Her Billionaire Rancher Boss

She s handed in her resignation but this wealthy rancher has another position in mindIn three months, Pilar Lopez will be free free of the charity she s always had to take from the Merrill family, free to live where she wants, free to be her own person The secretarial job Benedict Merrill gave her five years ago has allowed her to support her younger brother and she sShe s handed in her resignation but this wealthy rancher has another position in mindIn three months, Pilar Lopez will be free free of the charity she s always had to take from the Merrill family, free to live where she wants, free to be her own person The secretarial job Benedict Merrill gave her five years ago has allowed her to support her younger brother and she s indebted to the wealthy rancher But soon her brother will be on his own and she ll leave the tempting Benedict and her powerful attraction to him behind forever.When she hands in her resignation, Benedict reveals plans of his own ones that involve Pilar in his bed She can handle a three month affair, no sweat But when she starts to fall for Benedict, will she be able to handle loving him for always
Her Billionaire Rancher Boss She s handed in her resignation but this wealthy rancher has another position in mindIn three months Pilar Lopez will be free free of the charity she s always had to take from the Merrill family fre

  • Title: Her Billionaire Rancher Boss
  • Author: Genevieve Turner
  • ISBN: 9781515211549
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I'm on a junk kick, so the standards are shifted accordingly. That said, this surprised me with its writing quality: I really enjoyed Pilar's voice (points for diversity, too) - she was clever, funny, realistic, and not overly dramatic. I also liked that the romance worked on realistic lines, and no one abandoned their life dreams for orgasms or anything.

    2. A sweet read.I liked the character of Pilar. She was honest, hardworking, strong, and caring. She took over the care of her teenage brother after her parents died.d that in itself was darn brave! Now she is struggling in that angry teenage years and feeling like she failed her parents. She keeps hoping everything will turn out okay and he will graduate so she can flee her growing attraction to her sexy boss, Benedict.Strong and sexy Benedict does not want her to leave himd asks her to have a 3 m [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book. The story pulled at my heart. Pilar took on raising her brother after her parents died. She worked hard as Benedict's assistant. Throughout the years she has felt like his charity case. He helped with the funeral, and arrangements after her parents died. He gave her a job so she could support her brother. He is HOT, but the two kept everything professional. Her little brother is about to graduate, and she wants to move away and do something on her own. When she turns [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book. It was sweet, it was sexy, it was exciting and intriguing. The characters are realistic, the writing is excellent and the cover is amazing. I'm not going to lie. The cover was what attracted me to this book. The plot is also pretty great. In fact, I had forgotten that I requested this book and went looking all over for "the book where the girl falls in love with her sexy boss"(I was so glad when I realized it was on Netgalley). My only problem with this book is that I [...]

    5. I am not sure how this book found me - was it the cover? Was it the blurb? Or maybe it was just the idea of a cowboy.I enjoyed this book. A quick read that kept my attention. Right amount of steam, just enough conflict and a few secondary characters that got me interested.I would love to read the next book - NOW!I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest review.

    6. More an offfice romanace than a specific cowboy themed romance. It also leaves a cliff hanger for his sister in book two.

    7. Her Billionaire Rancher Boss: A Cowboy of her Own Book 1 is by Genevive Turner. It is a good book and a good story. It is the start of a great series. Pilar Lopez has worked for years for Benedict Merrill. Before that, she had gone to school on a Merrill scholarship, and had worked for them during her college years. Pilar took the job as assistant to Benedict to be able to save money for college for her younger brother Javiar. Their parents had been killed in a car accident and Pilar had raised [...]

    8. A good book based upon a young mexican woman who lost her parents aged 21 and took the responsibility of raising her 13 years old brother who will shortly be around college age.Benedict has had a thing for Pilar from the moment that she came into his office and asked for a job but has suffered in silence like he always does, but with the possibility of her leaving him he finally makes his move.Pilar is a very strong woman and they both help each other in ways they didn't know they needed it, the [...]

    9. Meh. Just read the title and you know exactly what is going to happen between the 2 characters. Completely predictable which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, there were a number of plot points that made no sense to me. She worked closely with him for 5 years, on the family ranch WHERE SHE ALSO LIVED, and didn't know that he lived in the pool-house? And she's so quiet & shy around him until he expresses interest & suddenly she turns into this sexually assertive woman. There was no [...]

