Zombies Ahead

Zombies suck, but they re not after brains Forget mindless rotting corpses shuffling along These zombies are young, hot, and looking for action One day Kai Bauer is tending vineyards in Germany, the next he s on a plane heading for well, he doesn t really know Wait a minute He s a what And they have to drink what to live forever The transition begins on his nineteeZombies suck, but they re not after brains Forget mindless rotting corpses shuffling along These zombies are young, hot, and looking for action One day Kai Bauer is tending vineyards in Germany, the next he s on a plane heading for well, he doesn t really know Wait a minute He s a what And they have to drink what to live forever The transition begins on his nineteenth birthday He must find a mate in four years or he ll have a long, un fun life.That s Jasper s problem too After decades, the ex priest has given up on finding a mate He s willing to be Kai s mentor and friend Gorgeous, distant, and off limits, meet young, virile, and gay.
Zombies Ahead Zombies suck but they re not after brains Forget mindless rotting corpses shuffling along These zombies are young hot and looking for action One day Kai Bauer is tending vineyards in Germany the n

  • Title: Zombies Ahead
  • Author: Z. Allora
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 2.5 stars. When two well dressed Americans arrive at Kai's small farm in Germany he finds his abusive uncle has sold him to the strangers for an unknown purpose. (And that's about the sum of character development and back story Kai gets in this book.) Kai is understandably surprised to find that he's transitioning into a zombie. The Americans (Beau and Lafayette) are taking him to their zombie haven where he can safely learn about his new life. Kai seems to be taking everything in his stride unt [...]

    2. Its official!!! I want to be a Zombie!!! Well I want to be one of Z's gay zombiese shambling, rotting , brain eating creatures of the dead these ARE NOT! Oh no.These guys are hot, hot hot and they have averyinteresting liquid diet! * cough* Cute, quirky, entertaining and sexy, I have to admit I really enjoyed getting to know them all. Its not often a paranormal story comes up with something different so this was a nice surprise and a completely different take on the Zombie lore we've come to exp [...]

    3. I'm gonna go ahead and give this a 3.If you remove all the zombie club scenes, it's actually pretty cute.I think jizz vampires would be a better discription, than zombie.The zombie sex clubt not hot, and could have been glossed over.But, some of the other zombie couples were kind cute.

    4. Let me just say that this is in NO way a typical zombie story. No horror, no gore and no brain eating.For starters, these zombies are gay boys that have specific DNA tags that trigger a transition at the age of 19. From then on, in order to remain immortal, they will need to ingestspunk!!!Their main goal is to find their mate and bond with them. I just loved learning about how Beau and Lafayette met. Over their long years together, these lovers have made a safe-haven of sorts for all zombies. Th [...]

    5. Okay, so this is not the best written book ever, but it's better than many I've read in this genre, a lot better. It doesn't pretend to be deep and heavy, although it does skate over some pretty heavy subject, like abuse, slavery and crippling lack of confidence. It is also a light, quick read and very much a 'feel good' book. I don't understand the comment that said there was no character development because, for me the protagonist, Kit undergoes a lot of change, some of it fundamental, in his [...]

    6. Before you start reading this book forget everything about zombies you think you know. These Zombies are totally different. No Walking Deads here. And after I was over this I really enjoyed the story and this new Zombie concept. :-)

    7. 4.5 rounded up to 5. This is my first time ever reading an m/m zombie book and honestly it helped because her zombies are different. Very clever on how zombies are in this book. It was really good.

    8. This was.different! Zombies who don't go mindless for brains, but who survive by drinking other men's spunk. I think it would have been more sensible if they had been vampires, not zombies, because nothing about them resembled anything zombie I've ever seen.I'm kind of intrigued enough to want to know what happens to Ulrich and Alex, but I dunno if I'll bother. Also, this is tagged BDSM, and lots of stuff happens, but it's watching other people, and not the MCs participating themselves, so I don [...]

    9. Oh how I loved this first book in a new series by one of favourite authors.This is an entirely new take on Zombiesey do not want to suck your brains out. Has the kind of insta-love looking for a mate that I love plus lots of gorgeous young men and hot sex!! Cant wait for the next one :-)

    10. Fun romp with zombiesAt times sweet, at other times funnyif you like zombies, humor and man-on-man sex, you should read this series. Kai and Jasper are both funny and sweet. Not a depressing, horror laden romp at all!

    11. What a great new take on Zombies. Maybe now I'll quite having nightmares about them! I look forward to the next Zombie Club book.

    12. 2.5 stars. Honestly there isn't a lot of development in this book either world building, character or plot. In fact, I'm not sure I even really understand the whole concept of how and why some people become zombies. Also the zombies in this world aren't really that different from everyone else except they are all gay, all men, live long lives and have to ingest semen on a regular basis.There isn't a lot of story to this book. Kai is "sold" to two American men and taken to a place where zombies l [...]

