members to read and consider. It reaches into what often becomes a briar patch of thorns in the declining church and rescues various people in leade [...]

    7. Who Killed My Church? is a captivating novel by James Shupp. A pastor of a dying church calls a consultant to help resurrect a once flourishing ministry. Mr. Shupp describes four stages in the life of a church, from movement to monument to museum to morgue. A museum on its way to becoming a morgue, Green Street Baptist Church is a figment of the author’s imagination. However, the problems that the church encounters are very real. Who Killed My Church? is a must read for every pastor, leader an [...]

    8. James Shupp has written a book which could describe many churches here in our world. Green Street Baptist Church was going down the road of destruction. People no longer cared. The pastor, Peter, was frustrated. His wife is hurt and angry. Both feel that the path they are on needs to change but how do they do it? Add the church, which is losing members and money, there seems to be no way out.However, the when some gutsy people take it into their hearts and minds to rebuild the church. You better [...]

    9. Sometimes an author can covey a message much more effectively through a novel than a nonfiction book and that was the case here. The plot is about a church, once very effective and successful but now in decline. A consultant is called in. We read about the drastic measures he suggested and what happens when people get on board. The author has a business helping churches and it shows in the novel. We learn about the life cycle of a church, the signs of a healthy church, etc. I would recommend thi [...]

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