Sweet Hearts

A panda child hides Valentine hearts all over as a way of saying I love you This cheerful introduction to Valentine s Day for toddlers includes tips on how to make paper hearts.
Sweet Hearts A panda child hides Valentine hearts all over as a way of saying I love you This cheerful introduction to Valentine s Day for toddlers includes tips on how to make paper hearts

  • Title: Sweet Hearts
  • Author: Jan Carr
  • ISBN: 9780823418794
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Sweet Hearts”

    1. 3.5 stars. Cute little story about a boy (panda) who makes Valentine's to tuck all over the house for his family to find. Creative artwork done with paper collages--I'm not sure how much I liked it (the idea of the story being about pandas is a bit odd since, words-wise, it could more easily be about humans!) but I could appreciate it and it's a cute idea since it goes along with the idea of making paper Valentine's (and, by the way, instructions for making Valentine's are included).

    2. This is such a cute Valentine's day story! I love how the authors give a little bit of history at the front of the book, and they provide instructions on how to make paper hearts in the back! The rhymes are short and flow easily, and are appropriate for a preschool/toddler audience. The illustrations are in a style that I'm not overly fond of, but overall this is a great book for the holiday!

    3. This is a great book for little one that is short and sweet for Valentine's Day. The pictures vibrant colors are attractive although the bears are less so.

    4. There really isn't much to this Valentine's Day story, but I decided to close with it because I really like the art and it tied into another book (Be Mine, Be Mine, Sweet Valentine) that had a panda in it (all the characters in Sweet Hearts are pandas). The art consists of paper cuts outs with are textured in a way I haven't really seen before. Each page has a hidden (but not THAT hidden) heart, so while I read the story aloud, I had the children look for the hearts. This kind of covered up that [...]

    5. A panda child made several valentines to put around his home on Valentine's Day. The beginning includes a page about "Why Do We Celebrate Valentine's Day?" The final page includes "How to Make Hearts" so readers can make their own valentines to tuck away for someone.A sweet Valentine book about sharing homemade valentines with family members.Theme: Valentine's DayAdditional themes: pandas, family, hide-n-seekReviewed from a library copy.

    6. This was a cute book. Probably not one I'll own on my bookshelf, but cute enough to read at Valentine's Day. My daughter liked the pandas and their dog. She also had just learned what a heart shape is and enjoyed pointing out all the different hearts on the pages. The illustrations were a little abstract, but you were still able to tell what they were. A decent Valentine's read.

    7. A great Valentine book for the toddlers. 2/8/12Used again for Lap Time. 2//13/13Used again. 2/11/14And again. 2/10/15One of the few large valentine books for the young that I have found, so I keep using it.

    8. A very sweet story about a little panda who leaves Valentine's surprises all over the house for everyone in his family. The paper illustrations are beautiful, and there are even tips on making hearts so little ones can hide their own valentines. Cute, non-mushy Valentine's Day book.

    9. Are you looking for places to hide a valentine? Little panda finds all sorts of hiding spots to surprise each member of his family, even the dog!

    10. Valentine's Day book. Good for very early readers or as a read aloud in a preschool setting. Simplistic, bright pictures with a straightforward story line.

    11. Read this to kindergartners. Story of a young panda who hides Valentines for his family around the house. I liked the rhymes and the first page which discussed the history of Valentine's Day.

    12. This was adorable! I love the paper illustrations, very creative and my daughter loves the story too. She is understanding at two, that giving a heart means you love someone. :)

    13. this book is really good i couldnt put it down once i started but i wonder who the guy was that she saw walking when she first got her car. i just started reading the book so i havent got very far

    14. This cute picture book is a sweet way of teaching young children how they can participate in Valentine's Day.

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