    13. Rating: 2.5 starsI had a really hard time reading this book. I almost didn’t finish it. I just couldn’t relate to either of the main characters and I just wanted Kai to stop being in denial and get with Jasper already. I did like Beau’s and Lafayette’s back story. I think it was my favorite part of the book.

    14. Trish reviews Zombies Ahead by Z Allora. mrsconditreadsbooks/?pREVIEW: Kai Bauer is in a bad situation. After his parents died ten years ago, he was sent to live with his abusive uncle. Kai has done his best to keep the debt collecters away from the family vineyard, but with his uncle’s drinking taking all the profits and racking up even more bills, the only thing holding him there is his younger cousin Ulrich. One day two strangers from America arrive with a proposition-in exchange for Kai co [...]

    15. I need to add bookshelves entitled "fun" and "original". Z. Allora takes a standard trope--zombies--and turns it on its ear. Our boys suck heads all right, but it's not brains they're after. While many moments are light-hearted, beneath the hotness and playfullness is some pretty solid world-building, and some very complex relationships as our modern day zombie, Kai, navigates a world so foreign and far removed from his uncle's vinyards, his former home. For his own protection and training, myst [...]

    16. 2.5 stars (rounded up because of the ending)The 'zombies' were more like succubus/succubi than zombies. The only difference between the two was that they weren't called succubus and they didn't appear in dreams. Other than that the idea for the book could be considered unique and it was certainly something I've never come across in a zombie themed book. The characters in the book were interesting and fun to follow when they weren't having sex or fighting attraction. I have to admit that I though [...]

    17. 3.5 StarsSo I was looking for a book that starts with the letter Z. And I came across this one. There were several choices, but this one was a little different from what I normally read (I think), so I tried it.To summarize, it's an NA gay fantasy lit. New Adult. Alam na.Gay. Need I explain further? I'm a bit uncomfortable with lesbians, but for two men, not so much. Maybe because I can't relate to their body parts. Hahaha!Fantasy. They're zombies. But unlike the typical zombies that we watch ab [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book very much. Just don't let the title dissuade you from reading it. This is a beautiful story about a boy name Kai, from Germany, who got rescued from an abusive situation by two very kind men who whisk him to a place called "Club Zombie". There he learned what exactly it being a zombie mean. Basically, it is a story about hope, love and self discovery. He found his love and true mate in Jasper, an ex-priest. I won't get into more of the story, as to not give out any spoilers. [...]

    19. FYI-I counted over 220 pgs so if you're looking for something short and entertaining, this is not it. At least by my count. My three stars is generous, really more 2.5. The premise was fun but what should have been a smoking hot look into Zombie life just wasn't. It kind of dragged and felt off. The use of full words instead of contractions made the flow all wrong IMO. Using "did not" instead of didn't when using a character's voice. It was just off. A waste of time? Meh, not really but I wouldn [...]

    20. Definitely creative with Zombies that suckwell, anyone, till they find their mate. I was a little bothered by the southern slave story but mostly because the problems with that pairing recently came to my attention. That and the whole "are you gay yet?" thing with Kai took away from the otherwise entertaining story of a unique culture. This has a lot of sex, but it is a fun read.

    21. I really liked this book. I liked how the author twisted Zombie mythology to fit the m/m genre, it was certainly a unique take. The romance was sweet and it was really good reading a book where for a change there was no 'big bad' happening.If you are looking for a good story to relax with for a few hours then I highly recommend this one.

    22. So much funGives I want to suck your brains out a whole new meaning! Love these zombies the back stories to die for. I want Cassidy's story and the story for Cory and Jamie please! I love Z Allora she has become an must read. Just wish all her stories were available as ebooks!!! If you like kink with heart and humor you won't be disappointed.

    23. Had to read for the premise alone. It was a fun read. I expected a more blantant, unapologetic erotic read, but it was really more about Kai coming to terms with his sexuality with a dose of romance(?). Hard to classify. Zombie-ism was really a minor part of the storyline. The only real part it played was an excuse for BJ's. 2.5 stars.

    24. The book was apologetically fun. 3.5 (I really need 1/2 stars.) Loved the concept. Liked the characters. The mini stories inside the sort of history book were awesome and fun. Half star taken off for the abrupt feel of the last part of the book but definitely want to read book 2.

    25. This is not one of the most well written books. The idea behind the book is fun and different. I think this story is more of a feel good read. It wasn't believable but I really wasn't expecting it to be.

    26. Didn't care for this story. I ended up skimming. And the term zombie makes no sense. These guys aren't zombies. Substitute "vampire," "leprechaun," "unicorn"ne of those work any better than zombie. The author should have come up with an original name for her men.

    27. Another great read from one of my favourite authors. Funny, sexy and sweet. Looking forward to the sequel and hoping to see Cassidy find happiness, as well as Ulrich

    28. The story premise is interesting to say the least. I did have to stumble around a bit to understand certain parts. Lots of grammar issues but over all a good story.

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