Masked Encounters

Korah Daniels has been through a lot in her nineteen years Broken hearts, abusive relationships, and horrid dates have caused her to doubt love When her friend talks her into attending the local frat house s Halloween party, will she find the one person who can change her outlook on life Dane Davidson is the worst kind of playboy The ultimate frat boy, drinking and endKorah Daniels has been through a lot in her nineteen years Broken hearts, abusive relationships, and horrid dates have caused her to doubt love When her friend talks her into attending the local frat house s Halloween party, will she find the one person who can change her outlook on life Dane Davidson is the worst kind of playboy The ultimate frat boy, drinking and ending up with a different girl every night When his frat house throws a masked Halloween party, a certain angel catches his attention and may just turn his life upside down Masked Encounters is the first in a five part novelette series The second installment will release in January 2014.
Masked Encounters Korah Daniels has been through a lot in her nineteen years Broken hearts abusive relationships and horrid dates have caused her to doubt love When her friend talks her into attending the local frat

  • Title: Masked Encounters
  • Author: Felicia Tatum
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: None
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    1. Masked Encounters is part one of the Intoxicating Passion novella series by Felicia Tatum. I was fortunate enough to read the ARC before it gets published on October 25th 2013. I do have a problem reading books on a screen, and I *gasp* don’t even own a Kindle. However, since this is a novelette, I was able to read it on my computer, and I’m glad I did.When I first started reading Mask Encounters, I was delighted on how it began. I loved it!Felicia cracks me up. It begins with the main chara [...]

    2. Gah! I LOVED this novella! I'm a big fan of this author, so when I heard about another contemporary series from her then I was all over it! When I got an ARC in my email, I may have grinned like an idiot lol! This novella was so short, but so amazing! For the full 60 pages I was hooked! I couldn't believe how short it was and I really hope at the end that the author maybe makes a paperback with all the novellas in it! The plot of this novella was just the start of the series! It gives you a smal [...]

    3. Masked Encounters by Felicia Tatum is the first in the Intoxicating Passion five part novella series of books.We meet Korah Daniels who has some serious baggage from an ex relationship. Korah's best friend convinces her to go to a masked party where she meets Dane Davidson and they have an hot connection however they are unaware of who is behind the mask. When they are about to reveal themselves to each other by taking off their masks she disappears.This novella left me wanting more and so I div [...]

    4. A fun, sweet, sexy short story! Can't wait to read more from this series. It is hard sometimes to get into novellas since we don't get much time with the characters but I think we will be getting lots of fun with these guys!

    5. Korah and Dane are both broken but for very different reasons. Gives you just enough to want more. Looking forward to the next installment

    6. The main character is a complete hypocrite. And please, wear shoes to a frat house. Gravel is the least of your problems.

    7. Felicia Tatum managed to pack quite a punch into such a short story. Masked Encounters is the first in a new series of novellas. This story centers around Korah and Dane. Korah is a journalism major who has sworn off relationships and boys in general. The author hints at the reason being a former bad relationship. Dane is majoring in biology and girls. I kind of liked Korah. Normally I go for a stronger female lead but there was something about Korah that was very sweet. It's obvious that she's [...]

    8. I read through this very very quickly!!! I loved the characters in this story. Korah and Leela are so relatable. Leela being the wild and carefree and Korah being the tamer of the two. Korah has had her heart broken by someone somehow and so she likes to put up walls and keep people at arms length. Dane and Cale are also very relatable characters. Dane being the handsome playboy that isn't looking for anything serious with anyone and Cale the friend that supports and somewhat envies Dane. Dane t [...]

    9. Masked Encounters is an exciting and sexy short story by Felicia Tatum! She had impressed me before with her first book, The White Aura and now with her newest offering; I couldn't help but agree with the other readers/reviewers. This novella is intriguing, captivating and really intimate. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!Korah’s character is as mysterious as Dane’s. In this book, we get to meet Korah who had built an entire wall around herself because she got hurt from a p [...]

    10. I love reading Felicia Tatum's works, but this one has me wanting more. I want to know more about Korah and Dane. Dane is a sophomore in college who likes to drink and have girls. He's the typical college playboy. Classes by day, girls and partying by night. What you would never know about him is that he is actually wanting a degree in Bio. Korah is a woman who was hurt by a guy and doesn't want to trust them anymore. She lets her roommate set her up just to humor her, but she never wants to let [...]

    11. Reviewer: LizWhere do I start? I seriously love Felicia! Masked Encounters is book 1 in a series of 5 Novellas, Felicia sent me a copy before it was even edited and I really enjoyed it. There is Korah a strong minded girl who isn’t interested in love or anything boys at the moment due to a terrible relationship previously. Then there is Dane, the playboy. Dane is instantly attracted to the beautiful girl who enters the Frat House Party and they instantly connect – in more ways than one.After [...]

    12. This was the first book I’ve read by Tatum and I can guarantee you it won’t be the last. Masked Encounters is a quick paced NA romance, with an interesting plot and some well developed characters that I look forward to learning more about. Felicia will draw you in with this novelette and leave scrambling to get a hold of the next in the series.Dane is one of those characters you almost hate to love at first. He is a total playboy who while he tries not to be an ass (as he works his way throu [...]

    13. Korah is in college and has been through a lot in life. She lives with her roommate and doesn't really trust guys anymore given her last boyfriend who was not only a jerk, but abusive. She goes to a costume shop with her best friend and see's this hot guy but wants nothing to do with him. Dane is a playboy who got hurt in high school by a girl and has sworn off loveor feelings for that matter. He is living the life of a college frat boy and does nothing but party and goes through women quicker t [...]

