Batman: Going Sane

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  • Title: Batman: Going Sane
  • Author: J.M. DeMatteis Eddie Campbell Daren White Joe Staton Bart Sears Steve Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781401218218
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Batman Going Sane J.M Comic fans tend to view Alan Moore s The Killing Joke as the definitive Joker story, but I beg to differ Going Sane fell under the radar in because it was published in the anthology series Legends of the Dark Knight, whereas Killing Joke got the prestige format treatment in . Batman comic book Batman is an ongoing American comic book series featuring the DC Comics superhero Batman as its main protagonist The character first appeared in Detective Comics cover dated May Batman proved to be so popular that a self titled ongoing comic book series began publication with a cover date of Spring It was first advertised in early April , one month after the first Crazy Sane TV Tropes The quote comes from The Sandman, describing Emperor Norton of San Francisco Batman Some interpretations of The Joker depict him as super sane rather than crazy he sees how ridiculous and mixed up the world is, and the only way for him to deal with it is by treating it as one big joke Rare writers even imply that he outright knows he is a villain in a comic book, in which case he is Deluxe Planetary Batman i was throughly impressed with the original run of the Planetary comics, but seeing what Warren Ellis and John Cassidy did with the character of Batman and folding him into a Planetary storyline was alot of fun. Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Batman Legends of the Dark Knight, often simply called Legends of the Dark Knight LotDK is the name of several DC comic books featuring Batman.The original series launched in as the third major monthly Batman title, following the popularity of Tim Burton s Batman film Many of the stories follow the tone of Frank Miller s Batman Year One.The series differs from other Batman titles of Batman and the Constitution How can the Gotham D.A My analysis above presumes that Batman is not a government actor It probably should not have Under New York law private conduct may become so pervaded by governmental involvement that it loses its character as such and invokes the full panoply of constitutional protections. Batman Arkham Knight Video Game TV Tropes Batman Arkham Knight is the direct sequel to Batman Arkham City and the fifth and final game in the Batman Arkham Series.The game is developed by Rocksteady, the originators of the Arkham Series, after Arkham Origins was developed by WB Games Montreal to provide time for them to make Arkham Knight. One year after the death of The Joker in Arkham City, crime in Gotham is at an all

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    1. These mid 1990s tales are divided into two big stories with the first one being more emotionally interesting and the second being more of your typical action piece.The first one is titled “Going Sane” which focuses upon Joker “killing” Batman and concluding he no longer needs to stay Joker. He goes off to get plastic surgery and then he changes into a normal person and gets a life which includes marrying a very trusting woman who helps him with his mental problem. And yet at the same tim [...]

    2. This has got to be one of the dumbest Batman books ever written. The Joker somehow manages to KILL BATMAN and then magically decides - just like that - to give up being the Joker and become a normal person! (There aren’t enough exclamation marks to stress how stupid that setup is so I’m not going to bother)I can understand the Joker’s existence centering around Batman but to just change on a dime like that is just ridiculous. And what does Joker decide to do? Goes to see “Dr. Epstein” [...]

    3. I have read many comics which pit Batman against the Joker, but none come close to this story when it comes to defining the relationship between the two. J.M. DeMatteis has a knack for taking well established characters and giving us new insights into their personalities which enhance, rather than contradict, their established characteristics. A stark contrast to many other "great" Joker stories such as "The Killing Joke," this story shows Batman as a detective as well as a man with the heroic q [...]

    4. The worst Batman story I ever read. The first story-arc is full of clichés (arch-enemies fight and one of them is left for dead; surprise surprise! the good guy is found by a bunch of kids on the riverside and nursed back to health by a young attractive doctor in a quiet little town; and some feelings spawn out of nowherec). The story is so generic that you could easily take Batman and The Joker out and put other characters in their places and it wouldn't make a difference. There are other flaw [...]

    5. This is such a creepy book, because one never even attempts to see the Joker as a normal member of society.

    6. ‘Going Sane’ isn’t an especially well known Batman story, but it’s generally held in high regard among the people who do know about it. As such, at the time of writing, this book tends to go for a pretty high price on and eBay. The premise behind the story is great. Veteran comics writer, J.M. DeMatteis, known for putting the twisted psyches’ of superheroes and super villains under the microscope, puts Batman and the Joker through the psychological wringer, in a way that only J.M. DeM [...]

    7. I would say this is easily one of the best Batman stories, due to the character development of both the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime.When Joker supposedly kills Batman, he gets a job and falls in love. Bruce recovers in a small town and meets a woman whom he could spend the rest of his life with, but these symbols of justice and chaos get in the way of these character`s attempts for happiness.The following is a tragic yet poetic look at the calm in between the storm of Batman and [...]

    8. An oddity: mid nineties storyline repackaged with a mid-two thousand tale. I like the idea of Joker giving up his role and trying to live a normal life and the writing was not only decent, but structured the tale interestingly. The art was reminiscent of the eighties, however: garish and not dark enough.

