The Mystery at Big Ben (Around the World in 80 Mysteries)

Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date 12 31 2005 Pages 129 Reading Level Age 8 and Up
The Mystery at Big Ben Around the World in Mysteries Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age and Up

  • Title: The Mystery at Big Ben (Around the World in 80 Mysteries)
  • Author: Carole Marsh
  • ISBN: 9780635034694
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Mystery at Big Ben (Around the World in 80 Mysteries)”

    1. The Mystery at Big Ben starts of when a children's book author Mimi and her husband Papa visit London, England for an appointment with the queen. For this exciting trip she brings along her two favorite (and only) grandchildren Grant and Christina. Mimi and Papa go off and do "grown up things" and let the children tour around the city as long as they behave. Grant and Christian visit Big Ben along with their new best friends George and Maggie. They are about to leave when Grant notices an issue [...]

    2. I really liked that she introduces each of her characters, puts actual pictures of the setting, and maps of London right at the beginning of the book. These features really help the reader to be ready to read the book. I loved all of the great history facts integrated into the story. I also really enjoyed the rich British vocabulary. It was fun to learn their terms for every day places and items. The students would also love to learn and use the vocabulary.I did not like how unrealistic the stor [...]

    3. I actually like this series way more than I anticipated! Each book takes Mimi, Papa, and their grandchildren to a new city where a mystery awaits them. The series is super accessible and book club questions, a glossary, and activity ideas to go along with the book are all included at the end. I'm a huge traveler and I still learned new things as I read. If the author took out the photographs of the "main characters" at the beginning of the book I think this book would be more appealing. It's a v [...]

    4. The Mystery at Big Ben is the 1st of 80 books. Each book is a journey and a mystery that occurs. Mimi is mystery writer and her husband, Papa, is the pilot. They travel with their grandchildren, Christina and Grant. While Mimi is the mystery writer, it is Grant and Christina who seems to fall into mysteries and solve them.This is for about grade 4. It is very similar to the 59 Clues, but a little easier and thus a good break-in series. My students are going to love them.

    5. Andrew and I read this book together. Mimi and Papa took Christina and Grant to London, England to see the sites and meet the Queen. While sightseeing, Grant discovers a problem with Big Ben. The children try and solve the problem and end-up on a great adventure. This book had a wonderful story. Both of us enjoyed the whole book.

    6. Mimi (Carole Marsh), Papa, Grant, and Christina went to big ben. Grant spotted a diagram in the big ben tower and he thought it meant that it will destroy big ben. So Grant, Christina and her 2 new friends have to stop it on time or else it will explode

    7. I read this to my Year 5 class after reading The Mystery of the (which they LOVED), and they were somewhat underwhelmed. It feels like it's building up to something that never happens. However, educational about London and gives lots of information.

    8. This Is a really good book it is a series but I have only read this one. But you actually learn from it and the author uses real people and places in it and she put her self in has a mystery writer writing about the places she goes to. Really good!

    9. Not a horrible book. It's weird. I am trying to get into it but it is hard compared to the books I am reading. I may give it another try.

    10. Meh. It was not very good or very descriptive of the place in London where they went. Very disappointing.

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