Good Thing You're Not an Octopus!

If you were an octopus, you d have eight legs to put into pants Follow one little boy through his day as he playfully considers how mealtime, bath time, nap time, and many other activities would be different if he were a bird, a tiger, or any number of baby animals Julie Markes s first picture book is charmingly illustrated by Maggie Smith.
Good Thing You re Not an Octopus If you were an octopus you d have eight legs to put into pants Follow one little boy through his day as he playfully considers how mealtime bath time nap time and many other activities would be di

  • Title: Good Thing You're Not an Octopus!
  • Author: Julie Markes Maggie Smith
  • ISBN: 9780064435864
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Bright, colorful illustrations. Simple text that allows a child to discover how wonderful it is to be them. Every day activities that children can relate to but put in a different context. Simple ideas like be glad you don't have to brush your teeth if you were a shark or if you were a caterpillar and had to put on shoes.

    2. What’s that you say? You don’t like to get dressed in the morning? Well, it’s a good thing you’re not an octopus because they have 8 legs which makes putting on pants much more difficult than the 2 legs you have. The round-faced boy in this book has a list of activities he doesn’t like, from riding in his car seat to taking a bath, putting on his shoes to brushing his teeth. Luckily, the unnamed narrator is able to find the bright side to each activity, “If you were a shark you could [...]

    3. This book is less of a story, and more a series of scenarios. Each page has something that a kid doesn't like to do, and then says "it's a good thing you're not a" and then an animal, and explains how that activity would be harder for that animal. For instance, an octopus getting dressed would be hard because he had so many legs, a bird has to eat worms, a bear has to nap through all of winter etc. It's all very light hearted and ends with the message that "It's a good thing you're you! (phew)"T [...]

    4. 3.5 - I wasn't so sure I'd like this. I could tell right away that Julia probably would but I wasn't sure about myself. I did end up thinking it was okay. My favorite part was the illustrations. The illustrations are exactly as they should be - big, bright and engaging.The story is pretty basic, going along with 'don't like to put on your shoes? good thing you're not a caterpillar, then you'd have sixteen feet to put shoes on!' the whole time.Lots of different things are included, everything fro [...]

    5. Best for kids ages 4 and upEarly Literacy Skills: Print Motivation, Vocabulary, Narrative SkillsFrom cover: It's a good thing you're not an octopus! If you were an octopus, you would have eight legs to put into your pants!Follow one little boy through his day as he playfully considers how mealtime, bath time, nap time, and many other activities would be different if he were a bird, a tiger, or any number of baby animals. At the end of the day he realizes that the best thing of all is to be himse [...]

    6. Parents who struggle getting their children ready for school in the morning will appreciate this approach to getting cooperation. A child who resists putting on his shoes should be reminded that if he were a caterpillar his task would be much more difficult. Brushing teeth is another task many kids would rather skip, but they should be grateful they are not a shark with over 200 hundred teeth to clean! The pictures are adorable and the text humorous and engaging. Children will hopefully learn th [...]

    7. Kids get to see what it would be like if they were different animals doing everyday things we do as humans such as getting dressed in the morning, taking baths, and eating breakfast. For example, it shows a tiger cub's mom licking the cub clean instead of taking a bath. A baby kangaroo riding in it's mom's pouch instead of riding in a car seat and a baby bird eating a worm instead of a cereal for breakfast. This story is a fun read that will have kids laughing out loud and being thankful that th [...]

    8. In this fictional book, a little boy complains about his daily activities and what is that he has to do. He imagines his situation as an octopus and realizes that if he were an octopus his life would be a bit more chaotic. In the end he realizes that it’s a good thing to be himself rather than an octopus.

    9. This book is fun in that it relates so well to children's experiences such as getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and eating your meals while teaching them about commonly seen animals. It sparks an interest in learning more about these animals while relating to those things that make up a child's day.

    10. This book is absolutely horrible for a child who picks it up and does not hate getting dressed, eating, etc. I read this to my grandson, and the only thing that saved it was me being silly and saying, "Wait, maybe you should be an octopus, because you LOVE to get dressed!" And the pouch--OMG, he would *LOVE* if he got to ride around in a pouch of his mom's all day.

    11. FUN read! This is an engaging fictional story which helps children think about the differences between animals. I used this book to ease our discussion on invertebrates/vertebrates, and even copied the octopus illustration when creating a invertebrate/vertebrate material. The children mainly enjoy this material because of this humorous picture!

    12. Cute book for preschool age children. It goes through a day in the life of a little boy and discusses how the not-so-fun-things he has to do, could be worse. Features animals like birds, tigers, sharks, kangaroo, etc. Teaches children that no matter how bad they think they have it, it can always be worse. Also reinforces routines.

    13. A really fun book for storytime that I am just now discovering! A child doesn't like taking a bath, taking a nap, eating his lunch (and all those other things kids hate to do!). But compared to animals, kids have it easy. Tigers lick their cubs to give them baths (yuck!) and bears have to nap ALL WINTER LONG.

    14. Humoristically, it seemed quite promising, and the pictures are cute. But my son didn't really get it, he kept saying "but, I like to get dressed", "but, I like to sit in my car seat", "but, I like to take a bath". So, he was amused by the idea of having worms for lunch but he remained puzzled throughout the book. Didn't really work for us

    15. Children can make great comparison to their animal counter parts in this goofy picture book written by Julie Markes and illustrated by Maggie Smith. Such as if you don't like putting your shoes on to go places, be happy you are not a caterpillar who has sixteen feet! Whew!Published by Harper Collins.#animals #humanbody #goofy #PB #comparisons

    16. This is not a story but a list of examples for children to be grateful for--having only 2 feet instead of 8 is an example. While an extremely simple worded book the illustrations more than make up for it. Would recommend for younger children.

    17. This is such a cute book for kids who are at the age where they don't want to do anything- get dressed, eat, brush their teeth, etc But I think any age will love it because the pictures are so cute too.

    18. My son is one and a half, and he loves this story! He likes the pictures: he growls at the Bears, he growls at the tiger, LOL. And the morals are good for him since he hates having his teeth brushed, getting dressed in the morning etc.

    19. Has your little one every complained about brushing their teeth, or getting dressed, or going to bed? Well, read this book to them often and they will be happy to be who they are!A wonderful warm and witty story with wry and amusing illustrations make this book a keeper!

    20. It's a fun children's book. I read it to my preschoolers and they loved it. They think "it's funny!" Love the vibrant color illustrations.

    21. Cute, but the moral was a bit preachy. Probably best for one-on-one storytime, or for older kids. Any kid younger than three would probably need this abridged in a storytime context.

    22. Funny and very relative to a 3 or 4 year olds day. Don't like getting dressed? Don't like taking.g a nap? Don't like brushing your teeth? This book puts into perspective that its good to be you!

    23. Do you think being a little kid is hard? Brushing teeth, getting dressed, and other things make you a lucky person compared to if you were n animal!

    24. We checked this out at the library and Addyson loved it. I also thought it was great, because what toddler doesn't complain about daily routines at some point.

    25. Cute picture book about being happy that you are you, even if there are a few things you don't like to do!

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