Lady Sun

Sophia has booked the vacation of a lifetime A week on a deserted island Hoping for a retreat and recharge from her life in the middle of a Northwest winter, she sets out to enjoy seclusion and sun in paradise Flying halfway around the world, Sophia boards the yacht chartered to take her to the secluded island in the Maldives There she meets Lucas, a fellow vacationer.Sophia has booked the vacation of a lifetime A week on a deserted island Hoping for a retreat and recharge from her life in the middle of a Northwest winter, she sets out to enjoy seclusion and sun in paradise Flying halfway around the world, Sophia boards the yacht chartered to take her to the secluded island in the Maldives There she meets Lucas, a fellow vacationer Tall, dark, and handsome, Lucas is a cowboy, misplaced in the tropics Shunning Sophia s attempt at friendship, Lucas keeps to himself until the two travelers are thrust into an unwelcome adventure Sophia soon learns that Lucas may be her only hope for survival, and that paradise is not so easily reached.
Lady Sun Sophia has booked the vacation of a lifetime A week on a deserted island Hoping for a retreat and recharge from her life in the middle of a Northwest winter she sets out to enjoy seclusion and sun in

  • Title: Lady Sun
  • Author: Marni MacRae
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. What a wonderful surprise! At first, I thought, here we go again with the familiar story of two very different people meeting on a deserted island. Then the author captured me with the vivid character development of Sophia and Lucas and the imaginative way she brought conflict into their search for solitude and escape. The creative narration is a wonderful connector and it was hard to put this book down. Just a fun very enjoyable read that I heartily recommend!

    2. There are so many things I loved about this story.I loved that it was compelling, touching, funny and yet angsty at the same time. I loved the rollercoaster romance, the anticipation, the different setting and the fact it was so, SO original. A thirty-something heroine, Sophia, who is a divorcee, a woman who knows who she is and what she wants from life. The drama of Sophia and Lucas' adventure (aww, I'm certainly not going to spoil that one for you, you'll have to read it for yourself!) kept me [...]

    3. Lady Sun, such a fun, witty, adventurous read. I love romance, especially, romance books that make me smile and laugh out loud. I also liked that I could never assume where the story was going right of the bat. Lady Sun kept me on my toes, wondering what was going to happen next. Sophia and Lucas both take a tropical vacation to a far away island, both to escape the norm of everyday life for different reasons, but what awaits them is anything but what they planned for. The two meet; Lucas, the h [...]

    4. If you like romance mixed with adventure, this is the book for you! Sophia is a country girl (owns her own farm) who decides to get away from the Washington (state, not D.C.) winter with a vacation on an almost deserted tropical island. Pirates have other plans and take over the yacht sent to transport Sophia and another guest—a sexy Montana cowboy named Lucas— to the island. Thanks to Lucas, they make an escape on a small raft. Adrift for days, they find themselves attracted to each other a [...]

    5. Robinson Crusoe meets Sex and the Cityit was pure Pleasure to read this book. Despite the angst, drama and hardships the MCs facing, the plot is spiced up with so much humor, that the challenge becomes a funny adventure, and the reader is drawn into the special intimacy developing between Lucas and Sofia.The author has done a wonderful job writing this novel, its fluent, stylish, you getting tones of interesting information and lovely references, it keeps you intellectually stimulated throughout [...]

    6. I loved this book! It was well written and really fun to read. The characters are very likable. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a heartwarming story.

    7. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or my review in any way.Five stars all the way! This is a totally unique romance novel with a twist. It's one of those books that'll be very sneaky and worm its way into your heart, and before you know it, you're in love!This is a beautiful but tragic story. It's tragic, not because of how it ends, but because of the events that happen. It had me totally hooked! Whene [...]

    8. I cannot even begin to describe the many ways that I loved this book. There were so many times I felt like the author was inside my own head, because I’ve seriously had so many of Sophia’s thoughts. Her inner monologue was nothing short of hilarious, and I found myself laughing along with her observations. The cramped international flight thing? Yea I’ve totally done the whole sitting on someone’s lap trying to get to the aisle. And that hair braid thing? I do that too on flights! Llama [...]

