Dangerous Beauty: Part Two: A Mafia Princess

Carterina Anastacia Stone wakes up from the most terrifying experience of her life to find that her life has been totally flipped upside down Nathan Salerno is her gorgeous fianc she can t remember even meeting, and the mother she thought abandoned her, is demanding to be a part of her life Lies Secrets The truth Each of them has a deadly consequence that seem to guaCarterina Anastacia Stone wakes up from the most terrifying experience of her life to find that her life has been totally flipped upside down Nathan Salerno is her gorgeous fianc she can t remember even meeting, and the mother she thought abandoned her, is demanding to be a part of her life Lies Secrets The truth Each of them has a deadly consequence that seem to guarantee that Nathan and Carter will have to spend their entire lives looking over their shoulders Carter feels like a walking target and Nathan s determined to make her feel safe again While revelations threaten to pull them apart, Carter and Nathan fight hard to keep their love strong This and in Part two of the edge of your seat trilogy Dangerous Beauty Part Two A Mafia Princess.
Dangerous Beauty Part Two A Mafia Princess Carterina Anastacia Stone wakes up from the most terrifying experience of her life to find that her life has been totally flipped upside down Nathan Salerno is her gorgeous fianc she can t remember ev

  • Title: Dangerous Beauty: Part Two: A Mafia Princess
  • Author: Michelle Hardin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This is Part II in this new Mafia IR story with Nathan “Russian” Salerno and Carterina Anastacia Steel. This is Nathan and Carter’s story along with Nathan’s Crew (Luca, Kyle, Mickey, Dante) and Anastacia Steel and Angelo Salerno they are Carter’s mother and Nathan’s father.Part II picks up where Part I finished with Carter hurt and suffering memory loss due to the trauma she went through. The author very skilfully gets you to feel the tension and anxiety of all who love Carter when [...]

    2. Ok mafia fans, get your 1-click fingers ready because this installment of Dangerous Beauty does not disappoint!I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy of this story, and let me tell you, Michelle Hardin has stepped her game up! She gives us classic mafia drama: Complex, compelling characters, steamy romance, over-the-top action, witty dialogue, and a closet full of secrets and lies!If you've read part 1 (which you definitely should before even attempting to read part 2), you know it ende [...]

    3. Wow oh wowOkay this is going to be quick because I need to move on to the next book. I liked this book, I of course enjoyed it a little better than the first one. The only thing that bugged me was carter and her mother's interaction sometimes, it felt like she was a small child the way that her mother spoke to her and the way she responded yeah that bugged the hell out of me not that she couldn't show respect but her responses were that of a 12 year old GLADLY that didn't last and seemed to only [...]

    4. WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!! This book gets better and better!! The twist and turns!! The secrets and lies!! Michelle Hardin you are killin me!! My heart can't take anymore. Excuse my language.

    5. When I first started reading,this came to mind "Set Me Free" by Leela James because of the relationship with Nat mom and dad. Now Carter in the state she was in "Simplythings" by Miguel was playin in my mind then it went to "Fall For You" by Leela James then I though of "Better" by Chriserrs Michelle. The whole time while I was reading I had a smile on my face, sad a little and I laugh. Ana & Angelo " Think about You" played because of the love still there " Tell Me You Love Me" Leela James, [...]

    6. Amazing read!!!Just amazing!!! Typically 2nd books tend to be boring but so far this Series is non stop go go go. I can't believe how great this series is so far! I love the secondary cast and all the what ifs and I can't believe that" moments! The endings have been cliffhangers so be prepared to read the next book immediately! I can barely take the time to write this before I begin the next book! What laundry? What kids? I have a job? LOL not until I finish these books!

    7. Welcome back to the world of Princess Carter. I thought this book showed more development than part one but at times was very inconsistent.Without giving anything away I thought that Carter & Anastasia relationship was not developed as it should be. It was a moment of strife than instantaneous forgiveness. At times I wanted to tell Carter to stop crying over everything. The way the characters were presented in the first book didn't sync with how they were portrayed in part 2. If Nathan is th [...]

    8. MINOR SPOILER ALERT!This series is nothing like any of the other mob/mafia novels I have read. I’m reading more mob/mafia novels; they seem to be my favorite now. Most of the books I’ve read, whether the guy was in the mob or he was a hit man, there’s always a woman who becomes a victim and she wants no part in that lifestyle. Books such as the Double Dragon series by Violette Dubrinsky and the Disastrous Series by E.L Montes both parties no longer wanted to live that kind of life. Books s [...]