    9. Bruce Wayne is a filthy socialist! (ys the Canadian chick. Ha ha haaaa.) I took a picture of the panel that made me remark as much to an empty room but I don't have it uploaded yet; you'll just have to write me off as having notgone sane for now.Anyway! About the book!My friend Elisabeth loaned this to me, along with THE JOKER: DEVIL'S ADVOCATE and BATMAN: JOKER'S LAST LAUGH (which I Did. Not. Love.), a few months ago. The latter title I read right away, but it took her reminding me to spur me t [...]

    10. This is a hit-or-miss graphic novel with two stories. Either you like them or you don't. I personally liked the two stories as it gave me a glimpse of how insane the Joker really is. It also emphasizes his never-ending dance with Batman. These two stories is the epitome of how the Joker should always be depicted - - mentally insane.

    11. By far the best Joker comic ever!!! Definitely something everyone should read, even if you don’t enjoy batman or comics! It’s a very outside of the box kinda story!

    12. A decent story, but unfortunately marred with several flaws and goofs. After successfully trapping Batman in explosion and apparently murdering him, Joker realizes that there is no one anymore he could "laugh", in his words there is no Batman to annoy and his life takes radical turn. As the title says, going sane. Or at least so. Ofcourse, Batman survived, and returns to Gotham to well, we'll know where it leads. Yes, it predictable story, that shed some light on Joker and Batman psyche. It isn' [...]

    13. Despite the unconventional circumstances that lead to the events in this story, I can't help but love this book. This must be one of the best Batman stories ever written. The reason for my adoration is how Going Sane brings Joker's mentality into light. From my understanding, Joker turned into Joker because of an accident with Batman. Therefore it's possible that his existence as the Joker is completely dependable on Batman's continued existence. Batman was the last thing Joker saw before he wen [...]

    14. What would the Joker be like without Batman? In this engaging tale from J.M. DeMatteis, the Joker gets a chance to live life in the real world for a change. A classic Batman/Joker fights ends unexpectedly when the crime-fighter's body is thrown from a rigged house explosion. Believing himself to have finally done the impossible, the Joker dumps the body in a nearby river and heads into Gotham. With some plastic surgery and medication, Joseph Kerr is discovering a perfectly ordinary life. With a [...]

    15. DeMatteis was working on this idea as far back as when DC was about to publish the Killing Joke, and man does it show. The comic was great, and is currently my fourth favorite appearance of the Joker in a DC comic (with The Killing Joke, Emperor Joker and The Dark Knight Returns being the top three). I loved how Joseph Kerr was depicted, since he felt like a separate entity from the Joker and can be read as one of his victims. There is a second story included with Going Sane. I found Gotham Emer [...]

    16. i really enjoyed both stories in this slim volume though both had problems that i can see turning other people off. the artwork in the first story is, unfortunately, kind of feh, and others have pointed out some silliness in the plot. but for sheer entertainment, it's a good yarn: well written in terms of the dialogue, and certainly suspenseful since you know at any moment everything is going to fall apart ~ and poor rebecca when it does! kudos to the writer for taking a merciful route for all i [...]

    17. To get a one or two star rating out of me on a DC Comics title, you'd need to use really small print, draw everyone as unattractively as possible and/or make seriously zero sense. Going Sane is something I can at least follow, with characters I have a grip on. You can enjoy a book, even if you spend the whole time thinking about things they could have done differently. Notes:-Joker's got some Jekyll/Hyde-ing going on or something.-Love thinking how additional characters would have changed this s [...]

    18. The Batman story was pretty forgettable. Maybe this just reflects the Batman books I happened to start reading him in, but I don't really get giving Bruce a verbose inner dialogue or indulging in extreme emotional displays (smashing a computer screen in the batcave not once, but twice). The Joker story had some much more interesting ideas - I regretted that Batman was going to return and smash his face in, rather than just watch Joseph Kerr spiral further and further off into crazyland. I did ve [...]

    19. When I read the synopsis for this story, I was immediately intrigued by the idea; so so so much potential. 'Going Sane' should really have resulted in a story that could stand alongside any of the great Batman-Joker masterpieces that we fans have been fortunate enough to read from the past 75 years. Sadly the execution was amiss and I personally feel the story was underwhelming and didn't take the opportunity to really explore and present a detailed exploration of a sane Joker. Thus the end resu [...]

    20. An interesting well told story of Batman and his nemesis the Joker. They battle to near death for both of them, and the Joker is driven sane. When Batman returns, the Joker once again loses his sanity.

    21. a nice little peak into the joker's mind, and a fantastic second story by eddie campbell, in much more classic joker v. batman style.

    22. An interesting tale from the 90s about how the Joker "goes sane" after finally killing Batman. Some of the scenes where he is without makeup, falling in love, and living a normal life are haunting.

    23. Nunca ha sido una de mis historias favoritas de The Joker. Mucho menos el arte, soso, calcando a Jack Nicholson.

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