Snowed In With You

Sutton Mathews is in a rut After catching her cheating boyfriend with his young, hot co worker, she swore off love Despite her best friend Mandy s best efforts, Sutton s not interested in finding a new man Deciding a change of pace would be good for her, Sutton escapes the city and visit Mandy s family farm during the holiday season, but when a freak snow storm slams thSutton Mathews is in a rut After catching her cheating boyfriend with his young, hot co worker, she swore off love Despite her best friend Mandy s best efforts, Sutton s not interested in finding a new man Deciding a change of pace would be good for her, Sutton escapes the city and visit Mandy s family farm during the holiday season, but when a freak snow storm slams the northeast, she is snowed in with the one person who could be her undoing Will Sutton be able to move on, and find a match with the most unlikely person Chase Lockstone is a man who doesn t have time for a girlfriend Casual hook ups work for him, but deep down, he knows his heart is open for love He just hasn t found the right girl to give it to yet He decides it s time to return home to confront his family about a hidden secret, except what he doesn t expect to find is a beautiful stranger, a woman who he discovers is off limits Amidst the snowy holidays, Chase and Sutton have to decide if they re able to push their boundaries and open their hearts to each other Can they find a way to battle their fears and ride out the storm
Snowed In With You Sutton Mathews is in a rut After catching her cheating boyfriend with his young hot co worker she swore off love Despite her best friend Mandy s best efforts Sutton s not interested in finding a ne

  • Title: Snowed In With You
  • Author: Luxx Monroe
  • ISBN: 9781518829390
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Goddamn,I love a good h. Sutton gets stuck inside a house during a snowstorm with her best friend’s brother, Chase. A brother Sutton has always been told is a hateful jerk. However, she soon discovers that one person’s opinion does not a whole person make and she realises Chase is a good person after all.Having been doomed to a two year relationship of non-orgasmic, missionary sex with her cheating ex-boyfriend, Sutton believes her lady parts are broken. When she lets this little fact slip, [...]

    2. Snowed In With You is such a fun, quick, hot and easy read. I did not want it to end. Who wouldn’t want Chase for the holidays!Sutton finds herself snowed in with her best friend Mandy’s brother (who happens to be the biggest jerk on Earth, according to Mandy) after Mandy had to stay behind in the city. But Sutton quickly learns there’s more to Chase than Mandy’s opinion of him. Chase came home for the holidays to confront his family about a secret they were keeping from him but what he [...]

    3. *****4.5 Stars*****I loved reading this book that much that I read it in one setting! Couldn't put it down as I was so wrapped up with Sutton & Chase's storyThe chemistry between these two was so frigging awesome, loved the banter between the two despite being stuck in a middle of nowhere in the storm. Thinking the worse of each other. The way they met each other really had me in stitches! This is an amazing, feel good story with a lovey HEA Bonus is the way the author wrote the sex scenes! [...]

    4. Swoon worthy. I LOVE Chase, he and Sutton make quite a pair. Snowed in with you is a light and quick read. Two people get stuck in a farm house while a big blizzard passes, and there is snow everywhere and no way out for at least a couple of days. So they decide to have a little fun, and they sure did it right. This was sexy, because Chase was hell bent in pleasuring Sutton and their chemistry was quite good. This book is so good because I could understand the characters, it is really a must rea [...]

    5. 4.5 just what I needed starsLoved it! Happy, dirty, sexy story, with insta-lust turning to love for two great characters. The first person dual POV's worked perfectly. I can see me happily reading everything this author writes.

    6. Awesome read, I loved Sutton and Chase. Power couple and at times made me laugh. Going into winter, this book wants you to find a hot sexy guy and get snowed in with him. The start of the book made you want to hate Chase, and by chapter three you really wanted to hate him. Sutton handled him perfect and once they decided they couldn't leave each other alone, you wanted the happy ever after with them. There is hot sex scenes in the book and they will make you not want to put it down. I had to lau [...]

