Rider of the Crown

Imogen, warrior of the Kirkellan tribes, has never wanted to be anything else But when the long war between the Kirkellan and the country of Ruskald ends, the terms of the peace treaty require Imogen to be married to the vicious King of Ruskald for five years Confined to his freezing city, forbidden to fight, Imogen sees nothing but darkness in her future until the arrivImogen, warrior of the Kirkellan tribes, has never wanted to be anything else But when the long war between the Kirkellan and the country of Ruskald ends, the terms of the peace treaty require Imogen to be married to the vicious King of Ruskald for five years Confined to his freezing city, forbidden to fight, Imogen sees nothing but darkness in her future until the arrival of Elspeth North, heir to the Crown of Tremontane, brings three countries to the brink of war and sets Imogen free.Now, sent to be the ambassador of her people to Tremontane, Imogen faces new challenges as she struggles to maintain her warrior s identity in a world of glittering ballrooms and foreign customs As a diplomat, Imogen discovers skills she never knew she had as well as a forbidden attraction to the handsome and charismatic King Jeffrey North But when war once again threatens not only Tremontane but her own people, Imogen must decide is she the warrior, the diplomat or something greater
Rider of the Crown Imogen warrior of the Kirkellan tribes has never wanted to be anything else But when the long war between the Kirkellan and the country of Ruskald ends the terms of the peace treaty require Imogen

  • Title: Rider of the Crown
  • Author: Melissa McShane
  • ISBN: 9780692534632
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Rider of the Crown”

    1. 3.5 stars, rounding up. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature.Rider of the Crown (2015), the second book in Melissa McShane’s CROWN OF TREMONTANE fantasy series, is set a generation after the events in Servant of the Crown. The story initially shifts to a neighboring country to Tremontane, where the Kirkellan live, a fierce people who live a rustic life on the grassy plains and are known for their magnificent horses. Imogen is a young warrior of the Kirkellan, and a big and intellig [...]

    2. This is the second book in the series, though you really don't have to read them in order. I hope you will, because I like Servant so much, but if you really want to start here, there's no reason not to (well, some minor spoilers and that might make you sad).And as with the first, my main difficulty in writing the review is that I'm hyper-familiar with the book. Being married to the author has that effect, at least in our marriage. Which is good, particularly for me, but I wouldn't fault anyone [...]

    3. I read this last night, going over the proof one final time (and finding errors that were easily corrected). It's very different from Servant of the Crown; that's closer to being a romance, where this is more of an action book with a romance subplot. More than that, it's the story of a young woman learning who she is over the course of political infighting, a marriage of convenience, two different (short) wars, and an unexpected diplomatic career.I'd originally intended the Crown of Tremontane s [...]

    4. No star rating, as per my usual 'policy'.So, I lied a bit, in leaving this marked as 'to-read'. I was lucky enough to be able to read it in manuscript, but knew I wanted to read it again as soon as it was published, so went for the non-boasting but rather inaccurate 'to-read'. Of course I loved it as much as I had first time. I find it quite hard to talk about a book I've read and discussed (with the author, I mean), but both Jacob and Jana manage beautifully, and they've done much more of the r [...]

    5. Another thoroughly enjoyable tale from McShane, in which we see Tremontane from a new viewpoint. It's the generation after Alison the Librarian becomes Queen. I was very sorry to discover that she was also a widow, as I'd not only loved the characters but hoped to see their relationship in mature years. But there is trouble on the border.Imogen is a plains rider and a warrior, daughter of the Kirkellan leader, her mother. Though I had some trouble with the Kirkellan (view spoiler)[They kept blip [...]

    6. Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Review:While you do not have to read the Crown of Tremontane books in order I do think it helps. Rider of the Crown takes place about 20 years after the events in Servant of the Crown, featuring new main characters, but I did get to see some great cameos from favorites from the first. Rider is more of an action adventure book with a strong romance where Servant was a stronger romance with a political adventure subline. I think both a [...]

    7. I have a wonderful book hangover after reading this thought-filled, inspiring, and romantic tale: Rider of the Crown (Crown of Tremontaine Book Two) by Melissa McShane.I loved the theme the author weaves throughout the book: who am I really? Am I what I’m good at? Am I what I am passionate about? Am I who I love or who loves me? Something else, or all of the above?We follow the strong heroine, Imogen, through three phases of her life during which she keeps asking herself this question. The fir [...]

