If You Believe in Me

He made a promise he intends to keep Three years ago, Amber Benedict fell in love with Kale Riker and pledged to wait for him to return from the military Even though she rarely hears from him, she s steadfast in her belief he s coming home to her, and soon Then the government tells Kale s family that he s missing in action, and they have given him up for dead Kale RikeHe made a promise he intends to keep Three years ago, Amber Benedict fell in love with Kale Riker and pledged to wait for him to return from the military Even though she rarely hears from him, she s steadfast in her belief he s coming home to her, and soon Then the government tells Kale s family that he s missing in action, and they have given him up for dead Kale Riker has been away from civilization and Amber for three long years He s been promised he can retire his commission when he completes his current mission, but now he s seriously wounded and facing a long recovery Worse still, security risks force a communications blackout, leaving him no way to let Amber know he s alive Can Amber hold out against an entire town pushing her to give up on love while Kale fights to get back home to her before Christmas Previously released on Entangled s Flirt imprint December 2012.
If You Believe in Me He made a promise he intends to keep Three years ago Amber Benedict fell in love with Kale Riker and pledged to wait for him to return from the military Even though she rarely hears from him she s s

  • Title: If You Believe in Me
  • Author: Natalie J. Damschroder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 3 - "I will never give up." Stars.If You Believe In Me was a quick sweet and heart-warming read, about not giving up hope and holding on for the one you love, no matter the consequences and whatever everyone else believes.Amber and Kale, were friends forever, lovers for two weeks, and have been separated for two years, while he serves overseas, even worse the last six months have been under the assumption that he is listed as missing.”I believe in him.”Amber doesn’t give up hope, and Kale [...]

    2. Amber and Kale fell in love before Kale went off to serve in the military. The two had plans to marry when Kale came home from his service. When months go by without hearing from Kale though everyone including Kale's parents tell Amber she needs to finally let go and move on but Amber refuses to give up hope. A wonderful romance novella that switches back and forth between Amber who refuses to give up on her true love Kale and Kale telling his story of just how much he wants to go home to her. V [...]

    3. This was a short, sweet read that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.Like cocoa on a freezing day or a hug when you're feeling sad.The perfect little pick me up inbetween longer reads

    4. Kindly provided with an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewOh this was one sweet read. Its a real feel good story. Its set around Christmas time and is the Story of Amber and Kale.Kale has been away for 3 years in the forces and EVERY-ONE except Amber believes he's deadoh ye have little faith people !Quick read, start to finish 2 hours (ish) but I sat with a smile reading the duel POV for each character and their tale back to each other.Ended on a HEA so yup, right on the money fo [...]

    5. Although this was a short novella, it was perfectly paced and developed as if it was 100 pages longer. I liked how the author revealed their story by going back and forth with flashbacks. The story jumps right into the pain and hope Amber feels about her boyfriend Kale. Childhood friends who finally got together right before he was deployed three years ago, it's now been 2 years since she's seen him and 6 months since he was declared MIA. Everyone deals with grief differently and I hurt for Ambe [...]

    6. If You Believe in Me is a short heart-warming read centralising around life-long friends and new-lovers, Amber and Kale.“He’s not coming home.”Missing and assumed dead on deployment, Kale is actually very much neither and is waiting for his current mission to end so he can retire and return home to Amber. But back home Amber is the only one holding onto the hope that he is coming back to her, despite his parents and friends trying to make her see otherwise.“But we just need to have hope. [...]

    7. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ebook was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.If You Believe in Me is a short Christmas story from Natalie J. Damschroder and is a really quick read that I think can be finished in less than half an hour. Amber and Kale are in love, but Kale is in the military and most of his missions are top secret. When he's reported as missing, his parents and most of his hometown assume the worst and give up hope fo [...]

    8. My Review:Seriously, read that story description. You know going into this that it's going to be an emotional book and it totally was, and I loved it. The chapters go back and forth between Amber, who's trying to keep the faith that Kale is coming back to her, and Kale, who is doing everything in a war zone to get home. It's heartbreaking. It's emotional. And it was so incredibly well-done. It's a short novella. I read it in under an hour, but there is so much packed into this little book! I hig [...]

    9. ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is a heart-warming story of a woman who will not give up hope for the return of her soldier boyfriend, even when his parents do. Her beliefs and his tenacity give us a lovely Christmas story, with a flirty skirt on the side. For a short story there is plenty of attention to create believable detail and I enjoyed reading it.

    10. So shortly after I posted my review of Under the Moon, I got an email from the author. Seeing an email from the author immediately put me in the 'oh, crap!' mindset, but it was basically her thanking me for the review and asking if I'd like to try one of her straight-up contemporaries. My response was along the lines of 'boy, howdy, would I!' She sent If You Believe in Me along to me and I dived in. When I finished, I decided that she's trying to give me a heart attack via sheer frustration. My [...]

