Letters of John Newton

These letters provide a wealth of instruction and breathe a spirit of deep devotion to Christ and his Word.
Letters of John Newton These letters provide a wealth of instruction and breathe a spirit of deep devotion to Christ and his Word

  • Title: Letters of John Newton
  • Author: John Newton
  • ISBN: 9780851511207
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Having read a great deal of Spiritual literature over the years, it is fair to say that most of it makes the same points in much the same way. It is worth noting that this applies across all denominations, the greatest writers of each reaching similar conclusions by different paths. Little of this huge genre is without any merit, but, in the majority of cases, reading one devotional work can sometimes feel like reading them all. So few of them have been reread. This book is an exception, being r [...]

    2. The best book I've read so far in the course of the RUF internship. Selected pastoral letters from John Newton, 18th-century English preacher and former pirate. My favorite essays included "What the Believer can attain to in this Life" and his three-part reflection on the progressive work of grace: "Grace in the Blade," "Grace in the Ear," and "The Full Corn in the Ear." Newton is devoted and earnest; and the more time I spent with him, infectiously so. This is a book of essays to be kept close [...]

    3. When thinking of John Newton, two things usually come quickly to mind; He was a slave trader who was later converted by the Gospel, and he wrote the hymn Amazing Grace in response. What does not come quite so quickly to the forefront of my picture of Newton is that he was an incredibly compassionate pastor and friend who took time to write many letters of encouragement and exhortation to many who knew him. Newton was born on July 24th, 1725. His mother died shortly before his seventh birthday an [...]

    4. I set no value upon any doctrinal truth, further than it has a tendency to promote practical holiness. (20)I am persuaded that love and humility are the highest attainments in the school of Christ, and the brightest evidences that He is indeed our Master. (39)

    5. There are a several gems in this collection of letters John Newton wrote to those in his area of influence. He was filled with the wisdom that comes from difficult life experience under the grid of the Gospel. There are probably five or so that I will go back to for this wisdom and insight, especially in the letters on remaining sin in the believer and the letters on calling to the ministry.

    6. This is timeless stuff! And I'll be re-reading and re-reading!He articulates so well the disparity between our faith in Jesus and our practice, and tirelessly points to Jesus, who absolutely saves us from getting what we deserve and lessens and lessens the disparity till the day we become like him.

    7. Much to learn from Newton's pastoral heart for people and his skill in counseling them from the Bible. His faithfulness to others is clearly rooted in a heart overwhelmed by God's faithfulness to him. There's much gold to glean here for practical ministry.

    8. An excellent source of rich pastoral wisdom seeped with Gospel truth. John Newton was a man who had tasted deeply of the grace of God revealed through Jesus Christ. His depth of affection for Christ rings out from every page.

    9. Really enjoyed reading these. Very encouraging and especially good for considering God's love and mercy and providence in our trials. Highly recommend!

    10. These letters tell a different story than I expected to see, and one that emphasizes all the more the understanding that Newton had of grace.

    11. Excellent book from the pen of John Newton. Helpful, practical, pastoral, warm, and theologically rich.

    12. A collection of letters displaying the heart of a true pastor. This should be required reading for every pastor.

    13. A fantastic book that was a huge part of my devotions over the past few weeks. Recommending it to anyone who has ears to hear and eyes to read!

    14. After seeing the movie Amazing Grace, I became quite interested in the life of John Newton. I'd had no idea about his life, and now I want to know. I'll let you know if this book is enlightening.

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