Ascending the Boneyard

Donnie Darko meets The Matrix in this mind bending and captivating mystery about one teen s surreal experiences after surviving a major trauma.Everything s a battle.Sometimes life gets too real, and Caleb Tosh has taken one hit too many First, there was the accident that changed everything for Tosh s younger brother Now his mom has left All the pain, the grief and loss,Donnie Darko meets The Matrix in this mind bending and captivating mystery about one teen s surreal experiences after surviving a major trauma.Everything s a battle.Sometimes life gets too real, and Caleb Tosh has taken one hit too many First, there was the accident that changed everything for Tosh s younger brother Now his mom has left All the pain, the grief and loss, have finally pushed Tosh over the edge.If only he could have a do over Wipe his reality Start fresh Maybe he could fix all of his mistakes and everything would be different Tosh immerses himself in the complex missions from the game he obsessively plays, The Boneyard The game bleeds into the dark nature of his everyday life, folding reality into surreality until it s impossible to separate one from the other Tosh is desperate to Ascend, to reach the next level, to become Worthy.Readers are brought on a one of a kind, absorbing journey where no one can say what is real and what isn t right up until the shocking, yet deeply powerful conclusion.
Ascending the Boneyard Donnie Darko meets The Matrix in this mind bending and captivating mystery about one teen s surreal experiences after surviving a major trauma Everything s a battle Sometimes life gets too real and C

  • Title: Ascending the Boneyard
  • Author: C.G. Watson
  • ISBN: 9781481431842
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Ascending the Boneyard is being marketed as Donnie Darko meets The Matrix.This is the single most confusing thing I've ever read. Thank god for it's brevity, or it would have made the dnf shelf. So, the parts of the plot I could understand: Caleb Tosh is a hardcore gamer with a bad home life. His brother is disabled after an accident, his dad is a douchcanoe, and his mom can't handle all the stress. Caleb's escape from it all is The Boneyard, which he obsessively plays to avoid his real life mis [...]

    2. I saw the tag line mention Donnie Darko and I was pretty much sold and quite excited to read it. I think the main problem I had was that I'm not a gamer. Yes, I do play video games, but not at the level and intensity portrayed here. I had no idea what some of the terminology meant and the overall structure of the "game" was lost on me. Because I was confused right from the start, I wasn't able to connect to any of the characters. I didn't care why Tosh was making the decisions he was. There was [...]

    3. I read an early version of this incredibly powerful story. It's got a Donnie Darko feel to it how trauma in life can schism us from reality can make the schism imperceptible what's real, what's not? This book man, this book fast-paced, trippy, wholly authentic the way C.G. Watson wrote this book, where you're not quite sure what's happening, how it's happening, why it's happening you are in Caleb Tosh's head, right there with him, along for the roller coaster surreal ride of somebody who's been [...]

    4. It's no surprise that fans of Andrew Smith's Marbury Lens and A.S. King's I Crawl Through It will be drawn to this book. A richly written page turner that takes readers deep into the world of real and make believe, melding the landscapes with precision. The book explores aspects of gaming but even a novice video gamer can follow the terms and situations. This is a book for both boys and girls because Caleb Tosh's struggle is a universal one. A stunningly cinematic book that balances the pangs of [...]

    5. While I don't game, I live with a gamer so I have witnessed firsthand how he can become totally immersed in raids with his friends to the point of shouting at the screen and into his headset, completely oblivious to how crazy he appears. And this is my adult husband. I can only imagine how a teenager whose life has been torn apart by a terrible accident could lose himself in a videogame.But that's the story of Tosh: when you don't know where to turn, when the people you need most aren't there fo [...]

    6. This is a stunning book. It speaks directly, with authority and a powerful voice, to teens, who will recognize themselves. They will probably have a hard time believing it was written by an adult! But C.G. Watson is knows her audience, their issues, and relationships. The sad situation will break readers' hearts but keep them riveted to the end. Highly recommended for teens going through tough times, especially those who might not think of themselves as "readers" until they can't put this down.

    7. This book is a keep-you-guessing tale about grief, gaming and kinda-gross cockroaches that will have you wondering what's really true and what is not until the last page. The voice is wonderful, and there are clever half chapters between the regular chapters that provide a sentence or two that leave you laughing or wondering.

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In Ascending the Boneyard, C.G. Watson masterfully blends reality with fiction, blurring the lines between what's happening in the real world and what's happening in the gaming world. Today I book-talked this book in my classroom, and students have already placed themselvs on a waiting list for this book.

    9. I play a lot of video games. I'm a big fan of RPG type games. I don't hate first person shooters but I'm not the best and I want to devote more time to reading than playing so I like going at my own pace but still having a clan and a goal and - hey, I like killing Dragons. So, I thought this book would be a good fit for mebut for the most part, I was confused. I can see the parallels the story is trying to have us see - and to try to muddle through the plot and missions to the final round, but I [...]

    10. I was going through my Edelweiss shelf and realized that for a good part of 2016 I read books, wrote a one sentence review on , and promptly forgot to go back and add coherent thoughts. In my defense, Ascending the Boneyard is a very forgettable book. This novel begins with the awful home life of Caleb Tosh. His brother is disabled, Dad is an awful human being, and his mother is unable to cope. Caleb's way of dealing is with a video game, The Boneyard. He spends all of his time in The Boneyard a [...]

