1 thought on “Horror At Fontenay”

  1. This book is the same book as Dumas' One Thousand and One Ghosts -- so I actually read two books at once. And it's really, really good in case you're wondering. Back soon.

  2. A fairly standard and lightweight collection of horror stories - talking decapitated heads, vampires and the like - but fairly enjoyable. I've read it a couple of times before but I don't think my copy will endure another read through. I found it years ago for 50p in the sadly missed Hooked On Books second hand bookshop in Dover and it is now mostly loose pages.

  3. Not really a novel, more a set of stories linked through a plot device. Of the four, one of the selections seems reminiscent of a Hawthorne piece, two are more or less forgettable, and the last is a pretty standard gothic vampire tale. It feels really underdeveloped for Dumas.

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