God's Pageantry: The Threshold Guardians and the Covenant Defender

Constriction.Wasting.Recognise them Met them just as the door opened into your calling Found that not only were events conspiring against you but you were self sabotaging Lost your faith and felt betrayed when your dreams fell in on you A critical loss of knowledge about the existence and nature of threshold covenants has occurred in the last century We now longer haveConstriction.Wasting.Recognise them Met them just as the door opened into your calling Found that not only were events conspiring against you but you were self sabotaging Lost your faith and felt betrayed when your dreams fell in on you A critical loss of knowledge about the existence and nature of threshold covenants has occurred in the last century We now longer have any idea how perilous or complex spiritual doorways are Many of us keep putting ourselves in harm s way and abandoning hope we ll ever step into our destinies.God s Pageantry is about the obstacles we encounter, the covenants we face and the armour we need to pass over the threshold.
God s Pageantry The Threshold Guardians and the Covenant Defender Constriction Wasting Recognise them Met them just as the door opened into your calling Found that not only were events conspiring against you but you were self sabotaging Lost your faith and felt betr

  • Title: God's Pageantry: The Threshold Guardians and the Covenant Defender
  • Author: Anne Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780980362077
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Four and a half starsBeing familiar with Anne’s other books I knew I was in for a treat and would end up having my thinking expanded. To start with I liked the way Anne emphasised that the question, ’who are you?’ is not reliant on our profession or our relationship with another. Neither is it about our spiritual gifts. I’ve always felt Thomas gets a hard time by a lot of people and so I loved the way the author brought out not just his doubts but his strong faith. I also liked the paral [...]

    2. While I have read one of Anne Hamilton's fantasy books (Merlin's Wood) before, this is the first of her devotional theology books I've tackled. It doesn't take long to realise that God's Pageantry is the third book in the series (after God's Poetry and God's Panoply about name covenants and spiritual armour respectively). It might have helped to have read these books first, as Anne draws on and, indeed, expands on her earlier work in this one. Even so, God's Pageantry can be read and appreciated [...]

    3. In the interest of full disclosure, I received an Advanced reader copy from the author, (to proof-read etc), however it was an absolute joy to read.Easily the most readable and gripping of Anne Hamilton's work. This book gives a very practical insight into what is going on in the day to day business of your life, as well as in the broad overview of your destiny. It is a concise explanation of what can be affecting you and more importantly, what you can do about it! While you could read this as a [...]

    4. Anne Hamilton has done it again. What could be read as an academic treatise, has the power to touch, inform and renew our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Beyond the etymology and word derivations, scholarly appraisal and research, there is true meaning and personal application to be gleaned from ‘God’s Pageantry’.I enjoyed and related to the personal stories that form the empirical evidence of the book. As Anne says in her opening statement, ‘How can (she) have written my story [...]

    5. Author's comments:I had no idea that, when I wrote God's Poetry: The Identity and Destiny Encoded In Your Name, that there would be a second or third book in the series. But that first book opened the way for people to ask me questions about name covenants as well as the meaning of their own names. Then, in one unexpected God-appointed period of 24 hours, three women, all with names starting with Jan-, asked me what Janice, Janette and Janelle meant. If they hadn't made their queries all around [...]

    6. With the release of every new book by Anne Hamilton, I have come to expect to appreciate Scripture in fresh ways. As Westerners we have a Greek mindset and these books challenge us to understand Scripture afresh from a Hebraic viewpoint. Her latest book God’s Pageantry follows God’s Poetry and God’s Panoply and is another multi–faceted gem for any Christian library as it imparts knowledge and truths to the seeker. God’s Pageantry throws new light on two often overlooked covenants from [...]

    7. I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the author in return for an honest review.My main issue with God's Pageantry was that I wanted more. Within the first couple of chapters, Anne Hamilton's anecdotes and clearly presented research marked her as someone with significant and original insights. She presented compelling evidence of the way that God imbues our name with destiny so I started to hope that the rest of the book would become like a reference or a guide to searching out that purpose.Bu [...]

    8. God’s Pageantry: The Threshold of Guardians and the Covenant Defender by Anne Hamilton, Armour Books, 2015God’s Pageantry is Part 3 of a series, and follows on from God’s Panoply. The book opens with examples of name covenants and goes on to elaborate on threshold covenants. There are many interesting true anecdotes of people peppered throughout the writing to illustrate the author’s points.Anne Hamilton has read widely, and painstakingly delves into the meaning of names. To strengthen h [...]

    9. With each of Anne Hamilton's book I scratch my head and mutter 'How does she know so much, have such erudition?'This completes a challenging trilogy that takes time to absorb. I thought I would write this review a month ago but then, just when I hoped to break through, the last chapter sent me back to her former two books with the direction 'If you have not undertaken these stepsease read God's Poetry and God's Panoply in this series before going on.' Well, I have read them, but best to cover al [...]