    10. This is a first for me from this author, and I have to say, I'm extremely happy to have found her work! Her characters are solid and down to earth, easily relating to occurrences, that, although not every day happenings, are very real and can be found in almost every community. The pain and emotional stress that some people experience due to circumstances way beyond their control are real, and these characters portrayal of such, also feels real.Pilar has done her best for her younger brother, ra [...]

    11. I'm not too sure what to say about this one. It was short, sweet, and quick to the point. It took me less than a couple hours to get through. I think maybe it was the length of the book that leaves me feeling like not a whole lot happened. Based on the cover alone, I was expecting something a lot sexier than what I got. There wasn't anything wrong with the sex that was present, but I've read much better in other books. I also feel like there wasn't a lot of room to get to know the characters ver [...]

    12. Tough love is tough on everyone That's what Pilaf and Benedict had to learn about being the eldest sibling dealing with family. Even though they made plans for their younger siblings, plans change. They both had to be flexible with change. Pilar had to let her brother Javier walk his own path. Benedict had to move his plans up to woo her when Pilaf turned in her resignation. He loved her enough to set her free and let her walk her own path. When he admitted he loved her from the beginning, she h [...]

    13. This was a good read about a man who's had a crush on the heroine for years. However, now the heroine wants to stand on her own two feet without the hero's influence. However, they both have brothers which are being difficult and have interfered somehow and someway. The hero took a bit to like, but after about the third chapter you could feel his personality come through. You really felt for the heroine and all the cruel stuff life has dealt her. I loved how they were together once they decided [...]

    14. This turned out to be a pretty good romance with enough spice in the bedroom to make it a hot story. Although the characters were well developed and believable, I still don't have a clue what the female main character looks like, build-wise or face. I do know that she's not tall and slender, like her bosses sister, while the male MC was described in almost too much detail. A light fun romantic read with a few quirks, but most enjoyable.

    15. WaitingHe waited years for her brother to be come a adult. She walkways wanted him. But raising her brother. And wanting to go back to college. We're what she needed to do. And he was her boss. But he decided it was time to go after what he wanted. Only to h ave her say she was leaving to company. He adjusted his idea. He was letting her go.

    16. Good readHer boss, his secretary. He has wanted her since the day she handed him her resume. She could only dream about him. Now her brother and ward is graduating high school and, hopefully going to college, but he is being distant and belligerent. And her boss wants her until she leaves. Maybe he can convince her to stay. Recommend

    17. Cowboy billionaire romanceToo much steam for me. This story was all sex, but not much other substance. The only ranching involved was one horse ride, and some leftover hay in the back of his truck. Not my thing.

    18. FunThis was an enjoyable quick read. I really liked the characters and how they worked out the situations that came up to try and derail them. Looking forward to the next one in this series.

    19. I found this book a very heart warming read. A sister raising her brother, another ,who's brother was getting out of jail. The decisions that they both had to make, to keep their love for one another strong.

    20. Loved the book. Your story is so real that I felt like I was with the characters, every emotion and tension. Brilliant to capture they way you keep your readers wanting more. Love to continue reading the family series.

    21. I liked Pilar's character, her resilience, work ethic, determination & uncertainty to raise her brother right.The change in her boss was hot, especially when he help with a solution for her brother.

    22. DNF I couldn't suspend my belief enough to believe that any man would wait 5 years to make a move just because the woman has custody of her younger brother. Maybe if the writing had been more compelling I would have kept reading anyway. I'm not sure.

    23. The unbelievableWay that both characters were supposedly pinning away for each other took away from the story. I felt it would have been better with them just starting to have feelings for each other. I'm interested in reading more of this series.

    24. AmazingI loved reading this story! It was down to earth and very romantic. I absolutely love stories where the lead female is not the perfect size but on the curvy side. Gives us bigger girls hope.

    25. Lovely rompA real page turner, a lovely quick read, typical chick book. Sexy cowboy, in love, with his Mexican Secretary unknown to her, also secretly fancies the pants off him.

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