    9. Let's take a vacationMarni Macrae has graced us with a fresh take on an old story: girl meets boy, boy and girl get stranded on a deserted island, boy and girl fall in love. Lucas is yummy in all his cowboy ways. I wasn't sure at first I would like him. But by the time they are overboard, he was my favorite character. Strong, capable, protective. He's the perfect man.The book is written from Sophia's point of view. I'll admit it took me a little longer to fall in love with her than it did Lucas [...]

    10. This is a story I could not put down. It gripped me from the beginning. It is really a contemporary romance, although it’s listed under chick lit and fits well in that genre also. It is the story of a woman whose perfect vacation, in a deserted Pacific island, goes unexpectedly wrong.I love the two main characters, both so strong and resourceful. I really liked the humorous bent to Sophia’s character and her eternal optimism. I love Lucas’s vulnerability and noble soul. I liked the way the [...]

    11. I haven’t read many contemporary romances. I’m so glad that I gave Lady Sun by author Marni Macrae a chance. It was an enjoyable read right from the beginning. Sophie’s upbeat and sassy personality radiated off the pages.The dialogue is realistic and full of humor. The right amount of sarcasm added so much fun for the ride. The plot abounds with surprises.What completely hooked me and made me emotionally invested was spending time with Lucas and Sophie on a lifeboat after their fleeing fro [...]

    12. What a fun and well written story! Sophia and Lucas, both escaping hard times, decide to take a trip to a deserted island.At the start, Sophia's adorable, outgoing personality clashes with Lucas's serious, somewhat mournful extra. After a series of exciting twists (no spoiler here!) they grow together in ways that I didn't expect. The narrator reminded me a bit of Bridget Jones with her eccentric little habits and charming personality. I loved following them on a tropical adventures. This book i [...]

    13. 4.5 stars*First, let me preface this review by saying that romance novels are generally not my preferred genre. That being said, I'm glad I made an exception for Lady Sun by Marni MacRae, because this was a sweet, delicious little read. Lady Sun launches into the thick of the story in chapter 1, with Sophia trapped in a cabin below deck by pirates who have hijacked her yacht. This is a very short chapter--very much like a prologue--to let the readers see the direction the novel is going. Chapter [...]

    14. Lady Sun: A smart and sassy romance that gets taken for a ride .Because I saw on the author’s FB page that Lady Sun is currently undergoing an edit, my review here is of the story only, which I think is quite exceptional. On the one hand, this is a light, enjoyable read. The brief prologue is well placed because I think it keeps the reader engaged over what (in the version I read) was a slightly bumpy beginning that didn’t communicate Sophia’s personality right away (Sophia is one of two m [...]

    15. Thank God for Kindle.It's the mark of a great story when you have to fight the urge, every step of the way, to flip to the end and see how it all turns out. And that's why I'm glad I read Lady Sun on a Kindle, because if this had been a softcover book in my hand, I surely would have done it. Yes, I suppose I could have done the same thing with my Kindle as well, but pushing a few buttons requires more mental energy than simply flicking one's wrist and exposing the last page of a softcover!What a [...]

    16. I love the new cover!I want to start off by saying that I don't usually read this type of romance, so when I say that I loved this book, I say it because it truly was something captivatingly unique and beautiful.Sophia has decided to take the holiday of a lifetime. She desperately craves the solitude of a deserted island, where she can partake in the age old act of reading whilst working on her tan in a state of mild tipsiness. Sophia has been divorced from her snake of an ex-husband for 2 years [...]

    17. It’s a wonderful novel about two people trying to experience paradise. Both, Sophia and Lucas, have had bad divorces, Sophia calls her ex “the Snake”, I guess that says it all. Lucas’ ex is his ex because she got pregnant from another man. When the two of them meet on the yacht, which is supposed to bring them to the vacation island in the Maldives, Sophia is instantly attracted. Lucas, who really booked this trip for his (ex)wife and himself, merely tries to consume 50% of the trip he c [...]

    18. Oh my God! I totally enjoyed reading this book. It was like a breath of fresh air. Funny, witty and amazing with likeable characters. I'm on a boat with pirates and a cowboy. I felt like I was in a movie, waiting for my cue, for the director to yell “Cut.” It seemed all just too surreal.Sophia was carefree, charming, quirky and strong. I loved how her inner-self would dream, think and hope, and how she was never ashamed to show what she was thinking. It was distracting and beautiful, like wa [...]

