The 7 Principles of Fat Burning: Get Healthy, Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

Shows how to activate your fat burning hormones with a tailor made eating and exercise plan for your body type This book provides explanations aided by dozens of charts and illustrations of the principles of healthy weight loss It provides health and nutrition information and simple tests to determine your correct body type.
The Principles of Fat Burning Get Healthy Lose Weight and Keep It Off Shows how to activate your fat burning hormones with a tailor made eating and exercise plan for your body type This book provides explanations aided by dozens of charts and illustrations of the princi

  • Title: The 7 Principles of Fat Burning: Get Healthy, Lose Weight and Keep It Off!
  • Author: Eric Berg
  • ISBN: 9781888045550
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I've struggled with weight loss for many years and have tried multiple programs with some success but nothing that will keep the weight off for good. When I saw this book up for review, I jumped at the chance to read yet another book about losing weight. Something about this book just seemed different to me and it was! I've heard some of this before but there's lots of new information to me and I like the way Dr. Berg presents it.He tells you the four different body types and the best way to eat [...]

    2. THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING FAT BURNING BOOK EVER!!! And the diet it suggests TOTALLY works without fail. I have recommended and discussed and lived this book. It is more about how, why, what of the hormones that affect your body than about a "diet", which is very extreme - no carbs or sugar, but it works. And fast. The most intersting thing is that you go on ketosis without eating meat - like Atkins - and both the fluid build-up and fat melts away. It will change the way you look at your body. [...]

    3. I found this book to be very informative and helpful. I didn't realize that there are certain diets and types of exercises that different body types should do. There's a section with a questionnaire that helps you determine which body type you are and then chapters that follow that give support to weight loss for these types. For example, some types need more protein than others. Some do better with aerobic exercise, while for others, simple walking is enough. I also didn't realize that 80% of y [...]

    4. Knowledge and ApplicationMost books only tell you the information and the problem but doesn't do much to help you from New habits. This book makes it easy and give resources you may use on your weight loss journey. I will update this post as I observe changes in myself and my clients. I am a fitness coach and found this book helpful. There are too many diet fads out there that are one size fits all. This book gives the option of fitting the system to the individual not the individual to the syst [...]

    5. My rating is based in the theory provided in the book. Everything mentioned makes perfect sense (I have a science background, so i understand some about hormones). I wish I could follow the plan, but much of the food and ingredients are more expensive than the regular food I eat. I can't afford following this plan for now, but I surely plan on doing it eventually. And I am sure it will give good results based on the explanations provided. I am keeping this book for future reference

    6. MARAVILLOSA informaciónParque maravilla es que alguien pueda meterse tan profundo a entender las cosas y que las explique tan fácil para ser llevadas a cabo de inmediato, GRACIAS!!

    7. This is one of the most insightful books about weight control, dieting and exercising that I have ever read!

    8. Excellent Great info for getting healthy and losing weight. I have so much more energy now, it is unbelievable at 65.

    9. I followed most everything until he got to "the liver type" in Chapter 8. I don't see how a leaky liver explains all potbelly shapes.

    10. Simple explanation of the ketogenic diet. Body type wasn't as important as the title implies. Good recommendations on how to destress the body (from the point of view of a chiropractor).

    11. I was really excited to be able to review Dr Berg’s book, ‘The 7 Principles of Fat Burning’. One sentence on the front cover of the book is what had me really excited. It reads, ‘Ignite your fat-burning hormones with a tailor-made eating and exercise plan that’s right for your body type.’ The 4 different body types in the book are: Adrenal Type, Ovary Type, Thyroid Type and the Liver Type.Dr Berg says something in the book that threw me a little bit, but makes perfect sense. He says, [...]

    12. WOW! A MUST READ FOR ALL!This book will change your life, it has already changed mine. The focus of this book is to educate you about health and proper nutrition for your body, and how your hormones play a role in weight management, "Hormones tell the body what to do, causing millions of effects each day." (Berg, 2013) Dr. Berg captures the hearts and minds of his readers with his humor and wit, and of course with his thorough knowledge of the human body and how our hormones effect how we burn f [...]