    7. This was a fantastic quick, sexy, and fast paced read. Many times I found myself laughing. What's better than a book with heat and one that makes you laugh, I loved it! Sutton and Chase felt like a real couple battling their attraction to one another. When they finally give in, you find yourself hoping for the happily ever after.I highly recommend this if you want a quick, funny, very hot read with such a great writing style. The story just flowed and I really wish it would of been longer. Revie [...]

    8. ***Lightning Strikes Twice For Luxx Monroe!***This book is a fun, sweet and sexy read! I fell in love with the characters and the sexy humor. I didn't want it to end. I really enjoyed Luxx Monroe's stand alone sophomore novella and look forward to many more!**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**

    9. I enjoyed this hot little romp. The characters are well developed and the storylinewell, the whole thing is just plain hot fun.

    10. Snowed in with You is a short, sexy read with heart and a bit of humor.Sutton has given up on love for the time being despite her best friend Mandy's best efforts to push her out into the dating world.Agreeing to spend the holidays with Mandy and her family she heads to their farm early with everyone else coming the next day.Chase is Mandy's brother and doesn't do relationships, even though deep down he knows what he really wants is something permanent. He's hot as hell and a bit cocky, but ther [...]

    11. “Happiness. She made me want to be happy.”Quick, sexy read!Sutton finds herself alone at her friend, Mandy’s family farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, snowed in with Mandy’s estranged, jerk of a brother, Chase. Chase’s first sight of Sutton, after finding her in a highly embarrassing position, is burned into his brain. He tries to keep her at arm’s length but after realising that they need to pull together, they call a truce and try to get a long for the few days that they will be s [...]

    12. Snowed In With You was a very steamy romance novella. It was a quick and easy read, but packed full of emotions and erotica. I thought this book was excellent. The writing and characters were very detailed and believable. I highly recommend this book if you're looking for a short and sexy read. Sutton is stuck in a relationship rut after her ex cheated on her. When she plans on vacationing for the holidays at her friend's families house, she doesn't plan on getting snowed in with only her friend [...]

    13. Snowed in with You" by Luxx Monroe. What better way to spend not on the holidays but the first time meeting your best friends family, but to get snowed in with the least favorite family member. That's what happens when Sutton goes to stay with her best friend Mandy's family. She ends up finding love with dreaded brother Chase. I think this book needs to be read, if nothing else for the laugh out loud moments of Sutton first meeting Chase and then again meeting the family. The rest of the book is [...]

    14. An arc was received in exchange for an honest review.Luxx has done it again, given us yet another hot fast paced read with the perfect mix of drama, laughs and some seriously smoking hot sexy scenes. Sutton is in a rut and decides to spend the holidays with her friend Mandy's family, Chase Mandy's brother is also there as well he doesn't have time for girlfriends only time for causal flings. These two have some seriously awesome chemistry even when they're both worried about what Mandy thinks of [...]

    15. Luxx really knows how to tell a story Even for a novella, she really sucks you into the story and characters. This is the second story that I have read by Luxx and I have loved both of them! Chase and Sutton met at Chase's family cabin due to Sutton being invited by Chase's sister, Mandy. A snowstorm caused them to be snowed in together where Sutton was able to get past Chase's walls and got to know & fall for the real Chase.The twist at the end was honestly not very shocking and it was real [...]

    16. An ARC was received for an HONEST ReviewThis book is quick paced and very easy to read. The sparks that fly between Chase and Sutton will leave you breathing heavy.e sex is HOT!!!Sutton is shy and doesn't do one night stands and Chase is her best friends brother. What to do when you get snowed in?"Let's get you out of your shell and see who can the other person the most earth-shattering orgasm. What do you say?" Ummmm. YES PLEASE!!!!A great read from a new Author to me. Can't wait to see what sh [...]