    8. I actually liked this book better than its predecessor. It has some things in common - strong women characters, romance, political machinations, a touch of magic It also starts with a smaller story that could be complete and then turns it on its ear and goes for a more extended route to its conclusion (much like Servant did). The romance takes a bit more of a backseat to the action, which suits me. I also love the wider cast of interesting characters. I liked seeing other countries in the world. [...]

    9. Rider of the Crown by Melissa McShaneImogen is a fierce warrior for her tribe. and hoping one day soon to be a War Leader of her tribe. Her mother is the war chief of the Kirkellan. They live amongst the plains of their society in tents. They are at war with the people of Ruskald. A peace treaty between the two nations take place in which Imogen is sacrificed in a Banach which means a spiritual marriage not one of the flesh. Imogen is to live with King Hrovald for five years in his household unt [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book. Strong female warrior; doing her duty until she realizes she wants something else. Cute romance too.

    11. I so loved this book. it's really well written and exciting. You never know what is going to happen next.I can't wait for the next book.

    12. Loved the descriptions of all the different Kingdoms/countries came into the action of the story.Battles, court intrigue, romance and lots of battle action with blood and guts and war horses. I liked how Imogen always tried her best even when she had no clue how to go about it. being forced to marry an awful King to fighting with her 12, to learning court manners, she always tried to stay true to herself. I also liked how diverse the book was, not just in skin color and culture, but sexuality. T [...]

    13. I enjoyed that this wasn't just the same story as the first book, but instead explored a whole other aspect of the world of Tremontane, and in fact, the world beyond the borders. My one major criticism of this story is that I really don't think that the author has actually studied another language. There is absolutely no way that Imogen could have possibly functioned so well as an ambassador with as little time as she studied the language. It drove me crazy and constantly pulled me out of the wo [...]

    14. Thought this one might be better than its predecessor because the MC was a warrior, but it was somehow worse. Probably because the MC was supposed to be a strong female lead, but failed. Also, the rape of a secondary character being thrown in.

    15. I do enjoy these books for their languid pace, strong characters, distinct personal and professional conflicts. This is also the rare book that managed to write accents and non-native speakers in a way that made sense.

    16. 3.5 stars! Yes to competent female warrior-leaders and the strong competent men that support them. Minus a half star for some wishy washiness

    17. 9/10: Fantastic, left me wanting more.He pulled her closer as the music came to an end. It was goodbye, but she felt like she was flying.Oh, I am liking these very much now.I read book one and went straight on to book two without a break. And at first, I didn't think it was going to be as good as the first one. I was still in love with those characters and this story was set several years later with King Anthony dead!But it drew me in completely. I LOVED Imogen. So fierce. And although a review [...]

    18. I think this could be read as a stand alone, though I read it in chronological order after the first. I liked this one better than I thought I would - though again, it does feel like two separate stories. I liked the character of Imogen, for the most part. There were some small discrepancies - she was determined to be a warrior, that it was her only possible role in life. However, she spent most of the book NOT fighting or training (which I understood to be a necessary part of the warrior lifest [...]

    19. MehThis story was bearable. After such a good first book I was very excited to read this book but in the end I am very disappointed on how the whole plot turned out. Don't get me wrong, the plot is interesting, but it didn't suit my taste for romance. This story also contains a lot of confusing names and words so it's very hard to understand.I personally think that the story should have been like the first one with romance starting in the near beginning instead of trying to cram the romance over [...]

    20. f you expect this to follow on from the previous book you will be in for a surprise. At first I was disappointed that thee Norths seemed out of the story and we had a totally different story line to follow however it does all come together. The battle scenes, the passion, the horrific acts committed are all so well written. Five stars!

    21. Almost as good as the firstI say almost because I wish there was a little more on the years between the first and this one with Alison's kids growing up and her marriage. But I still think it's wonderful and I'll be excited to read the next one. Not much I would change in this book. Very good series to read!

    22. Love it!!Love the scenery this author describes and the relationships between the characters! The internal conflicts are so wonderfully descriptive. I feel like I am actually in the book.

    23. Overly optimistic. Everyone always says the exact right thing. Everyone realizes the mistakes that they made, and apologizes. Every apology is always accepted with grace (eventually). It was okay.

    24. Good plot butThe authors writing style makes it hard to read at times. There is rarely a quotable passage. However, the plot is good enough to keep you interested

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