The Science Class You Wish You Had

A thorough and authoritative introduction to the discoveries of scientific history from the sub atomic level to the boundaries of the universe.
The Science Class You Wish You Had A thorough and authoritative introduction to the discoveries of scientific history from the sub atomic level to the boundaries of the universe

  • Title: The Science Class You Wish You Had
  • Author: David Eliot Brody Arnold R. Brody
  • ISBN: 9780399523137
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Science Class You Wish You Had”

    1. Fairly entertaining and interesting look at seven major breakthroughs in science. Including Copernican system, Newton, Hubble and the big bang, Double Helix and Human Genome. QM. Written in the late 90s so it misses dark energy and LHC and Higgs but still pretty good.

    2. Simply wonderful. Easy to read but enormously thought provoking. One of the best books on science I've ever read.

    3. When I first started reading this book I did not think I would like it very much; who would think that a book written entirely about science could be good? It turned out to be an incredibly interesting book. It provided me with a lot of insight on several major scientific discoveries and who made them. The book is set up in seven large chapters; each containing one imperative discovery. These chapters were then split into smaller sub sections that built of the stories of the discoveries. I feel [...]

    4. In keeping with my science books for 2014 resolution, I started back at the foundation, filling in the things I know I missed in high school, and pleasantly filling in the recent advances that have occurred since I last even considered science in college (did you know the Human Genome is done now?! hahahahah)A very basic and accessible primer of the seven great ground shifting changes of science. Even the parts I was confident I knew well, were fun to read because the history aspect of the times [...]

    5. Awesome! Explains how seven of the most important scientific discoveries took place, along with biographical information about the scientists who made the discoveries, including Isaac Newton (Gravity), Einstein (Theory of Relativity), Darwin ( Evolution) Watson & Crick (DNA), and Edwin Hubble (The Big Bang).

    6. This is the first book I have finished reading for 2015. This is a wonderful and easy to read introduction to the history of science. The book focuses on the seven major scientific discoveries in history: Gravity/Physics, the atom, Relativity, the Big Bang, Evolution, the cell/genetics, and DNA. Prior scientific knowledge is not necessary to understand and enjoy this book.

    7. Somewhat dated introduction to the history of science. Easy reading and well thought out. However, the authors take a very simplistic view of religion as the enemy of science.

    8. Easy to read and full of interesting historical facts about the 7 most significant scientific discoveries. Great insight into how these came about.

    9. Advanced and detailed enough for someone with a science background, good explanations and easily read enough to appeal to those who doesn't. Everyone should read this actually.

    10. Interesting to learn about all the people involved in shaping our scientific world. A little too preachy in knocking organized religion for stifling scientific progress.

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