    17. Snowed in with YouBy Luxx MonroeReviewed by Jaime KurpSo this book was written a little different than I’m used to and I liked it. It gave it more appeal. Each chapter was written in either Sutton’s or Chase’s point of view. I thought it was done very well. This story is about Chase and Sutton who get snowed in at Chase’s parents house. They have never met each other before. But when they first meet, Chase is a jerk and Sutton can’t stand him. But soon they let their walls down and spa [...]

    18. I love a good brother of the best friend story, and this one has many elements I enjoyed. It's a quick read with some hot moments mixed with some fast moving, yet gradually growing emotions.There were multiple editing errors (he put his close on) that took me out of the story, but what I disliked was the transition between two strangers in conflict to their exploration of sexual chemistry. It happened too suddenly. If the book had better editing and a more gradual progression of the relationship [...]

    19. This was a good story. A little bit trite and definitely predictable but at the same time, with a major twist. This could easily have been a five star book but that twist didn't feel like it was followed through on. There is this great story, the twist and then happily ever after. Another chapter or two would have made all of the difference. Also, even though it is snowy and set at Christmas time, there was very little holiday stuff happening. There is nothing wrong with that but it could have b [...]

    20. this is the secound book i read from luxx monroe cant wait to read more it loved both sutton and chase it took a while to start to love chase but by the end of the book i wanted to give him a big hug they made each other happy it started off them just wanting sex but it grew you could really fell the chemistry from the start the way the met i thought was HOT!!!!! the sexy times were just steamy cant wait to read more from this amazingly talented author <3

    21. Sutton is snowed in with her best friend’s older brother, Chase. Chase isn’t nice at the beginning, but he’s different with Sutton when he realizes that he will be alone with her for a couple days. He hates going back home, but she makes it better. Sutton is immediately attracted to Chase. They decide to have sex, keep things casual and try different things. I really enjoyed this steamy novella. The only thing I missed was an epilogue.

    22. Hot & SteamyLord have mercy! This is the kind of sexy steamy book I LOVE! Chase and Sutton's story is so freaking hot you will need to change your panties. Absolutely LOVED this erotic story. I would love to be stuck in the country during a snow storm with Chase any day!Go one click this. It is a must read. 5/5

    23. Do you know what I love more than a really hot, sexy little book? A sexy book that is also funny! This book is great. It has the heat, but it also made me laugh. I loved the chemistry between Chase and Sutton. They were on fire, but they also seemed very real. Great book, can't wait for the next!*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review*

    24. Snowed In With You Kindle Editionby Luxx MonroeReviewed by Terri AllenIf you want a quick, fun and sexy read, this book is for you. Who wouldn't want to be snowed in with a hunk? Sutton and Chase has great chemistry and I love to see the banter back and forth. I really enjoyed reading and highly recommended. Thank you!

    25. This one was a book I came across while it was free. It was featured on a site I had one of mine listed on, so I decided to give it a try. I'm a huge fan of character-driven stories. I like seeing how they react to each other, and love seeing some good verbal sparring. This one delivered that, and kept me interested til the end. I'd love to see what happens to this pair in the future.

    26. If you are looking for a quick, sexy read this would fit the bill. The set up isn't 100% believable, but if you set that aside and just go with it, it works. Being a novella, the book is heavy on the sexy time and light on relationship or character development. This is not the book for you if you are looking for a hefty emotional story, but is a good escape.

    27. Wow! What a story! I could not put it down, it is that good! Sutton and Chase's chemistry is freaking hot! If your panties are not drenched while you are reading this, then you might be dead.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    28. Annnddd Luxx does it again! Holy Shit! Hot stuff right here. Not only was this hot, but it was funny as hell. Loved Chase and Sutton's chemistry. The only thing is WHY ARE YOUR BOOKS SO SHORT!! Lol, I want more. Promise me the next one will be longer. Please?? :D

    29. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review. Luxx never disappoints. Sutton and Chase dislike each other on sight. It doesn't stay that way. This book is funny, sexy and everything you would expect from Luxx. Thanks for another great read!

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