    14. Key Story Elements: Halloween fun, college antics, caring friends, broken hearts, suspense, limited/very mild language, and adult-level sexual content.“Masked Encounters” is a powerful short by Author Felicia Tatum, first in her newest series, Intoxicating Passion. Characters are quickly likeable, but far from perfect, as they struggle to overcome their individual romantic disappointments. This is a fun easy read which surprises on two levels: 1) it covers a huge range of emotions, and 2) th [...]

    15. This was a quick read. I absolutely love her stories and Felicia did a great job with this one.I felt sad for the girl because she felt like she wasn't beautiful but her roommate was trying to get her to see that she was. The storyline was amazing. I can wait till I read the next to find out what happens to the characters. I love the ending it and how it made it more suspenseful. With the story you feel what the characters are feeling by the descriptions that were provided. Once I picked up the [...]

    16. Masked Encounters was a great introduction to this series of short stories. Korah and Dane are both broken, dealing with their personal experiences in diametrically opposite ways. Korah guards her heart, while Dane pretends his does not exist. Of course, until their chance encounter.There is something fundamentally sexy about meeting a stranger at a masquerade ball, and Tatum takes that several steps further with a very seductive, and unexpected, encounter between the two leads. It left me a bit [...]

    17. Lately I have been in the mood for great novellas. something that I can devour quickly and go on about my day. I was overjoyed with this bit of writing and I can't wait to read the rest of what this series has to offer.I know that Korah and Dane's story is sure to unfold to be an interesting one. I can say that it is definitely already a steamy one! Yowza. With that, I am off to pick up the second book in this intoxicating series (do you see what I did there?)

    18. Loved it, Its two broken collage kids that been broken by a loved one. Korah is 8 months single after a very hard breakup that still haunts her and in her dreams. Dane is also broken and is sleeping around with different women almost each night just to cope with his life. Until one day looking for a costume Korah and Dane see each other for the first time. Korah has been haunting Danes dreams and now at the Halloween bash did Dane find the woman that he saw that day.

    19. I was gifted this book for an honest review. I loved it. Dane is a hot college frat boy who gets all the women. He is so swoon worthy. Then you have Korah who is a shy sweet beautiful and smart girl who keeps getting set up on dates by her best friend. These guys end up being sleeze balls. Korah decided to go to a mask Halloween party with her friend will the party at the frat house change Korah's life forever?

    20. Loved it1 I read this short as part of the Dauntless Indies a collection of shorts. I had never read anything from this author and I am a new fan. I will make it a point to buy more from this author. I really enjoyed this story. I loved the concept of wearing a mask to give one more confidence, I can see how that would help. i am looking forward to read the other books in this series.

    21. This was a great story. I cannot wait to read more about their story. Korah and Dane may be completely different but I love their story. Korah is the type of person that you want to be happy and fall in love. Dane is the bad boy that you love to hate. But together they are the couple that you want to fall in love. I can not wait to read more of this series.

    22. I loved this story. Moved along at a great pace, has characters that you fall in love and a story that keeps you entertained from the very first word.Felicia Tatum is an amazing author and I look forward to reading more rom this talented author in the future.

    23. Even though I only read the first part to this series I am seriously moved. It has so much raw emotion in this quick read. I can't wait to finish the series.

    24. This was a good quick story. I would have liked to have had more a finality to the ending but it was still a good read for a short story.

    25. I snagged this book after I checked out a sample on . Felicia Tatum pitched the title to me during my 12 days of Christmas party and I really got into it. Needless to say, I picked up a copy pretty quickly when I hit the last page and was left screaming, "Noooo! Not yet!" I read it in an hour or so and will now give you my review.From a Reader's Perspective:I liked the main characters, Korah and Dane. It was obvious each had their fair share of pain the in past, and a novella was the perfect way [...]

    26. **See this full review and more at bookbriefs**The Intoxicating Passions Box set is the complete serial series. It has all five serial/novella parts to the Intoxicating Passions series. This is the only way I like to read serials. I like it when they are all boxed up together in an ebook so that I can read them all together one right after another. It is nice because they are so short that when I read them all back to back they are like reading a full length novel. I thought the story parts were [...]

    27. This is the kind of books that require zero mental effort to read.To be fair, I only read it to help complete my reading goal of this yearDon't judge me :-|

    28. I really enjoyed Masked Encounters. The dual POV was a great way to get to know both Korah and Dane. Korah is a college student and she's not looking for love or relationships. Her best friend and roommate sets her up on blind dates to try to help her get over a previous relationship. Dane is the ultimate frat boy manwhore, with a string of one-night stands and no interest in a relationship. I really enjoyed Dane's reaction when he first sees Korah and then again at the masked party. Korah is di [...]

    29. This is the start to a series that involves Korah (the female lead) who seems to not want a relationship (from what seems like a bad relationship from her past. She seems insecure (a little) and very standoffish to men in general, she seems real to me for that very reason. Then there is Dane (the male lead), Dane seems like the typical college "player", although it is hinted to him having his own issues to relationships. Korah and Dane meet up at a frat party, have an intense connection/attracti [...]

    30. I thought Masked Encounters was a great little read! The story is about Korah, a college girl trying to get over a past relationship and move on with her life. She has been on several dates that have landed her nowhere and quite frankly she is not really interested in finding anyone. She is convinced to go to a masked Halloween party that promises to be lots of fun. Not really feeling it, she reluctantly goes. That's where this review ends as to not give away any SPOILERS! I enjoyed it and can't [...]

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