The Haunting of Falcon House

A long undisturbed bedroom A startling likeness A mysterious friend.When twelve year old Prince Lev Lvov goes to live with his aunt at Falcon House, he takes his rightful place as heir to the Lvov family estate Prince Lev dreams of becoming a hero of Russia like his great ancestors But he ll discover that dark secrets haunt this house Prince Lev is the only one who caA long undisturbed bedroom A startling likeness A mysterious friend.When twelve year old Prince Lev Lvov goes to live with his aunt at Falcon House, he takes his rightful place as heir to the Lvov family estate Prince Lev dreams of becoming a hero of Russia like his great ancestors But he ll discover that dark secrets haunt this house Prince Lev is the only one who can set them free will he be the hero his family needs
The Haunting of Falcon House A long undisturbed bedroom A startling likeness A mysterious friend When twelve year old Prince Lev Lvov goes to live with his aunt at Falcon House he takes his rightful place as heir to the Lvov fam

  • Title: The Haunting of Falcon House
  • Author: Eugene Yelchin
  • ISBN: 9780805098457
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. A beautiful children's book that an adult can certainly enjoy. The short chapters were jarring at first but then it seem to fit once the storyline played out. I am intrigued by Russia and this satisfied that desire to learn more about this fascination country and people. There were an underlying message that I really appreciated, read it and find out.

    2. This was very enjoyable and quite funny. At first, I was slightly suspicious of the tome, as I am wont to be. However, my suspicions were soon gone from the galaxy and I became rather entertained.The story itself was very excellent, the pictures could be described by some adjective, the funny parts were absolutely hilarious, and the characters were all very amusing.Overall, I suppose I am forced to allow the things five stars from my overly generous hand.

    3. Twelve-year-old Prince Lev Lvov moves in with his aunt at Falcon House. It is a house that he will inherit as he is heir to the Lvov estate. Lev wants to be just like his grandfather, a general in the Russian army, stern and strong. Things are strange though at Falcon House where he finds wonders like an elevator in the home but also rooms that have not been touched in years. As he enters the home, Lev sees another young boy there, playing on the banister. Lev is sent to sleep in his grandfather [...]

    4. Eugene was a schoolboy in Saint Petersburg, Russia when he came upon a bundle of papers wrapped with twine. To his young mind he visualized an ancient mystery. He brought them home and put them away where they remained for years. Upon leaving Russia for the U>S. He took the papers with him. More years passed before he began to look for answers. >> Hence the story of Prince Lev Lvov and his famous grand father.>>> Twelve year old Prince Lev went to live with his aunt at Falcon H [...]

    5. Prince Lev Lvov leaves his beloved mother to travel to his family palace to take his rightful place as heir. Things are not what they seem at the huge and daunting residence. Sufficiently creepy and thrilling as Prince Lev confronts a ghost wronged by his grandfather.

    6. I love Eugene Yelchin's writing style so much! This one is quirky and a bit creepy, with a wonderful protagonist and unique illustrations.

    7. *Review posted on Page Turners Blog on 10/31/2016*In a strange house with a stranger history, 12-year-old Lev begins to unravel family secrets that have been carefully hidden. Lev's sudden ability to draw makes the illustrations in the book somehow more real. They are a part of the story and not just pictures showing the story. The family Lev finds at his grandfather's old estate is filled with mysterious characters like a gray, little boy named Vanyousha.As the story unfolds, we find ourselves [...]

    8. Prince Lev Lvov has moved to Falcon House to take his rightful place in late Czarist Russia. Yet why has his Aunt Olga made him sleep in his grandfather's study, and why are all the servants so deathly afraid of entering? As he draws pictures to console himself, and gets to know a mysterious boy, he must figure out the mystery while trying to live up to his family heritage. Inked pictures (with Russian cursive labels) play a major part in the story, so even though audiobook versions exist, read [...]

    9. This story combines historical fiction with the supernatural when a boy inherits the ghosts of his Russian noble family’s past. He faces the room that was empty since the death of his grandfather and learns about his life with the help of the people he’s left behind. The story addresses the lives of Russian noble families from when they were supported by serfs to servants and cossacks through the main character learning about his family history. The eerie drawings throughout show the boy as [...]

    10. Fascinating approach, but I've decided not to have it in my elementary school library. It has intense surprises. Not fond of the art work. Breaking Stalin's Nose and Arcady's Goal are more appropriate for elementary students and still teach a lot of Russian history. Great book for middle school and up.

    11. 3.5 Stars. The super short chapters took some getting used to but once I stopped reading the chapter titles, I was able to cruise right along. Good story, even for adults, but a little creepy so I’d say it’s for older-middle grades. My son begged me to read it after he devoured it. The original art work adds to the story.

    12. A fascinating blend of history, heartbreak, the spectral, artistic and mystery, this is one to keep kids up at night.

    13. Nice plot twists-engaging mix of mystery and ghosts. Loved the language-not a huge fan of the art.

    14. I liked this story about a young boy in the czar' Russia. An unusual ghost story. Deals with loss and family ties.

    15. A wonderfully haunting junior novel about a royal Russian family before WWI. Funny, thought provoking, and creepy! And it was based in truth and on real drawings found by the author. Eugene Yelchin is one of my favorite Historical Fiction writers for youth and this one did not disappoint.

    16. First of all, just the word "Haunting" in the title would be enough to make me pass this book by, but I was wondering if I still had those little ghost stickers to put on this (cutting the "Horror" part of the sticker off because we don't really have horror horror in the children's room - it's the children's room, fercryinoutloud!). Couldn't find them, but looked at the introduction anyway, which pretends that the manuscript and drawings were that of Prince Lev Lvov of late 19th century Russia t [...]

