Сын М

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  • Title: Сын М
  • Author: David Hine Roy Allan Martinez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Сын М”

    1. When M-Day struck Pietro Maximoff was one of the many mutants who lost his powers. He's depressed and desperate to be who he once was.Son of M is all about Pietro losing his powers and doing what he can to regain them. Pietro reaches out to his estranged wife Crystal who is an Inhuman and comes up with a reckless plan. A few other Inhumans appear in this lackluster tale.Son of M was largely forgettable and had twice as many issues than it needed.

    2. Mission: catch up on the last decade's worth of Inhumans. Reason: Inhumans are the new "mutants" of the MCU. Challenge: wade through some of the most tedious, second-rate, forgettable stories of the Marvel Universe that I've studiously avoided like a bad STD since getting back into Marvel comics. Round two: bridge between Jenkins Inhumans glacial primer and the War Of Kings event. Weird. This book starts out like a coda to the House of M series by Bendis - like it's here to clean up after the ab [...]

    3. This story has become more relevant now that Marvel is pushing Inhuman to be its new X-Men. But really, the main reason I got this was because it was illustrated by Roy Allan Martinez, a countryman whose work deserves more notice.The story is a carryover from the time there were "no more mutants", so Quicksilver lost his powers. He figured that exposure to the terrigen crystals guarded by the Inhuman would restore his powers and he figured right. Does this make Quicksilver of Inhuman origin? I h [...]

    4. This actually started out pretty interesting, but it all went into a really strange direction, and then the ending was pretty abrupt as well. Wasn't a fan of the art either. If you're looking for what to read after House of M, skip this one for sure.

    5. Hmmm . . . okay. It does do what I kinda hated after M-Day which is "Oh, that was sad - ON TO OUR NEXT ADVENTURE!" Never give anything time to breathe, never give anyone time to reel, never give the story any space before the next retcon, the next disaster of the week, the next exploding room you've seen a thousand times before. But it does do some of the stuff I do like, like examining a character, like watching someone totally unwind in the face of things they cannot control. Which is why I fo [...]

    6. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this one! Surprising because I've never really cared one way or the other about Quicksilver. But there is some really superb character development in this volume, especially in the relationship between quicksilver and his daughter, Luna.I really enjoyed the sketchy and roughly drawn artwork as well. I thought it lent itself very well to the mental state that Quicksilver was in. Plus, Atillan and the Inhumans really looked fantastic! Listen, Blackbolt? You need to b [...]

    7. Una miniserie bastante buena con uno de mis mutantes favoritos como protagonista principal. Bueno si, Pietro es un forrito, nada nuevo, pero siempre me provocó un poco de simpatía. No es ni bueno ni maloeo que más que otra cosa quiere que alguien lo comprenda. Pero buenole sale todo mal y termina siendo una mala persona.En esta historia, ideal para leer después de Dinastía de M, vemos como el personaje cae en un verdadero infierno por intentar recuperar sus poderes que su querida hermana le [...]

    8. In the wake of the HOM event Quicksilver is no longer a mutant, but homo sapiens. Spider-Man is also dealing with the lingering memories of a world which no longer exists, with a son who never existed and a wife who died years ago. Quicksilver decides he's had enough and leaps from a building. Crystal appears and takes the suicidal Pietro to Attilan. While in Attilan Pietro gets the bright idea of using the Terrigan Mysts to restore his mutant powers. He takes Luna back to earth, along with the [...]

    9. I read this in preparation for Silent War, and to fill in some blanks regarding Quicksilver. I'm not too fond about the way he's portrayed in here - after having lost his powers after the events of House of M, he steals the Terrigen crystals from the Inhumans, ultimately instigating a war. Still, this had some great moments - all bits involving Quicksilver and his daughter, and every scene with Black Bolt (simply because Black Bolt is incredible and really the kind of character who can just stan [...]

    10. Ugh. The more stories that I read involving the Inhumans, the more I dislike them. Definitely not the best part of the Marvel Universe.

    11. I still think that the Inhumans are kind of boring.The highlight of this book, to me at least, was Spider-Man's appearance.

    12. Following House of M, Scarlet Witch took away most of the mutants' powers, including Quicksilver. This follows him going to Attilan to steal the Terrigen Mists to try to gain back his powers. Quick read, important to future stories, leads right into Silent War

    13. I know all about this from reading the House of M and the following events, but it is nice to follow Pietrolike this and get a somewhat chronological order to his ultimate +!^<~%€€ up. He is still truly unlikable but this volume wasn't.

    14. Pas inintéressant mais pas oufissime non plus. Le dessin est sympa et c'est toujours cool de voir les Inhumans.

    15. Post-House of M Pietro is depowered, living in a hellhole, thinking about how life used to be for him. His powers defined him in a major way. Pietro powers have always allowed him to be cocky, to be better than the humans he sees as inferior. Now, without his powers, he feels less than inferior—even to humans. He doesn’t understand normalcy. He doesn’t understand why anyone would want to be just human. Life doesn’t seem much worth living to him, and he spends much of his time staggering [...]