    9. Entertaining But FarfetchedI have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. It is really entertaining and generally a fun read, but there are parts that are so far fetched that I couldn't help rolling my eyes. Most of these sections aren't about Nathan and Carter but involve the backdrop of their story. Some of this stuff reads like a bad opera: there's an evil twin, lots of hidden, severe love affairs from back in the day, secret siblings, a evil, dastardly distant relatives who want to either k [...]

    10. Carterina begins to make a name for herself as not only the wife to "The Russian" but as a Mafia princess. Feared and lusted by men & envied by women, she works side by side with the Salerno family as they continue to build their empire. Now the mother she's never known has returned and is asking to be a part of her life. Carter has always known how to survive, never how to forgive. Nathan will do anything to shield his beautiful rose from those who hunt her. Protecting her is his priority b [...]

    11. The term "and the plot thickens" is a severe understatement in this series. I enjoyed it but will have to go back for a re-read to make sure I know who's who, what and where for book 3. This series is filled with many twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge. When you think you know what's next, there is another surprise. This happens throughout the book, not just the end. Kudos to a young author whose creative imagination keeps us guessing. I enjoyed book 1 more than book 2, but can't [...]

    12. Well what can I say, Michelle Hardin has written a masterpiece, that leaves you intrigued and wanting more. In Part 2, just as you think Nathan and Carter/Caterina has found their Happy ever after, they are ripped apart again. If you love a book that is filled with mystery, suspense blood and guts you will love this series.You will be happy and sad, you'll meet new characters, and you will continue to love Nathan and Carter/Caterina.Book 1 leaves you shocked by the appearance of Carter's Mother, [...]

    13. Keeps Getting Better!I was wondering how the story would continue and if I would enjoy it as much as the first, and boy did I! Even though Caterina was a little annoying at times, I like the character overall. But the true star is the story itself. There are so many strong characters that you can't really find a favorite! I appreciated the fact that the author took the time to not only developed a great story and characters, but also A FULL BOOK. I would most definitely recommend this book

    14. I rarely ever come across a second book in a series that is even as amazing (EVEN BETTER!) than the first book. Sooooooo much happened in this book, its like back to back craziness! I am writing this review after this my 4th time reading this book. That may sound crazy to some, but if you've read this book, you know that there's so much going on that you have to read it multiple times to fully take everything in. Ms. Michelle is a genius. No other Mafia Romance series can compare. A must read :) [...]

    15. The story line was awesome, the plot awesome, the connections awesome, the emotion awesome, and the love awesome. One of the things I loved about this book was that the men where all gorgeous and they all had a strength. I adored the names of the characters it was so on point. It was amazing to see how these feared killers loved their families freely and unconditionally. This was one of my favorite series and I can’t wait for book 3. The SHOCKS just keep coming!!!!!!

    16. AWESOME!I love this couple!! He's hot & badasse's hot & badass and together purely explosive! They love each other totally.faults and all.Now mama Ana is a hot messwho hasn't she slept with?! She totally loves Carterina so that's in her favord she's badass as well. A therapist can make bank with this group, though!I love this story, cliffhanger and all! A definite must readkudos to the author!

    17. Great BookThis book is so awesome. I rated part 1 and I continue to be impressed with this writer, she is so talented. Again I can't wait for the next part 3rd installment. Continue to bring it like this and Lord only knows what good things will bring. Thank you and hurry up with the next part.

    18. Book 1 easily got me captivated and the characters never failed to engage. This same applied on book 2 which I didn't expect to come out quite faster than any other sequel I'd been waiting for. So yes, after reading the book 2, I can't wait to read the final installment!

    19. ROLL ON BOOK 3!! I can hardly wait for the next sequel. I was hoping this book would be just as good or on par with the first one. Michelle Hardin did not disappoint. As with the first story I didn't want this book to end.

    20. Mafia princessBook two of this series was even better than the first. I couldn't put it down. There was so much suspense and drama. The information about the Steele's, Stone's, and Ana's pasts was a surprise. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    21. Excellent story telling.Highly recommended. The author keeps you engaged from the beginning to the end. Each character has layers of secrets. The twists and turns in the story are riveting. I look forward to completing the saga.

    22. I am upset. Part 2 was soooo good! But I have to wait for part 3! I hope it will be out soon. Definitely a page turner. I love all of the characters in this story. So many twists and turns.

    23. Can I say wow!!!!I could not I refused to out this book until it was done.Loved it can't wait for the next one

    24. AwesomeI am sooo hooked on this suspense! The drama is way better than watching on tv. When is the next book out?

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