    11. The voice is achingly authentic in this page turning novel. The author nails the teen gaming subculture and this specific world, and the raw emotions of a protagonist battling grief and family trauma. Fantasy and reality flirt as powerfully as in Grasshopper Jungle but this time folks, we're talking ROACHES! The pace is fast and the chapters pack existential and poetic punches. The writing is beautiful and despite the action, I found myself lingering over word choice and phrases. Even though set [...]

    12. This book was strange and weird and so great! Don't know what was going on half the time, but that ending? Wow! That was certainly an ending!

    13. Ascending The Boneyard Review Many of us struggles with their own difficulties which originates from your daily life, however every person has different methods of overcoming the difficulty. In the novel, Ascending The Boneyard, the author, “C.G. Watson” deliberately creates a scenario where “Caleb” suffers from family trauma. He attempts to escape from the reality by playing games with his friends; not only does he realize it wasn't making the situation any better. The author grabs the [...]

    14. I have many feelings about this book. One being confusion. Another being admiration. It's hard to put into words. Somehow the end brings things together in a decent way that I liked. However, there was such a blur of everything else throughout the book that I may not have enjoyed the end as much as I could have.

    15. Caleb Tosh has a solution when life gets too "real." He dives into the gaming world in a game called The Boneyard. In the game he participates in missions that help him feel in control when the rest of his life is crashing around him.Caleb blames himself for the accident that ended normal life for his little brother Devin. The same accident that split his already fragile family in two. His dad was always tough on everyone, but now he's even tougher, and watching his mother drive away with Stan t [...]

    16. I didn't really enjoy this book very much. You couldn't tell what was real and what was fake. It was almost as if the book started and ended in reality but most of the book was just nonsense that didn't happen. You didn't get to know the character very well because he was always thinking about his video game. The book lacked emotion and all the girls he met he saw as damsels in distress. There were just people that popped up in the book and literally vanished right in the middle of a scene. I co [...]

    17. The book is fast pace and putting in the elements of a game into the book was indeed interesting. I have not read a book that incorporated gaming to become a storyline. The adventures that Caleb Tosh went were dangerous and exciting. It made the readers want to read more as events keep on changing from one page to the other. However, there was no explanation on how the world changed from normal to his game like in the story. It was abrupt which made the readers confused to continuing on reading. [...]

    18. I got an ARC of this book that was supplied to our store by the publisher. As a gamer, I really wanted to like this book about online gameplay and how the lines of reality and fantasy can be blurred. From the start, this YA had plenty of potential. Young man from a dysfunctional background slips into a his fantasy gaming universe to escape the harsh realities of life. The plot is very predictable and I knew from the beginning what the ending was going to be so there was no surprise there when I [...]

    19. I Have finished Reading "Ascending the Boneyard", and I have found out it was great for myself to read. After finishing the book I realized the main character "Caleb Tosh" was not done, he was just getting started, that right there put me on the edge of my seat and I was thinking there's going to be a sequel to this book. Speaking about the book It all starts out with "Caleb Tosh" (who I already mention), Lives with mother and his younger brother, but all of that change when his mother leaves hi [...]

    20. I had really been looking forward to reading this book, and am pleased to say that I really enjoyed it. The voice was great and engaging and kept me glued as I flipped through the pages. I love video games, and that part of this felt authentic and real. I kept wanting more, even when I realized that I was going to be reaching the end. It had such a cool vibe and kept me guessing. I know the book describes itself as being along the lines of Donnie Darko, and I would say that's accurate. Lines wer [...]

    21. I really wanted to like this novel but couldn't do it. I think there's definitely an audience for it (more video gaming crowd than the "Yay Donnie Darko!" crowd would be my guess).I didn't really like Tosh or feel like I got into his head as a character. Everyone seemed fairly one dimensional, and while the concept is absolutely fantastic, the execution was really flawed (at least to me). The fault could definitely be mine and there's a huge chance that if I were more into video games, I would'v [...]

    22. I read an ARC copy supplied by the publisher to my place of work. The premise was interesting but overall I found the pacing to be a little slapdash and overall tone was pretty melodramatic. There was a huge disconnect between the intensity of what was happening and how intense the author WANTED it to be. Not terrible and will probably be just the book for some YA fiction lovers but, not my bag.

    23. I think Ascending the boneyard appeals to anyone who is into video games, because in this book a boy around the age of 16 is sent on a mission to save the world from total destruction. I think this book wavers more towards teenage boys but that is just my opinion. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good book that is filled with action.

    24. I am not a gamer, but I went into this book knowing I would have to suspend that disbelief. The narrative is intentionally disjointed, but to a distracting degree. The role of the brother and the mother are both superficially addressed. Yes, this is s teen in crisis. Yes, his breakdown fuses reality with fantasy. However, I didn't find much substance to the storyline, just a jumble of images.

    25. Grade 9+ This book was about a troubled teenager named Tosh. He has had many crises in his life and finds refuge in the virtual world of an online game. As his mental state deteriorates, he loses the ability to distinguish between the game and real life. It can be a confusing story to follow.

    26. DNF at 62%The main character was shallow.I didn't understand what our mission was.There were no interesting characters.

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