    17. I've heard good things about Yelcin's work in the past, so I was excited to read my first one. I thought it was just okay. I found the time period hard to place, and I wasn't a huge fan of the drawings. I think it did have a decent creepy factor, and I could see how part of the plot wouldn't be predictable to kids, but it didn't make me feel like I needed to go out and read his other books.

    18. As the last remaining heir of an aristocratic family, twelve-year-old Prince Lev Lvov arrives in Saint Petersburg to stay with his aunt. His mother has told him very little about the woman, and he is more than a little anxious about how things will go. Still, he recognizes that this situation presents great possibilities for his future if everything proceeds as planned. But upon his very arrival, Olga Lvovna, his aunt, and all her servants immediately note the resemblance between her nephew and [...]

    19. The Haunting of Falcon HouseWritten by Eugene YelchinNarrated by Michael Bakkensen and George GuidallPublished 2016 by Recorded Books5 hours and 2 minutesI received a free audio copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.When I was in my early twenties, I discovered the writing of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky which sparked in me an enthusiasm for Russian literature. The Haunting of Falcon House appealed to me because it’s a middle-grade ghost story set in late Czarist Rus [...]

    20. Young Prince Lev Lvov is finally going to take his place at the home of his ancestors. The last of a proud line, Lev dreams of noble stature and military glory. He's determined to emulate his grandfather, a true hero. However, life at Falcon House is not exactly what Lev expected: the house is dusty and most rooms are closed up, the servants are quirky, and the only other member of the family in the enormous house is his volatile aunt. Left for the night in his grandfather's study (believed by t [...]

    21. It is 1891 and a young boy, Lev leaves his home to travel to claim his title as prince. Lev’s grandfather was a powerful general in the Russian army. He was well liked and looked up to. Lev aspires to be just like him. But when he gets to his grandfather’s house he finds his cantankerous aunt and terrified staff. Things are not looking like he expected them. Lev meets Vanyousha, a young boy in the house. With Vanyousha’s help, Lev starts learning that his grandfather is not the person that [...]

    22. I received this ARC from Netgalley. The Haunting of Falcon House is the story of Prince Lev, a young boy living in Russia in 1891. The story opens with Prince Lev traveling to St. Petersburg after being summoned by his aunt, who wishes him to take his place as heir to Falcon House. Though it it was hard to leave his mother, Prince Lev is anxious to follow in his ancestor's footsteps and become an important man like his deceased grandfather. Upon arriving at Falcon House, Prince Lev soon realizes [...]

    23. This was a mildly spooky middle grade story about a young boy who comes to live with his aunt in Falcon House. The year is 1891. He is Prince Lev Lvov and will one day inherit the house. The house is in disrepair and his aunt is kind of creepy. She is an old woman in a wheel chair who is constantly abusing her servants. She has an agenda for Lev to follow.Lev is shown to his grandfather's study which is to be his room. His aunt greatly admires her father and is eager to keep to his outdated rule [...]

    24. "Flee this cursed chamber" a voice screamed in my mind, "flee it at once!""An invitation arrived from Falcon House for me to take up my noble duties." So, Prince Lev Lvov, who resembles his famous grandfather, reluctant to leave his mother, but knowing he must do his duty, begins the journey toward Falcon House. On the train, he thinks he sees a boy looking in at him "eyes wide, brilliant and imploring." He sees the boy again upon his arrival at Falcon House. Also, upon arrival, he meets his gre [...]

    25. The story: Prince Lev Lvov has been summoned to the family castle in St. Petersburg. He thinks he's there to be trained as a leader and general, to take the family name on to further glory. But there's a more mysterious, even sinister reason his Aunt Olga brought him here, which he may be able to discover if flocks of bats, crashing elevators, and other ghostly activities don't get to him firstJune Cleaver's ratings: Language G; Violence PG; Sexual content G; Nudity G: Substance abuse PG; Magic [...]

    26. I really like Eugene Yelchin's writing. His Russian roots are very evidently important to him and they are the setting and background for all he writes including this every tale of an actual Russian prince. This book has such an amazing history. Born out of a stack of crumbling old letters Yelchin collected in a schoolyard, the illustrations are straight out of that stack, written mostly in Prince Levov's own hand. The story is creepy and admittedly so by the author, who stated in the prologue h [...]

    27. This is an interesting little book--if a little grim. I received my copy through a Giveaway, and was delighted to find a children's story that is both fairly well written, and does not try to dumb itself down. I particularly enjoyed the tidbits of Russian history and the addition (daring and rare in a children's book) of footnotes, which are both fascinating and will help kids learn to be less intimidated by more advanced books. A thoroughly fun and entertaining story that I would recommend for [...]

    28. Enigmatic middle-grade mystery from Eugene Yelchin, set in his native Russia in the days of the Czar. Part ghost story, part historical mystery, filled with mysterious and atmospheric drawings supposedly made by the "narrator", Prince Lev Lvov and translated by Yelchin from old notes, papers, and drawings he brought when he emigrated from Russia. The young Prince wants nothing more than to be hero like his ancestors. Will he have the courage to face the mystery in this enormous mansion belonging [...]

    29. A long undisturbed bedroom. A startling likeness. A mysterious friend.When twelve-year-old Prince Lev Lvov goes to live with his aunt at Falcon House, he takes his rightful place as heir to the Lvov family estate. Prince Lev dreams of becoming a hero of Russia like his great ancestors. But he'll discover that dark secrets haunt this house. Prince Lev is the only one who can set them free-will he be the hero his family needs?

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