Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies

All the students in the class are assigned reading buddies, except for Adelaide She already has one, a bear And Adelaide is quite persuasive as she explains to her language arts teacher, Mrs Fitz Pea, and the reader, that bears really do make the best reading buddies they sniff out good books and their claws are just right for turning pages And the bear looks rather fAll the students in the class are assigned reading buddies, except for Adelaide She already has one, a bear And Adelaide is quite persuasive as she explains to her language arts teacher, Mrs Fitz Pea, and the reader, that bears really do make the best reading buddies they sniff out good books and their claws are just right for turning pages And the bear looks rather friendly and studious in these crayon bright, contemporary illustrations, making this is must read picture book for story time
Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies All the students in the class are assigned reading buddies except for Adelaide She already has one a bear And Adelaide is quite persuasive as she explains to her language arts teacher Mrs Fitz Pea

  • Title: Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies
  • Author: Carmen Oliver Jean Claude
  • ISBN: 9781479591817
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. 3.5This would have been a 4 star read for me if it wasn't for the way it ended, it was just too abrupt. Everything else however was absolutely wonderful! The story adorable, the illustrations delightful and honestly right now all I want is a bear as a reading buddy.

    2. Perfect mentor text to use when beginning reading partners or book clubs. Use to think about what reading partners should be doing and thinking together as they read. Can create an anchor chart off of this and add new ideas. Cute illustrations, too.

    3. I absolutely love this book. The pictures are bright and colorful and easy to follow for kids that may not understand all the words if this book is not being read aloud in class. The story itself is very nice as well. It teaches kids several things to look for when reading such as finding a quite spot, not backing down from big words or new words, exploring different genres such as fantasy, mysteries, and more! Can't wait to read it to my class one day.

    4. Adelaide brings a very special friend to school as her reading buddy. Her very own Bear waits in the wings as this little girl informs her startled teacher why bears are the best reading buddies ever. She explains why to her teacher hoping she will be allowed to have Bear as her own. "Bears can sniff out a good book with their snouts. They love, love, love adventure stories and mystery novels and good old fashioned fairy tales. Mrs. Fitz-Pea, did you know that bears can build peaceful spaces for [...]

    5. An Appealing Sales PitchThere are lots of books out there for little new readers that emphasize the joys of reading. But they can sometimes be so insistent and such a hard sell that I actually find myself mentally pushing back and checking out. And lots of four to six year olds are at least as independent and opinionated as I am.I liked this book because even though it deals entirely with reading it does so with such wit, and such calm and comfortable grace, that I was engaged rather than pressu [...]

    6. This was a cute book about reading partners. Adelaide tells her teacher that she does not need a reading buddy because she already has one, a bear. The teacher is not sure about this but Adelaide convinces her that bears are great partners for many reasons. This book demonstrates the joy of reading and enjoying it through Adelaide's convincing argument with her teacher. The illustrations are great and very child friendly. I did not like the way it ended, I actually turned the page expecting more [...]

    7. Fun book with a friendly bear for primary readers!This book is the perfect way to introduce reading partners in the primary classroom. When Adelaide's teacher begins to partner the students, Adelaide explains that she already has a reading buddy A bear! Then she explains why her bear is the best reading partner ever!Beyond the idea of reading partners, I think this title does a great job of showing that reading can be fun and exciting. We need more books in the world that similarly promote readi [...]

    8. BEARS MAKE THE BEST READING BUDDIESWritten by Carmen OliverIllustrated by Jean Claude2016; 33 PagesGenre: picture book, children's(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)★★★★When Mrs. Fitz-Pea assigns her class for reading buddies, Adelaide tells her she already has one. Her reading buddy is a bear and she explains why bears make the best reading buddies. I loved the illustrations by Jean Claude and enjoyed this cute stories. When books are about books - w [...]

    9. This was an adorable story about a girl that wanted to bring her bear to school because he makes a great reading buddy. She gives the teacher several examples why he is perfect for the job. This story would be useful for teaching kids about giving supporting details in their writing. The illustrations are cute and compliment the story nicely. This would be a great read for a storytime and a good addition for a library collection. I received the ebook from Netgalley.

