Library Day

Beloved author Anne Rockwell celebrates books, the love of reading, and of course, libraries, with a gorgeous new picture book about a child s first visit to the library One day, a young boy visits the library for the very first time While he s there he listens to stories, reads books and magazines, and learns that there are also movies, crafts, chess, and puppet shows soBeloved author Anne Rockwell celebrates books, the love of reading, and of course, libraries, with a gorgeous new picture book about a child s first visit to the library One day, a young boy visits the library for the very first time While he s there he listens to stories, reads books and magazines, and learns that there are also movies, crafts, chess, and puppet shows something for everyone With simple, lyrical text and bright illustrations that jump off the page, Library Day brings the joys of reading vividly to life.
Library Day Beloved author Anne Rockwell celebrates books the love of reading and of course libraries with a gorgeous new picture book about a child s first visit to the library One day a young boy visits th

  • Title: Library Day
  • Author: Anne F. Rockwell Lizzy Rockwell
  • ISBN: 9781481427319
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Library Day”

    1. I'll spring for 1.5 stars, I'm feeling generous today. Since when have libraries been day care centers? It is NOT OKAY to leave your children unattended in a library. Also, since when have kids been allowed to wander around by themselves after storytime? And why is the librarian so old and matronly? That's not a good representation of the field. I agree with what someone else said about the movies looking like books. That's just confusing. And when was the last time you saw a couple of "older ki [...]

    2. Minus all the points imaginable for having Dad just drop his kid off at storytime and doing his own thing for an hour. Librarians are not there to babysit your child. Minus even more points for the author advertising her own book later in the story.

    3. I gave it 3 starts because the book does a good job covering a lot of what a library has to offer. Pros- -Diverse library crowd. -Discusses where to return your library books (not everyone who visits my library knows this). -The child gets his own library card before they leave. -There's mention of an upcoming library program.Cons-The dad drops his child off to storytime and while he goes to look at books. WHAT? I don't know of any librarian today who encourages the parent to drop off their chil [...]

    4. I am a librarian and I believe this is the worst book about libraries that I have read. Based on the pictures, I don't think the author/illustrator has actually been in a library in 20 years. There are only 2 computers shown, magazines (which are phasing out to be digital) are prominently discussed, the "movies" look more like books and make the display confusing and the father is shown to drop off his child for storytime (most libraries require a parent present during this type of programming). [...]

    5. This is a little dry for a picture book, but would be a good choice to read to a child before their first visit to the library.

    6. I really wanted to like this book, but I disagree with dropping off your child and going to a different section. I wish it had been more of a "reading and enjoying the library together" story.

    7. Story HOUR? The dad just leaves the kid alone in the room? All the kids are quietly doing their own thing? What year/world is this?

    8. There are many things this picture book gets right. A boy and his father visit a library (Dudes read!). The boy attends story time and even makes a friend (Reading is NOT boring and does not have to be a solitary activity all the time.). One of the librarians is male and Latino (Diversity and breaks the stereotype of the female librarian.). The boy discovers the library has many resources in addition to books: toys for young children, magazines (Yes, they still print some of these.), movies, com [...]

    9. I didn't love this. But because it is a "library" book I will give it 3 stars. Maybe as a librarian I am a little pickier about what library books I love? But there are some things here that happen that aren't actually allowed in my library. (Such as parents leaving kids alone at story time while they go off to find their own booksory time is meant for kids and parents and leaving the kids just makes librarians babysitters--which we aren't.) Anyway, I'll have it in my librarybut I don't think I' [...]

    10. A sweet and informative introduction to the library, but I wish the parent in the story hadn't left his child unattended. I know that every library has different rules for this. However, I feel it's not not a good precedent to set with parents that it's the norm to leave not only the storytime area, but the children's area altogether. The child depicted in this book is very young, and his father leaves for an indeterminate amount of time.

