With evolution as a unifying theme, this textbook emphasises on natural selection and the evolutionary process that explains biodiversity.
Biology With evolution as a unifying theme this textbook emphasises on natural selection and the evolutionary process that explains biodiversity

  • Title: Biology
  • Author: Peter H. Raven George B. Johnson Susan R. Singer Jonathan B. Losos
  • ISBN: 9780072921649
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Biology”

    1. Overall, this was an okay text. I read it not for a course but to update my personal knowledge of the subject originally gained in the 1970s and only supplemented in a piecemeal fashion.A problem: The authors/ editors do not seem to have a consistent view of their audience, which seems a problem for a textbook. Some parts of the book are moderately challenging, requiring one to bring to active use material learned in earlier chapters; this is particularly so in the coverage of biochemistry and c [...]

    2. Pre-read/use:I thought the previous edition of this book was pretty good. I think this book should be largely similar to the previous edition, but with some better instructor resources. I'm going to ask my students to rate it at the end of the semester and I'll post their rating here with my review.Post-read/use:Still good. Not as many updates as I thought there would be. The publisher caught me on this one.

    3. This text is very poorly written. It is unnecessarily obfuscating and jargon cluttered. If there are three terms with which to describe the exact same thing, Raven is sure to give you four. There are much better General Biology texts out there which I had to refer to because Raven makes such a muddle of things. Better and more highly recommended texts are Sadava "Life" (Very Good) and Freeman "Biological Science" (Fantastic). Campbell is good too. Aside from the plethora of unnecessary jargon, t [...]

    4. A fantastic textbook that explains biology in terms of time, energy, evolution, behaviour and ecosystem. The scope is utterly amazing. A good teacher should be able to take this book and show how life scales from the single-cell to the biosphere for each of the many physiological processes we depend on.

    5. Good stuff for everyone here. Too much fun. Again, McGraw-Hill did an excellent job with the teaching/learning resources that accompany this text.

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