    19. I absolutely loved this book and it has become one of my personal favorites. It has everything. Great humor, an incredible heroine, a sexy hero (who is amazing!), suspense, and an unexcited sweetness that makes you all warm and fuzzy. This is the type of read that keeps you gripped until the very last page, and then run off to tell everyone you know to read it. I started reading, discovered it was midnight, decided I could squeeze in another hour and then was forced to put it down long enough to [...]

    20. This debut novel by Marni MacRae has it all – a quirky main character, a wild and crazy adventure, danger, fear, and of course love and romance.Sophia is an independent divorced lady who owns a farm in the state of Washington. Sick of the long winters, she decides to take the trip of a lifetime and finds a deserted island in the Maldives where you can stay in a secluded hut. “This is for me!” she thinks. So she drains her savings account and packs her sundresses and bikinis against the sag [...]

    21. Lady Sun is one of those books that you buy because you like the premise; and then it becomes a book that keeps you turning the pages because you like the plot, the characters, the suspense, and most of all, the fine writing. Sophia is looking to get toasted--in more ways than one--on a remote tropical island. On the way there, she meets Lucas, who at first seems aloof, and even rude. But when circumstances put them in life-threatening danger, they team up and unwittingly find themselves living [...]

    22. I read this book as part of a review trade. Normally I don't read romance unless it's the secondary genre, but the adventure aspects of this book still sounded appealing. I thought, "Hey, why not?"I did feel that the book could have used more editing when it came to typos, sentence structure, etc but the plot still drew me in and kept me engaged. I've always enjoyed survival stories, so I was constantly wondering what would happen next and how the characters would get themselves out of the newes [...]

    23. Wow! I sure got sucked into this one! Romance isn't exactly my genre of choice, but Lady Sun is not your typical romance. I absolutely loved the characters. Sophia's narration was spunky and hilarious, and kept things light throughout most of the story. Lucas was splendid, a refreshing departure from the perfect, dashing love interests. I particularly enjoyed the survival aspect to the story. It was very interesting to see how Lucas and Sophia made do with what they had (props to Sophia for bein [...]

    24. Please take this review lightly as this is not my typical genre nor is it an expertise of mine.Lady Sun, for me, was hard to get into. It developed slow in the beginning, and I had to push myself to continue reading. However, after the initial struggle to keep myself reading, I'm glad I did. As the story progressed, I found myself turning the pages quickly to see what came next. In the end, I really found myself having enjoyed the book and Sophia's "journey" to find her paradise. Both the author [...]

    25. I really liked this book. It was full of adventure and romance. It had good characterization and attention to detail. This author took the time to do her research and I really appreciate that. The narration and dialogue were smart and witty and I was fully engrossed while reading. (view spoiler)[If I had one critique it would be I wish they had spent just a little less time on the island and a little more time showing their life once they got home, but that could just be me not wanting the book [...]

    26. So I will admit first off that I was given this book last year for a review and yes, I hate to admit that it's taken me until now to actually post a review. Please forgive my extreme tardiness. Having said that, I tell you I ADORED this book! I mean, completely fell head-over heels in love! It felt kind of like a roller coaster - up and down in the emotion department. What an incredible love story *sigh* Lady Sun is just that - a beautiful ray of sunshine that I'll be coming back to again.

    27. A Fun Book to ReadWho doesn't dream of an escape to a tropical island? Sophia Cannon did and jets off for a tropical getaway to escape the memories of her failed marriage. Little does she know that the leisurely getaway will turn into much, much more. I don’t want to spoil the plot but mysterious brooding fellow traveler Lucas turns into a stalwart hero as the two struggle to survive in this tropical paradise. P FYI This romantic book does have elements which may cause more delicate souls to b [...]

    28. Its every woman's dream to be stranded on a deserted island with Mr. Perfect! This story does tell that story but it also reflects the reality of the struggles that would really happen if that dream came true.I really liked how educated Ms. MacRae is on survival and life in general. I also appreciate how the female character, Sophia, wasn't just a prissy little girl! She is tough and independent but still very womanly. You really get an understanding of who the characters are and how they develo [...]

    29. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was packed with humor, witty dialog, descriptive scenes which left me feeling as if I was inhaling the salty ocean scents. However, most importantly, this is a story about love and surviving against all odds. I admired both characters their strength and determination and eternal optimism. A truly refreshing read that is well deserving of 5 stars in my opinion. Loved it!

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