    10. A nice, gentle, sweet read for book lovers. The beautiful art by Jena Claude highlight author Carmen Oliver's message to read (even with great patience as you chew on those hard to pronounce words that challenge you). I am sure children of all ages who are as charmed by the warm images this book provides of a gal and her bear who love to read will want to cuddle with a good book (and maybe a teddy bear) tonight. Well done!Gracias to NetGalley for allowing me to review.

    11. I picked up this book because 1) I collect bears, so I pick up any book with a bear on the cover and 2) the girl on the cover also looks like me with her dark brown hair and glasses! In the story, a teacher is going to assign Reading Buddies, but the little girl already has one of her own - a giant Bear. She expounds on the reasons the Bear is the best reading buddy (even if his claws sometimes rip the pages!), and of course in the end, the teacher invites him into the class. It was cute.

    12. This book was super cute! I really liked the charming pictures and the use of higher level vocabulary words throughout. The only thing I wasn't keen on was the abrupt ending; other than that this was a beautifully illustrated and engaging story. I think kids may be able to identify with Bear's love of reading and accidental book mauling. It happens to the best of us!I received an ecopy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

    13. I received this book from NetGalley. The illustrations are colorful, playful, and sweet. The story while short is charming. This book would pair perfectly with a teddy bear for a struggling reader to encourage them to keep trying. I'll be buying it as a gift.

    14. "Bears know that once you get a taste for books, you'll discover trail after trail of adventure and clamber to new heights."A cute story that you could use as an introduction to multi grade level reading buddies.

    15. This book was cute. If you have a little one who likes books and bears I recommend it.

    16. You betcher bear bum they do! This book hits on all my fave things: bears, reading, bears encouraging reading, sweaters, bears in sweaters, honey, bears offering honey for repairs (which no, no, sorry bear, not the best idea). Did I mention bears and their good-book sniffing snouts? B E A R S. B O O K S. Battlestar Galactica. Allow this book to bear you away from the burdens of the real world for a bit. It's pretty sweet.

    17. Reading in class can be challenging at times, especially if you have to read out loud to another person. When Adelaide's teacher announces that they will be picking reading buddies, Adelaide is quick to let her teacher know why she has already picked the perfect reading buddy and the many reasons why Bears Make The Best Reading Buddies.

    18. Adelaide's class is being assigned reading buddies, but she already has one of her own, a bear. Her bear likes to read all books and always comforts her when she gets frustrated sounding out words. Her bear encourages her to become a better reader and is always eager to read another book.Activity:Bring a stuffed bear to class, and after reading the book have the students sit in a circle and pass the bear around the circle. Whoever is holding the bear has to share who their reading buddy is (coul [...]

    19. Was expecting more from this book. Such a smart concept as the bear reads with his buddy but didn't quite reach my expectations. Still a fun read though.

    20. Genre: FictionThis book is great for Kindergarten and up! One unique feature of this text is the adorable pictures as well as how it flows with Lucy Calkin’s reading workshop.

    21. The story is nice enough, but what I really want is the patterned end papers to be released as fabric so I can make a totebag out of it. And pillowcases. And maybe a duvet cover.

    22. Fantastic! Clever and original story, using vivid and adorable illustrations, colorful vocabulary, metaphors, play-on-words, and logical arguments to convince my daughter and me that bears really do make the best reading buddies!I received a copy of this book from Capstone via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    23. Not only is this book well-written, with words that stretch young readers' vocabulary, but the illustrations contain a diverse range of characters in bright, bold colors. They are just lovely!

    24. I love this book and my kids love it too! Great artwork, good story, and the main character has one of my favorite names! Adelaide!

    25. Originally posted on You Have Your Hands FullI received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My daughters love reading as much as I do. We have seven bookshelves in our house, and there are still books on the floor! I constantly have to remind them to not leave books in their beds. I could go on, but that would turn this into a blog post rather than a review. I received an opportunity to read Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies. This is the debut wor [...]

    26. In the interest of full disclosure, I received an advanced complimentary electronic review copy of BEARS MAKE THE BEST READING BUDDIES. I did not read a book with a bear. Books that encourage kids to read are always great--write a compelling story and kids will read it. BEARS MAKE THE BEST READING BUDDIES is one of those books, but it is also so meta. It is a compelling book about the fun of reading compelling books (with bears, of course). Adelaide’s teacher gives each student a reading buddy [...]

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