    13. I read this book because my acupuncturist recommended I learn more about my need to cut back sugar from my diet. I've never been a dieter and am not trying to lose any weight. Sure, it'd be nice to lose inches, but I'm far from the target audience for this book. The climax of the book leads up to some very specific dieting plans, which I'm not at all interested in.However, I learned some fascinating things about the need to keep your glands and organs in healthy function so that your hormones ca [...]

    14. I thought the book is really interesting because it talks about weight loss and health from the perspective of how hormones regulate our body. I feel like I learned a lot about my body type which helps me make better choices and explained what type of exercise will be most beneficial for me.I felt like it was easy enough to read. I know the dieting rules work because my mother-in-law and my husband's Aunt both saw a lot of weight loss success. However, I don't want to restrict certain food types [...]

    15. I read this all of once, with a few back referencing and skipping. But I made sure I read 'em all. I'd say that this one is worth reading through at least 4 times, because the knowledge buildup is interconnected between front and back pages - sometimes you just miss out the front part and the absorption of the back part isn't the most stellar.But I can say that this is a new way of looking at it, and it makes sense. I dont think its a fad type of diet, because Dr. Berg did mention how exercise t [...]

    16. I feel fabulous!Finally a diet that makes perfect sense. It is a life style change that is easy to follow and get results. I've been dieting for years with very little results now I know why and what to do about it! After reading I ordered the Gallbladder Formula and started following Dr. Berg's suggestions and within a few days I started losing weight for the first time in over a year! The best part is I feel fabulous no tummy issues! I highly recommend this book if you are wanting to find a wa [...]

    17. For years people have been told to lose weight to be healthy. The truth is, you need to get healthy to lose weight. And this book will show you HOW!I work in a bookstore and every day when I go to work I look around and feel so blessed to have so much good surrounding me!How blessed we are to have so many good books!How blessed we are to have so many authors share their knowledge and creativeness with us!This is truly one of those books!AMAZING information!

    18. Berg explains the principles of fat burning in very easy-to-understand terms. He gives the why of eating certain foods, or exercising a certain way. He focuses on the four different body types and how each type needs to eat and exercise specific to their own body to gain results. Very interesting read. I gave 3 stars because he makes a few blanket statements that aren't quite true, and had I not seen a youtube video of him, I wouldn't have known he was joking in some of his writing.

    19. This was a great book! It taught me about that various body types and what food and exercises benefit each one. Many facts about how the chemicals and different parts inside the body work together and how to help your body heal. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is looking to become more healthy.

    20. I found a few small points in this book that I just did not agree with, based on other studies and my own observation. This made me wary of everything else I read in this book. However, over all I think it has good advice. Although I did not do the diet as per laid out, I have been trying some things and have been feeling better.

    21. Well, it's a diet that working for me. I didn't need to lose weight but the nutritional information is greatly increasing my energy level. The key seems to me to be the educational components of this book -- they are quite clearly written and give one the sense of control over one's own weight and health.

    22. I found it a good read with (for me) old as well as new information. It reminded me a little of The Fat Flush Plan. I think that some aspects of this diet and exercise book would be hard for me to follow. I have to add that I am not overweight, but do seem to fall in the adrenal category based on the checklists. It was definitely worth my time to read this book.

    23. A great book. Explains how hormones can stop you from burning fat. It goes along well with ND philosophy and treatments from Tracy Palmer Naturopathic Doctor in Rothesay. If you eat well and exercise, but the fat is stubbornly staying put, then this is the book for you. Check out the youtube videos by author too!

    24. Very interesting book about different body types and the ways our diet affects the way our body holds and/or stores fat. I started following the adrenal/ovary meal plan and I am amazed at how well I feel.

    25. Great concept to have the body convert to burning fat for energy rather than sugars. This book helped me make some healthy changes.

    26. This is an excellent resource on the hormones associated with fat burning and the principles to apply to diet and lifestyle to achieve ideal weight and keep it off. Loved it.

    27. the book was good at the beginning but started to remind me of a Paleo diet book by the end.lost interest

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