DC Comics: Bombshells #4

Wonder Woman pleads with Queen Hippolyta to allow her to enter the war raging in the outside world When her mother refuses, Diana calls upon her friend Mera to assist her.
DC Comics Bombshells Wonder Woman pleads with Queen Hippolyta to allow her to enter the war raging in the outside world When her mother refuses Diana calls upon her friend Mera to assist her

  • Title: DC Comics: Bombshells #4
  • Author: Marguerite Bennett Laura Braga
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Bullet Review:Harley appears in this one and wowee, she's fun! It's also nice to see Wonder Woman in her WONDERFUL Bombshells costume.

    2. UhhhhWhat?Bit of a rough issue, in that, I have no idea what the transition between the two parts were. I'm not even sure why they keep dividing every issue into two parts.

    3. The story is fun. The graphics are in sync with the vintage look but with a contemporary twist. Marguerite Bennett delivers a good story. Marguerite Savage set the bar for the illustrators (half of them men in this sequence) and the vintage look is never too much.I liked that all three stories of the original launch are moving along and that another one was added. I liked the whole women of WW2 angle being action heroes in every shape, shade and sides. I wait until I have a few episodes to read [...]

    4. I'm reading the print, not the kindle version. I was really pleased to see the return of Super girl. I like the Soviet women. Though it is a little disappointing to see the Russians as the Bad guys again, especially when they are fighting on the same side. The Wonder Woman story was slightly more interesting this time. Her "goddess" outfit was pretty great. And I like Steve being the shell shocked solider rather than the uber confident man of Wonder woman tv show fame. I'm really liking this ser [...]

    5. Woo! Christmas Harley! However, I'm worried if they keep introducing more and more of the women we are going to lose the stories of some of the other women. Not featured in this one is Zatanna or Batgirl. We do see a lot of Supergirl, Stargirl, Harley, and Wonder Woman though, which makes it good. This is Harley's first introduction into the series.

    6. Diana decides to go against her mother's (The Queen) orders and free the prisoner, to go back to "His Queen" and stop the war that's currently happen.I love Wonder Woman and I love how she's depicted in this series <3 she's so in character!!Wonderful chapter :)

    7. This series just keeps getting better and better. Mera has been introduced and looks like a badass with her dolphin carriage ( all the dolphins have crowns!) - I can't wait to read more.

    8. DC BombshellsAnother great chapter. This series keeps getting better. I love concept and the bombshells. I hope to see Black Canary and Zatanna in future issues.

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