The Underdogs

Everyone has secrets Who killed Annabel Harper When a popular teen beauty s body is discovered by the pool at an elite tennis club, the regulars are shocked especially twelve year old Evie and her best friend, Chelsea While everyone else is haunted by Annabel s death, Evie and Chelsea jump on the case, dogging the footsteps of the lead detective as he investigates As temEveryone has secrets Who killed Annabel Harper When a popular teen beauty s body is discovered by the pool at an elite tennis club, the regulars are shocked especially twelve year old Evie and her best friend, Chelsea While everyone else is haunted by Annabel s death, Evie and Chelsea jump on the case, dogging the footsteps of the lead detective as he investigates As temperatures soar ver the summer, tensions rise, fingers are pointed, and a heroic act sets in motion a chain of events readers will never see coming.
The Underdogs Everyone has secrets Who killed Annabel Harper When a popular teen beauty s body is discovered by the pool at an elite tennis club the regulars are shocked especially twelve year old Evie and her bes

  • Title: The Underdogs
  • Author: Sara Hammel
  • ISBN: 9780374301613
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Holy smokes what a good, twisty book! Thanks to the ARC from , I can be one of the first to attest to how layered and intriguing this book is. There are mysteries within mysteries and a truly satisfying twist at the end--READ TO THE END! The friendship between Evie and Chelsea is strong and compelling; I wanted to follow these two amateur sleuths around for sure as they try to put the pieces together about Annabel's murder (not a spoiler--this happens in the first chapter). This book moves beyon [...]

    2. Well, we were told twice in the book description that a twist was coming. Even so, this twist took me by surprise and had me looking back through the book for clues.It begins with a murder. Popular teen Annabel Harper is found dead by the pool of the athletic club. Twelve-year-old Evie and her friend Chelsea hang out at the club every day. Chelsea's mom mans the reception desk and Evie's dad is one of the teaching tennis pros. Both are easily overlooked. Chelsea is accepted by everyone but Evie [...]

    3. Honestly, not interested after seeing how the author is choosing to promote both of her books.(Google her name - she's all over the news today.) She also just seems paranoid; she complained on Twitter that PR folks were out to destroy her book by leaving her bad reviews on . Sure - except all but one of the reviewers have long-standing accounts, dating back months if not years.

    4. Like some other reviewers, I figured that I'd solve the mystery in this book right away, and while I was pretty sure that I had the murderer pegged early on, there were other surprises that made this book a delight to read. Often, I am a tad bit bored by the predictability of middle grade titles, but that wasn't the case for this one. (Of course, after I finished I reading it, I really understood the double meaning of the clever, clever title.) The book revolves around the murder of popular teen [...]

    5. Wow! While this book was a good murder mystery read, I was blown away by the twist at the end. I won't give away the ending. Read it for yourself!

    6. This review contains spoilers, but I have hidden them. Seriously: if you intend on reading this book, do not read the spoilers. "This is a book that takes a chance and will genuinely surprise readers." - Booklist"aders' feelings will depend on whether they're delighted or annoyed by the surprise ending." - Kirkus".ery lovers will want to go back and read it all again to find the hidden clues." - School Library JournalI'm not usually drawn to middle grade mysteries. They tend to lack bite, so in [...]

    7. Originally posted on I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review.My oldest daughter is nine years old, and she and I are very fortunate to have received the opportunity to read ARCs of some middle grade books. When I first read the synopsis of Sara Hammel’s The Underdogs, I knew that I would like it, but I wasn’t sure how my daughter would react. She tends to be a sensitive soul, but we had enjoyed reading Isabel Feeney, Star Reporter, so I ga [...]

    8. Pretty girl Annabel is found dead at the local tennis club. Best friends Evie and Chelsea are fixtures at the club since their parents both work their. Because they hang out at the club all day they are aware of a lot of what is going on, but they have no idea who killed Annabel. Evie and Chelsea start stalking the detective investigating the case. They listen in while he interviews people and they do a bit of sleuthing of their own. They are also dealing with their own issues. Evie was recently [...]

    9. ***SPOILER ALERT***I devoured this book in a day (and being a full-time working mom of two young boys, this alone is amazing to me!) I loved the friendship between the girls -- the loyalty of Chelsea to her best friend, Evie, and the realness and RAWNESS of Evie's character. The bullying of Evie and the abuse Chelsea endured were painful to read but struck a chord -- I love when books do that. Hammel's writing took me right back to grade school -- the meanness, cruelness, heartlessness that Evie [...]

