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  1. Gwen Evans is the owner of a bed-and-breakfast called Haven, in Wales. One week her visitors' lives intersect in rather unforeseen ways, and she is even able to share her Mormon faith with some of them. This is one of those books where you get the backstory of each of the guests, then see how it all comes together when they're staying at the B&B together. Nothing too surprising or deep, but it was worth the read. Family relationships begin to heal, and Gwen herself has the prospect of a swee [...]

  2. Kind of slow paced, but that fits this novel. It's a book of self-discovery for each of the several characters, all visiting Wales for a week at a quaint bed and breakfast. I liked it well enough that I'll read the sequel. A lot of introspection, but good for the reader as well as the characters, and the story still moves along.

  3. This LDS novel takes place in Wales and is about Gwen Evans, who runs a bed and breakfast, and her guests. It's a sweet little novel about self-discovery, conversion, family history work, and families. However, it was too slow paced for me and I got tired of all of the self-reflection.

  4. A meandering novel about a host of characters and their self discoveris while vacationing in a B&B run by a Welch member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm not usually a huge fan of LDS fiction, but I did enjoy reading this book and learning more about Wales.

  5. This is a pleasant read--taking place in Wales really peaked my interest to go there someday. I, too, have Welsh ancestry. I think I'd stay in Gwen Evans' Bed and Breakfast.

  6. As diverse individuals come together, they learn to love and support one another and find happiness in the process.

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