    10. God's Pageantry is the third book in a series and follows on from God's Poetry and God's Panoply. In it Anne Hamilton discusses an overlooked problem that has destructive effects on the faith of many people today. In God's Pageantry, Anne introduces us to one of the main covenants mentioned in the Bible. She had covered two other covenants (blood and name) in the earlier books so only mentions them briefly here before spending the majority of the book discussing threshold guardians and their sch [...]

    11. EPICPOWERFULA FEAST SET BEFORE YOUENGAGINGTANGIBLEDid I mention this was EPIC?I was asked to read this in exchange for an honest review and to be honest I didn't really know what to expect.I will be honest and confess I have never heard about covenant defenders before and entered reading this prayerfully and with a Bible nearby. Therefore this was a massive eye opener! The author is clearly passionate about the work she undertakes for the Lord and is clearly well educated in the topic which make [...]

    12. A book that causes you to set it aside intermittently while you absorb its meaning for your own life is a powerful read. God's Pageantry challenges the intellect while inspiring the spirit. It describes how we each have a God-given calling or destiny, but there are often obstacles to overcome before we can cross the spiritual threshold to reach this. God's love is the armour He has provided for us to don as we battle towards our true call. Paul details this spiritual armour in Ephesians 6. God's [...]

    13. I am very grateful to have been given an advanced readers copy of this book. And was delighted to find Anne Hamilton picked up in the spiritual journey where "God's Poetry" and "God's Panoply" left off. To the new reader it is advisable to read the other two books first as this book will then make more sense. Understanding what Anne talks about in the first two books of this series allows the continuation of the spiritual path to be clearer.Every book review is a personal view. Even more so with [...]

    14. I was grateful to receive an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, even though I knew it was unlikely I’d have an opportunity to explore the contents for several months. But then I opened it, and found myself unable to put it aside until I had wrung out the themes broached from the initial pages – never mind what ‘dues’ lay in wait!‘Who are you?’ This question stared back at me. In a world where identity is measured by a constantly shifting scale, the au [...]

    15. This is the third book in the series and being familiar with Anne’s other books, God’s Poetry, talking about names and destiny, and God’s Panoply, which deals with the armour of God, I was excited to receive an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.It is not easy reading. In fact, it’s much tougher than the first two books. Don’t expect to sit down and read it as easily as you would a novel. The background information on the meaning of names in relation to destiny is fa [...]

    16. I should have read Anne Hamilton's earlier books before I commenced this one, but it stands alone enough that I was able to read it without feeling too much that I was missing out on the previous works.This is a stunner, and it started me thinking - which I believe Anne Hamilton wants her readers to do. I am aware of the relevance of given names and their meanings and the impact on our lives and destiny, and Anne shows this on a deeper level. Most of what she writes about thresholds was new to m [...]

    17. My mind is spinning from the revelations contained in this complex but powerful book. Anne Hamilton's books provide much to think about as they kindly provoke readers to explore personal application of the truths and possibilities within them.

    18. Anne always leaves a reader informed, challenged and maybe like me 'treading water' in some areas. There is a lot of biblical and spiritual insights around covenants. The implications between Threshold, Name, salt covenants are interesting. Some of us may have used different terms to understand the personal effects these have on people. I like her emphasis on the cross and salvation and the fact the book is Christ honouring. The 'endnotes' provide helpful references and explanations, especially [...]

    19. After reading Annie’s thoroughly engaging book, it left evocative parallels in my own threshold crossings, some plainly sabotaged while others still await fulfilment. So, who am I really and why is my name so important? Who can abort my destiny? This is a book full of answers and relevant for so many people, poetic and beautiful, deep as the ocean and just as full of glorious insights into life’s mysterious journey. God-honouring and timely, the book points to a wonderful heavenly Father who [...]

    20. Got the book in give away with writers personal note. They send me this book from Australia but paper quality of book is not very good its like a third quality newspaper.Narration is good but you have to give your time to read the book as it need patience.Over all nice to have this book. If you give your time to book you will get something from it.Thanks

    21. Again, Anne Hamilton has presented amazing revelations in a 'can't put it down' book. Her thorough research and amazing knowledge brings everything to life. I was encouraged to reread her book, 'God's poetry before I had finished reading this book.

    22. In this third book of her intriguing series, Anne Hamilton looks at the forces of darkness that can prevent us from moving into our God-given calling and identity. In particular, three spirits are identified: Python (constriction), Rachab (wasting) and Leviathan (backlash). Through meticulous research, Hamilton looks at the bases for these spirits and the keys God has given to overcome them and move into our destiny.I'm in awe of the author's scholarship. She has a love of language and mathemati [...]

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