Frederick Douglass: A Voice for Freedom in the 1800s

Frederick Douglass A Voice for Freedom in the s None

  • Title: Frederick Douglass: A Voice for Freedom in the 1800s
  • Author: Camilla Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780439380829
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Frederick Douglass: A Voice for Freedom in the 1800s”

    1. I normally stay far, far away from non-fiction biographic novels, but I came to the conclusion that I needed to read at least a few in my lifetime. This novel was easy to read and comprehend, making it a good book for anyone who wanted to do a quick brush up on their African American history. I liked this novel for the simple way in which it was written because it made the story of the life of Frederick Douglass a lot easier to follow than a text book would have been. I would recommend this book [...]

    2. I am currently creating a Social Studies unit that includes Civil War and thought this would be an interesting read. Overall, it's a great book that I would have in my classroom. Students should be encouraged to read non-fiction YA novels and this is one I would keep in my classroom. I would recommend this to students working on a research project on Frederick Douglass himself or on slavery and the Civil War. This would be something I would have in my classroom, but I do not think I would requir [...]

    3. He was a slave that was really brave. He learned how to read and write then soon escaped slavery. His life wasn't easy. He faced so many challenged that made him want to give up ,but thank lord he didn't. He is a big part of history.

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