    11. as a children's librarian, i'm cringing. why are you leaving the child unattended in the library, dad?! i thought this book portrayed the library well, um 20 years ago. but i did like the importance of letting a baby/toddler explore the books, and doing her own "reading". (but minus a star for the author using fake book titles and authors, oh except for the part where she advertised her own)

    12. I wish the pictures were more updates. Maybe a younger librarian, or a man. And I really hate that the father left the kid in the library room. Not ok. I did like that it showcased all awesomeness you can find in the library.

    13. Dad! You have to stay at storytime, man! It's fun and educational for both parents and children! Plus, um, safety. Other than that, this is a nice book. It's a positive introduction to libraries. It made me feel cozy.

    14. I'm torn. I wanted to like this because it shows lots of things about libraries for kids, but I really, really did not like that the dad just dropped the kid in the children's section at storytime and took off. Nope, nope, nope!

    15. I am a huge fan of the Rockwells' books. Love the bright illustrations and diversity of characters. I liked the reference to one of my favorite Rockwell books as well. Only negative was the parent dropping child off to storytime and leaving.

    16. This would be a good one for Library week, talks about the different things that you can do at the library in a fun story format.

    17. A nice addition to the "My First Experience" series. Like the others in the series, this book explains the purpose of a library and details its features through the eyes of a child. The first person narrator explores the stacks, makes a friend, reads magazines, gets a library card, listens to stories, and learns there's more to a library than books: computers, crafts, puppet plays, etc. Thorough and well-executed in art and text. The story also functions as a sweet story about a dad and son on t [...]

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    19. A cute book about a trip to the library. I know my preschool story time kids would tell me that this library is different from the library in the book!

    20. Nice illustrations, but a fairly ridiculous and outdated depiction of a library.The dad just drops off his very young child in the kids' dept. and wanders away into a different part of the building. I know incompetent parents do this, but we don't want to encourage it, or let parents and kids believe that it's a safe and fun thing to do.This fantasy library has teenagers playing chess, not blaring their cell phones and yelling profanities at each other and staff. The one (!) computer is being qu [...]

    21. LIBRARY DAY (My First Experience)Written by Anne F. RockwellIllustrated by Lizzy Rockwell2016, 32 PagesGenre: picture book, children's, booksOh my gosh, what an adorable book! We go along with Don and his father as he visits the library for the first time. He goes to storytime, makes his first library card, and takes an adventure around the library. The library does not only have books but also have movies, magazines and craft days. It is a great book to introduce children to the library :)k (My [...]

    22. Argghhhh! Of COURSE I wanted to give this book all the stars - but I can't! I wanted more parent/child interaction and experiencing the library (AND STORYTIME) together. For a "First Experience" book this is feels so irresponsible! You mean even though I'm obviously a little guy, you are going to just leave me in a very public space, by myself, for at least an hour? I can't help feel like when dad asks about the puppet show taking place the following week he's just trying to find another hour of [...]

    23. This sweet little book is about a young boy and his first visit to the library. He enjoys story time, finds four books that he is interested in, gets his own library card, and decided to return on Saturday.•The pictures are cute. I particularly like the detail of all the book covers. Some of them are even of real books! Children may find this book helpful in understanding their first experience at the library.

    24. You can tell that I'm a person of the kids going to libraries alone era I didn't actually notice the fact that that the children are using the children's room without parental supervision.other than that, though, this was a pretty solid book about a library visit that lacks all of the antics that most authors put in to make a library visit interesting.

    25. Detailed description of a public library experience for a young boy. Any library user will find activities to relate to.Unclear to me (and I am a librarian) what machine would rumble -apparently a card is being produced, printed, laminated?Watercolor illustrations are clear, just enough detail to recognize objects but not too much detail to overwhelm.

    26. Love the concept and promoting of libraries/reading but just didn't love the book. It feels a bit forced and cheesy. I also agree with a lot of the other reviews points - wanted to see dad interact with son more at the library and seemed a little out of date.

    27. Outdated pictures, advertisement of her own work (seriously, she couldn't come up with original book covers?!), and the dad left him alone in the children's section. Not exactly the message you want to send.

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