    11. This is a great holiday novella. No one has heard from Kale in six months, and three months ago his parents were told he is missing. The whole town has given up hope of Kale returning, but Amber refuses to believe it. She is convinced that he will come home even when everyone tells her to give up or gives her sympathetic looks. Even his parents are trying to move on. I thought this was a sweet and touching story about love and hope.Amber is a sweet girl. We learn about her and Kale's past and ho [...]

    12. This was a nice feel good Christmas story. Based around a couple who grew up in the same town and were in the same circles. When Kale Riker had finally gotten the nerve up to ask Amber Benedict out on a date it was not what either ever expected. You see that night Kale ended up sitting with her as she cried for her parents because they were killed in a car accident that night. Not a moment to build a future on. But she was strong better than Kale thought he could have been. She threw herself int [...]

    13. 3.5 STARSThis is an emotional story that fits just fine with the upcoming holidays. This is a love story fill with hope, faith, strength, and much more. Even though is a short story, the message that leaves with you is bigger and warm. Amber is in love with Kale and pledged to wait for him to return from the military. Then the government tells Kale’s family that he’s missing in action, and they have given him up for dead. However, whatever they said, Amber will never stop believing that he's [...]

    14. If You Believe in Me is a very short read, but packed full of holiday hope. It’s all about Amber refusing to give up on Kale coming home, even when everyone says she should. I love how Amber doesn't let people push her into feeling something she doesn't. They are doing it with good intentions but that just makes it that much harder to stand up to them. But because it is so short I feel just a little cheated at the ending and want another chapter or two to expand on Kale’s homecoming. It’s [...]

    15. I am a sucker for the "lost love, I have faith romances" and this one was so sweet.Amber Benedict fell in love with Kale Riker, but when Kale is declared missing in action and everyone else is laying him to rest and moving on she refuses to believe he's gone.Kale was sent on ultra-super top secret missions and for that he needed to be "dead", but not a day goes by that he doesn't think of Amber.Just when it looks like it might be another year with Kale gone a miracle happens and he moves hell an [...]

    16. How long do you wait before moving on? Amber has been waiting 3 years for Kale to come home, he has been MIA overseas she has never given up always knowing that he will be home soon. Kale has been seriously injured and he is on the way home he just doesn't realize that his family thinks he is dead. He can't wait to see Amber he has something that he wants to ask her and he has waited a long time to do it.Amber keeps on getting these feelings like Kale is behind her but that isn't possible is it? [...]

    17. When Kale goes away, Amber is the only who continues to have faith he'll be home. Kale and Amber have had the same circle of friends for a while, but he's only recently gotten the courage to ask her out, then devastation strikes her family. Finally when they can be together, he has to leave for training. Can a new love survive? Kale will do anything to get home to her even when he's got all odds against him. Amber will never stop believing he's coming home. It's a good book and a quick read. I r [...]

    18. A very short read, really, about an admirable woman who finds herself alone in not giving up on her man when everyone is gloomily depressed about his odds being alive - and has readily given up on him. I've always thought that the length worked against this story; while I loved reading about the very real hardships military families face, I couldn't understand why why Kale's parents and the town were so willing to give up on him when his girlfriend wasn't. A little more context perhaps, or a bit [...]

    19. Well, the holidays are over, but I still have a couple of Christmas books left that I plan on reading. Hopefully, I'll be done by St. Valentine's Day."If You Believe in Me" wasn't what I expected it to be, it was a lot more serious and touched upon some important aspects of military life. While it might be seen as too heavy reading for Christmas Season, above all it's a story of hope that will inspire and warm your heart. Recommended!

    20. A fantastic short sweet read. Loved the determination Kale had to get back to Amber by Christmas Eve and Amber's unwavering belief that Kale would return to her. Even the fact that his parents and everyone else in their small town believed him dead, Amber would not accept it and kept her faith. Definitely a book I recommend.

    21. Amber loved Kale, but nobody had heard from him and he was declared MIA. This was an excellent novella, telling all in this one story. and through it all Amber remained true to her belief in herself. I loved the characters, the overall story and the plot. I highly recommend.**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review

    22. Although this was a short story, there was so much crunched into this book but comfortably so. You have loss, love, stength, and determination. I loved this story because no matter what Amber never gave up regardless of what everyone said. Although she knew she may never see Kale again she still held on to hope. Great read!!

    23. This book was just so short. 53 pages. Just as you start to get into the story and figure out the characters it was over. Could have been better developed of it was a bit longer. Interesting premise though.

    24. One of the best books I read this year! Loved the anticipation, the superstitions, the unwavering faith and love. Absolutely loved it.

    25. Satisfying, quick read. Loved the military hero and his devotion to get back home to be with the heroine.

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