    16. This is a difficult one to rate. When I read the issues after House of M it was kind of a rough go for me, because I was still a bit O.o over the whole thing. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are some of my all time favorite characters, so yeah, my Maximoff Feels were out of control. I was looking for some kind of closure, or at least a step in some direction for Pietro after that complete mess. That made Son of M unsatisfying to me at the time, but that's more my expectation than anything else [...]

    17. Attempting to get through life as a human, Pietro encounters Spider-Man, who is also suffering from a loss due to Pietro and Wanda's (Scarlet Witch) meddling with the world around them. In an attempt to kill himself for causing so much strife to the world, Pietro injures himself severely but not before contacting wife - an inhuman - Crystal, who transports him Attilan to cure him. At Attilan, Pietro concocts a plan to obtain the terrigen mists in order to regain his mutant powers. When denied, P [...]

    18. Plot holes/problems:1. At the beginning of the story when Pietro realizes he has no mutant powers anymore he decides to jump off a building. Spiderman is able to stick some webbing to him but only when he's inches from the ground. So he still smashes headfirst into the ground. Yet somehow he survives this with no mutant powers leftover how?2. When Pietro is trying to steal the Terrigan crystals he has to knock out some guards that are guarding the area where the crystals are kept. he does this e [...]

    19. Y esta es la cuarta, si no me equivoco. La cuarta vez que voto un comic tomando en cuenta más el dibujo que la historia en sí. No digo que la historia sea mala, tampoco es una maravilla, pero sí que sirve para que el bestial dibujante cuente un relato trepidante, con algunos de los diseños y armados de página más alucinantes que haya visto en mucho tiempo. Por un lado una cara de Manara (para mi sorpresa, sobre todo en los varones), por otro unos cuerpos a lo Moebius, por otro unos escenar [...]

    20. After the events of House of M Quicksilver is dealing with loosing his powers. Or, well, saying dealing is probably bad choice of words as he pretty much just looses it. This is definitely one of the darker pieces and it is actually quite scary to see just how twisted and ugly can Pietro's mind can get. I quite like Quicksilver even with his PMS character, they put some solid explanations for why he is the way he is. I understood why he did what he did in the House of M and I felt a bit sorry fo [...]

    21. I like this book. The story is well-contained; it said what it wanted to say and had a proper conclusion (in the sense that it tied up all the loose ends--whether decently or not is another matter.) I think a little bit of the twisted wickedness that so defined Hine's legendary indie work ("Strange Embrace") managed to seep through.The art is generally good; I like the coloring especiallyrt of washed-out, but still containing enough colour to avoid being dull and bring out the contrast when/wher [...]

    22. Quicksilver is a horrible father and husband! He means well, but he ultimately fails at both things so hard! I wasn't a big fan of the art here. The story is very interesting, but also so sad. Poor Luna, Crystal and Lockjaw! Pietro tries to help Mutant kind but his father ends up being right about him. Spiderman has a sad part in this too. Jolen is a cool character. Medusa had cool outfits. Many of the Inhumans seem rather cold. The US Government was acting really dumb in this! You need to read [...]

    23. This is a story about Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff and the Inhumans. It ties into the Decimation event. This one's an improvement over the other Decimation books I've read so far, and it's easier to understand how devistating the loss of Pietro's powers is to him, because as a mutant he was always so cocky, and frequently expressed feelings of superiority over humans. (However, it's still not the worst thing that ever happened to mutants.) The premise of this book is from the "monkey's paw" for [...]

    24. Pietro Maximoff was once the fastest man in the world, now he's no more super than the rest of us. But he has connections and he's willing to do almost anything to once more become Homo Superior.This is an interesting story set in the aftermath of the 'House of M' climax where a god-like Scarlet Witch eliminates most of the mutations from the Earth.Without giving away too many spoilers, I think I may have some issues with the timeline of this story, but that might be because the main character w [...]

    25. Love him or hate him, the arrogant son of Magneto is at the pits of despair in this tale, following the arc from when his sister declared no more mutants, quicksilver is no more, Pietro has to live a slow, mundane life, drinking heavily to deal with the loss and being one of the most hated beings upon the planet.Desperate for his powers again he heads towards the inhumans where his estranged wife and child live, do they have the answer, yes, but with warning, does the desperate former mutant hee [...]

    26. Фактическое продолжение "House of M", только на этот раз, в центре истории не большая часть героев мира, а Ртуть, лишившийся своих способностей. Сюжет довольно любопытный, читать интересно, хотя и глупостей и заунывности в нем тоже хватает, местами динамика зашкаливает и читаешь [...]

    27. Quick silver is one of those characters that has been pulled in almost every direction over so many decades by so many writers. His story, beginning to end, is pretty incomprehensible unless you look at it through the lens of the comic industry. That being said, this volume did a pretty good job of trying to make sense of what a mes this characters back story is and have it all tie together AND feel like it was all coming from the same character.The art was so so, shinning the best when characte [...]

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