    10. Surprisingly absorbing middle school murder mystery. This is the story of twelve-year-old Evie and the summer a teenage girl's body is discovered floating in the pool at the local swim/tennis club. Evie's father is one of the club's coaches so she spends her long summer days reading novels in a storage closet whilst cooling off with popsicles. But, when teen queen Annabel's murder sets the tight knit community on edge, Evie decides to harness her inner Harriet the Spy (one of her idols) and crac [...]

    11. I had the opportunity to read a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for this review. I have to say that this is just a terrific book for the start of my Summer of Reading! This is a juicy, summertime mystery that definitely has a surprise twist at the end! I thought that it would be pretty difficult to surprise me with a middle grade mystery (I am an experienced educator with a graduate degree), but I'll admit that I was already 90% through the book and thought I knew the answers [...]

    12. THE UNDERDOGS by Sara Hammel is an exciting murder mystery with an unexpected twist.When popular teen Annabel Harper is murdered at an elite tennis club, Evie and her best friend Chelsea set out to find the killer. From spying on the lead detective to conducting their own informal investigation, the two are intent on solving the crime. Librarians will find youth re-reading this middle grade book looking for hidden clues to the book’s amazing twist. Ask readers to take a pledge of silence so th [...]

    13. **I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**A strong 4 stars, Underdogs was a gripping read. at first I thought it would be a fun mystery, solving the death of a local girl, when in truth there are serious elements of bullying and abuse, hidden at the edges.A great summer read, this story will keep you guessing until the end, where you realize you never really new anything to begin with.

    14. whoa. I do not see that curveball coming until I gasped so audibly I woke my husband. Love the plot twist, a reread is in order.

    15. When sixteen-year-old Annabel is discovered dead next to the swimming pool of an exclusive tennis club, no one is more devastated than twelve-year-old Evie and her best friend Chelsea. Determined to find out who would do something so terrible, they begin to follow around the lead detective, in the hopes of solving the mystery. They quickly discover that nothing is as it seems, and that everyone has a secret—even Annabel. The story is told through Chelsea’s voice, in chapters that alternate b [...]

    16. So reading the reviews I gather most people didn't see that twist coming. Maybe I just read too many mysteries, but I figured it out around page 50. I am sure kids reading this would be really surprised though. I think it was a rather clever device the author used and I'm pretty impressed she pulled it off. My biggest issues with the book are with pacing. For a mystery, it really drags. The whole middle section goes nowhere and it feels more like a teen drama than a mystery. And the main charact [...]

    17. I thought this book showed different emotions in many ways. Sometimes it got off topic. At one point it could be talking about who died, and the next it will be talking about what happened to Evie. This book wasn't for me but if you like realistic fiction you might like this book.

    18. Well, the ending totally took me by surprise and forced me to go back to the beginning to see if I had missed any clues! Strong vocabulary and well developed plot with a powerful message. Can't give the book a 5, but it is a strong 4.5!

    19. Good for people who enjoy mysteries. It is about a murder mystery, but is for children so it is not too gory.

    20. Good fun book of two preteens learning the emotional effects of Annebelle Harpers death on other. I'm enjoying this.

    21. A murder mystery told in the viewpoint of Chelsea, the best friend of Evie--both our outcasts, underdogs. Their friend, Annabel, a beautiful 16-year-old girl is murdered, and Chelsea and Evie do a little investigating on their own to find the killer.Lots of serious themes in this: child neglect and animal abuse being two big ones. It has such a great twist near the end. I was surprised, but I'm also fairly clueless when it comes to mysteries. This was a very enjoyable read. Serious, yet delightf [...]

    22. This was a seriously heavy book for middle grade- I was honestly surprised how dark the book got (more due to how many heavy topics it covered in total). The story is engaging and has a fun set up- traveling before and after the murder. I figured out the "twist" pretty early into the book, which made it a little less exciting for me, but the mystery held my interest and kept me reading. Overall, I did like this book but I thought it could have been a little less dark and focus more on the myster [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this mystery until the twist. Then, I may have thrown my book. Some people would say that's a good sign. For me, it isn't.

    24. For starters, this is not a light, fun summer read for your middle-school child. It is a dark and sinister story including pet abuse, child neglect, serious bullying against numerous female characters, teen love triangles, and murder. One character's past abuse is shared in gory detail, all the whole the reader is likely to think the character is human (which would make the abuse that much more sinister, in the mind of a middle school reader). If I had read this before my daughter did, I would h [...]

    25. I gave it a four, which is hard for me to give a book, but the twist was unexpected. You got me, Sara Hammel, you got me.

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