Ride Like the Wind

Ride Like the Wind None

  • Title: Ride Like the Wind
  • Author: Patricia Leitch
  • ISBN: 9780006920878
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Ride Like the Wind”

    1. I know all the other Jinny stories from having read them about a thousand times as a kid. Night of the Red Horse is mystical and scary, about Jinny finding the little horse statue. The Summer Riders is all about the ospreys and our first meeting with Claire Burnley. Each of them is fixed barring this one. I think the reason I pushed this one from my mind is because it goes to some desperate places. Finmory might be sold, Easter is getting too old, her father goes for another job back in Stopton, [...]

    2. I found this quite a silly book in a lot of ways, the whole Kat storyline wasn't at all realistic and, once again, lots of stresses and strains on Jinny including the death of her beloved Easter, which her family leave her totally alone to cope with - does make you see the Manders in a different light! I really felt for her in this book and I wasn't sorry to finish it!

    3. Jenny is all a dither as her dad is thinking of saleing there home at Finmory and moving back to the city. Jenny is also having sum trouble with rich family, thay wount somone to ride with there girl, and don't get that Jenny dusnt like her, Jenny feels turn as she wounts the lessons and show entry's but can't stand them.

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