Surrender the Chase

SURRENDER THE CHASE Grizzly Rim 2 For wolf shifter Dmitri Sernov, life bites His late night hunts leave him winded, the twelfth rewrite of his novel is crap, and his last good lay was five drafts ago He s staring down forty with a creative well as empty as his bed The last thing he needs is a beautiful, intimidating, obnoxious pup bent on exposing Dmitri s underbellySURRENDER THE CHASE Grizzly Rim 2 For wolf shifter Dmitri Sernov, life bites His late night hunts leave him winded, the twelfth rewrite of his novel is crap, and his last good lay was five drafts ago He s staring down forty with a creative well as empty as his bed The last thing he needs is a beautiful, intimidating, obnoxious pup bent on exposing Dmitri s underbelly and everything else that s gone soft Thierry Marrou has burned every bridge from Montr al to Juneau Once a prospect for Canada s Olympic hockey team, he s just been kicked off a piddling local squad in Nowhere, Alaska But one whiff of the silver wolf on the opposing bench was enough to confirm that the erotic dreams drawing Thierry across a continent have a very real and very cranky source SURRENDER THE CHASE is the 2nd book 43,000 words of GRIZZLY RIM, a steamy paranormal romance series featuring M M heroes of all stripes 1 LAUNCH THE HUNT 2 SURRENDER THE CHASE 3 EMBRACE THE BEAST Coming May 2016 GRIZZLY RIM Series The men of Grizzly Rim are a lot of things, but always human isn t one of them These shifters landed in this remote Alaska village for different reasons, but the same thing keeps them there a massive wilderness where they can soar, lope, paddle, and hide But nature doesn t play fair A horny shifter can change form without warning, and nothing amps the libido like the extremes of the northern sun Throw in feverish auroras, strange tides, and unexpected visitors, and this year s brew is potent than ever For the shifters of Grizzly Rim, one thing is becoming achingly clear no matter where you hole up, eventually your secrets will catch your scent.
Surrender the Chase SURRENDER THE CHASE Grizzly Rim For wolf shifter Dmitri Sernov life bites His late night hunts leave him winded the twelfth rewrite of his novel is crap and his last good lay was five drafts ago

  • Title: Surrender the Chase
  • Author: Mia West
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. In this second story of the Grizzly Rim series (easily read as a standalone), two wolf shifters connect – first with altercations on the ice but soon enough with their hearts and souls. Dmitri is a writer looking for inspiration, his existence in northern Alaska consisting of visits with friends at the local bar, amateur hockey with the local team and the occasional one night stand to warm his increasingly lonely bed. When younger wolf Thierry gets in his face at a local game and then makes it [...]

    2. I need fresh undies. This book was that funny!You're reading about a pair of wolf shifters, Dmitri Sernov and Thierry Marrou who meet under some odd circumstances, even for shifters. Dreams that make you fight your way across an entire continent. Body-checking your "mate" at a hockey game only to track him to a bar and make him leave with your aggressive ass after only three measly words who knew? The first book, Launch the Hunt, was great—in a squishy sweet kind of way—and Logan and John h [...]

    3. Surrender the Chase is the second book in the ‘Grizzly Rim’ series. This story stars Dmitri Sernov a wolf shifter and writer who has writer’s block. Thierry Marrou is the other wolf shifter who’s hunted far and wide for the man in his dreams. This is told in third person through both Dmitri’s and Thierry’s povs.3.5 stars (view spoiler)[The story begins by overlapping with the ending of the first book, ‘Launch the Hunt,’ with a hockey game. The last book ended with Thierry stormin [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed the first Grizzly Rim book. This book was pretty much right on par with that one (as far as my enjoyment) except for one thing that bumped it up even moreHOCKEY! I am a true sucker for books with hockey players in them, so this was perfect for me.At the end of Launch the Hunt, we see the basic beginning of this book. Dmitri is at the bar with his friends, a guy slams into the bar and glares at Dmitri, [...]

    5. Book 2of the Grizzly Rim series. Sorry there are only 3. I read books 1&2 in one day each. These are short, tight, emotional, unusually well written M/M stories. If you like a quick sexy read with not too much angst this is the series for you.

    6. I actually liked this one better than the first one; the characters are better developed, and develop better as people. More conflict as well, although still not a big "action" story.

    7. What did I think, you ask, dear ?I think I adore Thierry and Dmitri.I think that Ms. West has once again given us two men filled with passion, hope, some self deprecation; who both have a need to love deeply, a fear of giving themselves up to the possibility of love, and are both funny, smart, witty, and let's not forget sexy.I think my respect for Ms. West climbed another notch when Thierry was prodding Dmitri about his writing. Out of frustration, Dimitri finally blurts out the reason the main [...]

    8. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Omg! This book did not disappoint. Once more time I was enveloped in this magic town. My second book from Mia West and has given me a surprise after another, I love her style! Modern writing, easy to read, fun, and witty. It's like a movie rolling inside my head when I'm reading, I feel the breeze, the adrenaline, the cold Everything comes together. Love it.This is the story of Dmitry, writer, loner, and ex-DonJuan and Thierry, a fr [...]

    9. Well, Mia did it again. I was so looking forward to the second book in this series and I wasn't disappointed. I love that Thierry followed his dream and traveled to another country to find it's source.As a Canadian I really enjoyed his insistence at repeatedly maintaining that he is not French or even French Canadian but he is Québécois. That was totally true to life. I snorted every time he said it. ;-)This couple was so great together. They were both exactly what the other needed. Dimitri, o [...]

    10. Thierry is a somewhat volatile wolf shifter who's run across Canada and up to Alaska, drawn westward by dreams of a wolf and mad. Dmitri is a writer who's been struggling for years to write another book, but his own insecurities throw up obstacle after obstacle. When Thierry and Dmitri meet on the ice during a local hockey game, attraction immediately flareseven if Dmitri thinks Thierry's a bit nuts.I enjoyed this book even more than the first in the series. Dmitri's self-deprecating thoughts ab [...]

    11. Wolf shifters are my downfall--I admit that freely. Two hot wolfies and I am melting over here. Loved the Broody older wolf and Young playful wolf interchange. Oh--AND they play hockey! Romance heaven right there! Really liking how this author brings in the secondary characters to each story. Looks to be some interesting match ups coming in future books. Fans of PNR and M/M will love this series!

    12. I needed a story on the shorter side. I thought Launch the Hunt was ok and I was very interested in the premise of Embrace the Beast so I read this in the interest of continuation. It was very funny! I'm so glad I read it.

    13. A very enjoyable read--the writing, editing and proofreading are back to what I expect from Ms West, and her delightful sense of humor is back in full force as well! Nicely donew on to book 3.

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